What Are the Loudest Keyboard Switches

Most writers or programmers would love to have silent switches because they are constantly tapping them, and the loud sound might be problematic. In this article, we discover what are the loudest keyboard switches on the market. In comparison, gamers like the loud sound with the better tactile response from the keys and switches. The good thing is that some keyboards allow you to replace the switches. This article covers what are the loudest keyboard switches that are available on the market.

Different Keyboard Switches

Three types of keyboard switches are available: blue, brown, and red. The blue ones offer a solid click sound, the brown ones offer a better tactile response, and the red ones are linear. Many keyboards mention what switches you’ll find if you pop the keys. That gives you an idea of your experience from that particular keyboard.

Loudest Keyboard Switches

The blue switches are the loudest, offering a robust tapping experience. Many gaming keyboards have these switches, but you can find red and brown ones too. On the other hand, you can damp the sound using quality rubber O-rings, but that usually ruins the experience.

If you want slightly less sound from your switches, opt for the white ones. They are loud, but people around you won’t be irritated by their sound. The white switches are good for typing since they are heavy and keep your hand from accidentally hitting the bottom of the keystroke. However, a keyboard with white switches will weigh a bit more than usual. White switches are also not suitable for those who like to type with the keyboard on their lap.

What Are the Loudest Keyboard Switches

Loudest Mechanical Keyboard Switches

The Cherry MX Blue switches are the loudest ones you can find on any keyboard. However, if you ignore the loud sound, the tactile feel from these switches is the best.

Furthermore, they can help you from accidental taps as these blue switches require a solid tap to work. This feature makes them an excellent option for FPS games, where people accidentally tap the wrong button and mess up their shots.

On the other hand, if you still want the tactile feel but not the sound, use O-rings or foam to cover the switches. That’ll give you a bit less sound, but it will be loud if you type fast.

Loudest Keyboard

The Drop ALT with Cherry MX Blue switches is the loudest keyboard on the market. You can tell by the looks that this keyboard will give you a loud experience. The downside of this keyboard is the lack of numbers and special keys. The good thing is that you can replace the switches and the keys if you don’t like the loud sound.

Final Words

Blue switches are the loudest ones that you can find on any keyboard. However, these switches are also the best for gaming and normal chatting due to their tactile response and premium click feel. If you want the silent key switches, you can opt for the Cherry MX Brown ones for a soft and subtle tapping experience.