Smite vs Sharpness in Minecraft

Smite and Sharpness are enchantments in Minecraft but have different effects. Smite increases damage against undead mobs like zombies and skeletons, while Sharpness increases overall melee damage. The choice depends on your playstyle and the types of enemies you encounter most frequently.

Introduction – Which is better: smite or sharpness in Minecraft?

Are you wondering which enchantment is better for your sword in Minecraft? Look no further! This article will compare the Smite and Sharpness enchantments to help you make an informed decision.

Comparison between Smite and Sharpness Enchantments

Smite and Sharpness are enchantments that can significantly enhance the damage your sword deals. However, they have different effects and are more effective against specific types of mobs.

Smite Enchantment

The Smite enchantment in Minecraft is a powerful addition to your arsenal, specifically designed to deal extra damage against undead mobs such as skeletons, zombies, and other creatures of the night. If you frequently face these formidable foes in your adventures, adding the Smite enchantment to your sword could make all the difference.

This enchanted upgrade adds more sharpness and effectiveness to your weapon and provides an edge when battling against undead entities. It’s important to note that this enchantment cannot be applied to axes or other weapons, so it’s best suited for swords.

Compared with other enchantments like Sharpness or Bane of Arthropods, Smite proves its worth by increasing the damage dealt exclusively against undead creatures. When modified via anvils or books, there are endless possibilities for increasing its maximum potential. 

Sharpness Enchantment

In contrast, the Smite enchantment is a game-changer when dealing with undead creatures in Minecraft. It’s an enchanted sword specifically designed to deal maximum damage against zombies, skeletons, and other similar entities. 

This powerful enchantment not only adds more punch to your attacks but also provides a significant advantage when facing off against these tough foes. The difference in effectiveness is clear – Smite’s impact on undead flesh is unmatched, making it the best choice for taking down these formidable enemies.

Whether you’re mowing through hordes of zombies or going head-to-head with menacing skeletons, the Smite-enchanted sword will always come out on top.

Differences between Smite and Sharpness Enchantments

Here are the key differences between Smite and Sharpness enchantments:

  • Smite deals extra damage only to undead mobs, while Sharpness increases damage against all mobs and players.
  • Smite is more effective against skeletons, zombies, and other undead creatures, while Sharpness provides a general damage boost against all types of mobs.
  • Smite adds 12.5 damage points (equivalent to 6.5 hearts) at level five, while Sharpness increases the overall damage of your sword.

Which Enchantment Should You Choose?

The choice between Smite and Sharpness ultimately depends on your playstyle and the types of mobs you encounter most frequently. Here are some factors to consider:

  • If you often battle undead mobs, such as zombies and skeletons, Smite can give you a significant advantage by dealing extra damage to these specific enemies.
  • Sharpness, on the other hand, provides a more universal damage boost and is suitable for players who face a variety of mobs and players in their Minecraft world.


In the end, both Smite and Sharpness enchantments offer unique advantages and can be incredibly useful in different situations within the Minecraft world. When deciding which enchantment to apply to your sword, it’s important to consider your play style and the specific types of mobs you frequently encounter. This thoughtful consideration will ensure you make the best choice for enhancing your sword’s effectiveness against various creatures. Happy enchanting!