How To Install Minecraft Xbox One Mods?

Minecraft is one of the most anticipated games that have ever been created. This game actively has more than 140 million players. One of the reasons for this excellent player audience is its ability to be accessed and played on any mobile, PC, or console platform.

Officially, Microsoft does not allow mods and add-ons on their platforms, and Minecraft Xbox does not support them. But as discussed earlier, Minecraft has a large user base, and they have been trying to add the mods on Minecraft on Xbox One for a long time. 

There are many ways by which the player can add the mods in Minecraft, and in this article, we will explore and discuss the method to install the mods on Minecraft Xbox One.

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How To Download Minecraft Xbox One Mods

Minecraft is distributed among various platforms, and each one of them has its way of adding mods and other features to the game. The Java edition of Minecraft has the capabilities to add the mod in Minecraft; it is not that simple. 

First of all, there is the need to download Minecraft mod from the internet. These are steps by which you can do it:

  • Go to the Microsoft store and download the Minecraft add-ons application. Make sure that you download it only from the official website.
  • Now go to the Microsoft Edge browser that should be pre-installed. You can access it by going to the Xbox main menu.
  • Go to, one of the most compatible websites for Minecraft mods and add-ons for bedrock edition
  • Choose the mod or add-ons you like and is compatible with Xbox one and download them by scrolling down. There might be several advertisement download buttons, so make sure to choose the right one. 
  • Now follow the on-screen instructions to download the Minecraft mod into the system. The default location for download will be the downloads folder, which is easy to find within the Xbox one

After downloading the Minecraft mod on the Xbox one, it is time to install them.

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How To Install Minecraft Xbox One Mods

Once the Minecraft mod is downloaded on the Xbox one, the next step is to install them properly so that they do not create trouble or malfunction. It is essential to follow all the instructions carefully:

  • Go to the Minecraft add-ons application from the Xbox one main menu.
  • Now go to the “import” option located at the top of the screen. 
  • Clicking the import option will open different folders within the Xbox one. Go to the folder in which you saved your mod file. These files are downloaded in the downloads folder typically.
  • Now click the Minecraft add-on file that you downloaded. This will install the Minecraft mod in the application.
  • Once the installation has been completed, click on the play option and then press the “Create new” to test whether the new mod is working fine in the new world. 
  • You can also use the edit symbol to test it in the existing world.
  • Navigate to the add-ons tab available for the players on the resource pack and the behavior pack options. The player can see all the installed mods from here.

Minecraft Bedrock Edition Mod Download For Xbox One

If you have the Minecraft bedrock edition, you can install the add-ons and the mods on the Minecraft on the Xbox one with fewer steps. To install Minecraft using the bedrock edition, you will need several programs: MC Add-ons Manager for Xbox One, File Downloader for Xbox One, My Files Explorer for Xbox One, and Xbox app unzipper program to extract the files such as RAR or WinZip.

Download the add-ons and mods from There can be different types of extensions for the files that you download. If the mod is the zip, then open the archive. Now extract the file into the folder and then zip the file again. There should be no more than a single folder inside the zip, and the mod file should be in that folder.

If the file extension is other than .zip, you must change it to zipping and follow the following steps just like before.

Once the zip file has been created, upload it to the file hoster such as dropbox or google drive. On the Xbox one, open the file downloader and download the zip file from the hoster. Now go to Xbox one smart glass on the computer and paste the download link.

Name the file in the button input bar and make sure that it starts with “Local storage.” Start the download and wait for some time. Now open the download folder and copy the content of the zip files and paste them in their position. 

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Who does not want to add new mods in Minecraft, and the mods feel like a breeze of fresh air for Xbox one players? The methods to download and install Minecraft are a lot simpler than most people think, and there are various websites such as and that offer Minecraft mods for Xbox One.

The user might need to be careful in installing mods in Xbox one because they are officially not allowed in that. Also, the players need to check for mods before downloading their features and properties.

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