Master the Art of Crafting: How to Make Bricks in Minecraft in 7 Easy Simple Steps

Ever to make bricks and been stumped on how to make bricks in Minecraft? Dive into our comprehensive guide and become a brick-making maestro in no time!

how to make bricks in minecraft

Introduction: The Art of Crafting in Minecraft

Minecraft, an incredible sandbox game, has enamoured millions of players worldwide. Its charm lies not just in the vast landscapes or treacherous terrains but in the sheer number of possibilities it offers. Learning how to make bricks in Minecraft and brick blocks and how to make bricks in Minecraft remains a fundamental skill among the numerous crafting options. So, let’s delve into it!

How to make bricks in minecraft

How to Make Bricks in Minecraft: The Basics

For the uninitiated, crafting in Minecraft is a blend of art and science. And while crafting items like swords and armour might catch your attention, the basic materials, crafting table, and blocks such as bricks lay the foundation for any great build. But how does one go about crafting these essential blocks?

  1. Finding and Mining Clay Blocks

    • Where to Look: Clay blocks are typically found at the water’s edge. Both lakes and rivers in the Overworld are teeming with them.

    • Tools to Use: Preferably, a shovel, but your hands will do in a pinch.

    • Mining Clay: Once mined, clay blocks drop 4 clay balls. These are the primary ingredient for our bricks

  2. Smelting Clay Balls

    • Setting Up a Furnace: If you don’t have a furnace, craft one using 8 cobblestones in a crafting table.

    • Fuel for the Furnace: Wood, coal, or any other fuel will suffice.

    • Smelting Process: Place the clay balls in the furnace. Once smelted, each clay ball turns into a brick

  3. Crafting Brick Blocks

    • Crafting Table Needed: Ensure you have a crafting table at the ready.

    • Combining Bricks: Place four bricks in a 2×2 pattern in the crafting table. This will produce a brick block.

  4. Variations of Brick Blocks

  5. Building with Brick Blocks

    • Design Ideas: Bricks are great for creating fireplaces, chimneys, and ornate structures.

    • Combining with Other Materials: Bricks pair well with many other materials, such as wood and stones, for diverse builds.

  6. Troubleshooting Common Issues

    • Can’t Find Clay?: Adjust your game mode or consult online forums.

    • Smelting Taking Too Long?: Ensure you’re using efficient fuel.

  7. Storing Your Bricks

    • Chests: Craft a chest to store your bricks safely.

    • Item Frames: Showcase some bricks for decorative purposes.

how to make bricks in minecraft

Why Bricks Are an Asset in Minecraft

  1. Aesthetic Appeal: Bricks offer a unique, red-toned texture that’s different from most other building materials. Their distinct appearance can make structures stand out, and they’re often used in designs to represent traditional or industrial buildings.

  2. Fireproof: Unlike wood and some other materials, bricks are fireproof. This means structures made of bricks won’t catch fire, making them a safe option, especially when you’re building near lava or using flint and steel.

  3. Crafting: Bricks are made by smelting clay balls, which can be found in or near water. Collecting clay and turning it into bricks can be satisfying for many players, adding another layer of crafting experience.

  4. Durability: While not as hard as other materials like stone or obsidian, bricks still have great blast resistance. This makes them fairly resistant to creeper explosions or other types of blasts.

  5. Historical Context: Bricks have been a part of Minecraft since the early days. For long-time players, using bricks can be a nod to the game’s history and its simpler times.

  6. Red Nether Bricks: The Nether update brought a variant of bricks called the Red Nether Bricks. Made by combining Nether Wart and Nether Bricks, this block carries the aesthetic appeal of regular bricks but with a darker, more sinister tone fitting for the Nether.

  7. Brick Stairs and Slabs: Bricks can be crafted into stairs and slabs beyond the basic block. This increases the design possibilities, allowing players to create more detailed and intricate structures.

  8. Limited Availability: Since bricks require clay for crafting and aren’t as ubiquitous as other materials, brick structures can have a sense of rarity or prestige in some Minecraft communities or servers.

  9. Tradition: In many cultures, bricks are associated with sturdy and long-lasting construction. Players might opt for bricks in Minecraft to echo this real-world sentiment.

  10. Versatility in Design: Bricks’ distinct colour and texture can contrast well with many other materials, making it an excellent choice for players who want to play with design aesthetics and achieve certain visual goals.

In summary, Minecraft bricks offer functional and aesthetic benefits that make them a valuable asset for players. Whether you’re building a first house, a small cottage, a full house, large cityscape, the last house or anything in between, bricks can play an integral role in the building process and bringing your vision to life.

Engaging with the Minecraft Community

Once you master making bricks in Minecraft, why not share your creations with the broader community? Sites like Minecraft Forums or the Minecraft subreddit are great places to flaunt your architectural brick prowess.


How do I find clay in a game of Minecraft? Clay is commonly found at the shallow water table or bottom edge in rivers and lakes in the Overworld.

Can I dye bricks in Minecraft? You can’t dye regular wood or stone bricks yet, but you can make coloured blocks of brick wall terracotta which offers a range of hues for building.

Why are my bricks different colours? This is likely because you’re using wood or several types of wood for different bricks, like the red nether bricks or stone bricks.

Is there a faster way to smelt coal into clay balls? A blast furnace for coal will speed up the smelting process, but it’s designed primarily for ores and coal.

How many brick blocks can I make with a stack of box of clay balls? A stack of box of clay balls (64 in the box total) and a row of three bricks will yield 16 brick blocks.

Can I use bricks for building a house or crafting tools or weapons? No, bricks are primarily a building material and can’t be used to craft tools or weapons.


Minecraft, renowned for its vast sandbox world, offers players the latitude to craft and create with various materials. Among these, bricks stand out as both aesthetically pleasing and functionally robust. Creating bricks in Minecraft echoes the game’s emphasis on exploration, collection, and transformation.

To manufacture bricks, players embark on a quest to locate and harvest clay blocks, often nestled near water bodies. Each clay block, when broken, yields four clay balls, a primary ingredient.

The next phase involves smelting these clay balls in a furnace, which not only underlines the game’s commitment to realism but also emphasizes the importance of resource management and planning. Every smelted clay ball transforms into a brick item.

Players must combine four brick items in a 2×2 grid on their crafting table to craft a brick block often used in construction.

This entire cycle – from scouring riverbanks for clay to patiently waiting for the furnace to produce bricks – embodies Minecraft’s core philosophy: value is derived from effort, patience, and creativity.

The brick-making process is more than just a crafting recipe; it reflects the game’s spirit, where rewards are the direct outcome of a player’s endeavour.

Thus, whether you’re a novice builder looking for a fireproof material or a seasoned player yearning for nostalgic stone designs, understanding how to both make bricks and clay blocks make bricks offers a pathway to enhanced construction and a deeper appreciation of Minecraft’s rich tapestry of exploration and creation.