How to clear your chat in Minecraft 2023

To clear chat in Minecraft, press the “T” key to open the chat box, then type “/clear” and hit enter. This will remove all messages from the chat window, giving you a fresh start for a clean and organized chat experience.

How to clear your chat in Minecraft. The chat in Minecraft has limited space, and the number of messages you can store depends on the version of Minecraft you’re playing on. In older versions, this number was 1,024 messages. However, newer versions of the game have increased to 5,000 messages.

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To clear your chat to make room for new notes, you’ll need to open up the chat screen and either delete existing messages or turn them into chat codes that show up as [CODE] rather than text. But how do you do this? Read on to find out!

General Tips on how to clear your chat in Minecraft

To clear chat in Minecraft, press F3 and go down to Console. You’ll see many codes—enter /remove into Console (without quotation marks) and hit Enter. This will delete all text from your screen, including names, whispers, etc. If you accidentally pressed Ctrl + D or left your Minecraft window open with an active server, use /clear download instead of /clear. That will only remove any downloaded maps from our servers.

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How To Clear Minecraft Chats Using Plugins

To clear your Minecraft chat, first, you must use a plugin. If you don’t have one, try ChatCleaner or TMI for an all-around awesome plugin. The thing about these plugins is that they only clean chat when you /clear. That means that if you want to see what everyone said and then say something else, your old messages will remain after you /clear. To get around that issue, we can use a command block and some way of making sure it always runs on login.

Here’s the video tutorial for you to clear chat using the plugin, check it out on YouTube.

Console Commands To Clear Your Chat In Minecraft

You should also try console commands to clear the chat. /clear, /cls, and /sc. These console commands are for all PC users. If you have an Xbox, you cannot use these commands. Console commands enter the text that changes game features and functionality within the game client.

You can also use them to enter cheats that give access to various items like podzol or change aspects of gameplay. Press ~ (the key above Tab) to open your Console in-game. Once it’s open, type one of these commands: /clear – Clears all messages from chat except for private messages between players. This is useful if you want a clean slate before chatting with someone or if someone has been harassing you via private message while playing online with others.


This command is available as an entity variable that can be placed inside { } and is one of many similar commands. Variable names are case-sensitive, so you should be careful with capitalization. The list of variables that You can use is below:

~~NAME~~: Replaces all NAME instances in a string with their actual value. For example, /me /tell {~~NAME~~} would change to /me /tell [Your Name Here] ~~REPLACEMENT_STRING~~: Replaces all instances of REPLACEMENT_STRING in a string with its actual value.

/{~~NAME~~}:{~~REPLACEMENT_STRING~~}/ei: Replace {NAME} with {REPLACEMENT_STRING}. Same as /me /tell [NAME] [REPLACEMENT_STRING]. Example: /poop:[Your Name Here] would say Poop, [Your Name Here] using standard formatting.

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Clearing Your Chat In Competitive Mode

If you’re playing on a server with competitive mode turned on, It will clear all chat you send and receive at intervals during gameplay. To keep track of what’s going on, we recommend clicking on Minecraft. from within your game menu so that you can still see who is speaking while waiting for their message to be cleared.

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