Can i Play Games on a Non-Gaming Laptop?

Gaming laptops are specially designed to play video games more efficiently with high definition graphical user interface; the addition of a graphic card increases the resolution, which seems very attractive. But it is not evident that we cannot play games on non-gaming laptops. If your computer has the required specification and quality hardware, you can play games on it quickly.

A non-gaming laptop is restricted from playing games. Most modern games require high power consumption, good speed RAM, heavy running fans to cool down the laptop’s internal heating system, and a high-definition graphic card.

Comparison between Gaming and Non-Gaming Laptops

There are multiple things to be discussed in this section of the article. We will look 

What factors make the gaming laptop differ from the non-gaming laptops?

Although, non-gaming laptops are specially designed to perform simple tasks like MS-office, internet browsing and running software, and other multi-tasking. Whereas gaming laptops are specifically designed to play modern, high-quality games, these games require the specification present in gaming laptops.

However, some gaming laptops are available for a lower rate with a built-in GPU, which gives a smooth frame rate, which is the requirement of most video games.

Gaming laptops have a RAM at least starting from the range of 4GB, and it can go up to 32 GB, whereas non-gaming laptops have a starting range up to 2GB and it can go up to 16 GB and, in most some instances, up to 32 GB too.

The processor of gaming laptops is above the intel core i5 10th generation, whereas non-gaming laptops have a processor that may start from the intel core i3. In addition to this, gaming laptops usually have RGB backlit keyboard, and these RGB leads help in cooling the temperature, which is not found in non-gaming laptops.

Gaming laptops have an excellent cooling system which is not found in non-gaming laptops.

There are more fans found inside the gaming laptop, whereas non-gaming laptops do not have extra fans to be fitted inside the computer, which can maintain the high amount of heating components.

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How to Play games on a non-gaming laptop?

Here, we will discuss some essential points to consider while playing games on your non-gaming laptop.


Power was one of the essential aspects when we looked at laptops, almost every computer is running and utilizing the energy of the battery, but games require continuous power. So for this purpose, we need to plug in the charger continuously.

Go for the Maintenance of the Laptop Regularly

Keep your laptop maintained to increase its productivity and life cycle. There will be a lot of dusty particles found inside the computer if we don’t regularly clean it.

This can also become a hurdle for fans of the non-gaming laptop which is very dangerous because while you play games, your gaming laptop takes a lot of loads, and the battery is also continuously charging.

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This causes a lot of heat generation if you neglect to clean your computer. It may ruin your hardware and burn components because non-gaming laptops do not have fans like those of gaming laptops. So maintaining a computer is a healthy routine that gives positive consequences.

Install SSD

SDD (Solid-state disk) has a much faster speed than the standard hard disk. This gives you a speedier rate which can be noticed after installing this. 512 GB hard disk is enough to enable your heavier games to run smoothly, even on a non-gaming laptop.

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Place Your Laptop In A Cooling Place

This is one of the most crucial headings to be emphasized. Gaming laptops have extra fans on their sides or at the backside of the computer, which work both in absorbing cooling air and releasing the heat by exhausting.

On the other hand, in non-gaming laptops, we do not find an extra fan. There are only one or two fans that cool the temperature of the computer, and they are placed at the bottom of the laptop.

There are no fans on the sides of the laptop, so when you put the non-gaming notebook on the bed or mattress, these things resist air from being blown out, which increases the internal temperature.

As we know, the non-gaming laptop does not have external fans. We should place the computer on the cooling surface where it can release its heating without facing any hurdle.

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Upgrade Software And Hardware

Multiple software requires upgrading; otherwise, they are also taking load at the backend and cause the laptop’s poor performance, so it is recommended to upgrade outdated software.

One of the most useful and best software for rendering video games such as 3D gaming, graphics, and audio is Direct X. 

You must download the latest version of direct x on your non-gaming laptop. The newest version running now is 12 ultimate APIs, released in October 2021.

If we talk about hardware, you can gradually increase the RAM of the laptop, at least 4 GB, install the external graphic card, install SSD, and many more.

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Graphics Card

Graphics represent the most critical role in the Game’s popularity. Every gaming laptop has a graphic card inside it, giving a high-quality resolution with a smooth frame rate per second. 

But if we talk about the non-gaming laptops, there are no external graphic cards inside them. Still, an internally 2 GB graphic card is installed in the hardware, which provides a standard resolution, but enough to run most of the games.

There are external graphic cards available in the market, and your laptop has a space for them. You can easily upgrade the graphic card according to your budget at any time.

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Stop Multitasking While Playing Game 

Before running the Game on a non-gaming laptop, make sure your other task should be finished. There should not be other applications of tasking running in the background. Before starting the Game, all these tasks are to free up the space and enjoy the maximum part of RAM utilization.

Update Drivers

As with the software, keep your drivers up to date as well. If you want to utilize the top part of your GPU, then update the drivers. It will boost the graphical representation and give you a high performance while playing games that you love to enjoy.

Adjust the Gaming settings in the Game

Every Game provides an adjustable setting inside of the Game. You can adjust those settings according to your laptop specification. Those settings are guiding you and recommending some locations as well.

If you follow them, you will get far better performance than average. So, this is another recommendation to adjust the Game’s settings and its resolution inside the Game’s location.

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As we discuss the mentioned points in the above article in detail, how can we play the Game on non-gaming laptops? So here are some answers to them. As we concluded here, for the quick review, we have seen the differences between gaming and non-gaming laptops, the RAM difference, their processors, and other aspects we discussed in detail.

Power is another factor. Whether your laptop is a gaming or non-gaming laptop, you have to plug in your charger at any cost because the Game drains the battery too quickly.

Additionally, when the charger continuously plugin, it produces heat, and on the other side, due to game load, it has heat in the laptop’s hardware. For this, we should place the computer in a cooling environment.

Keep your software, drivers, and hardware up to date. Moreover, before playing games, make the necessary adjustments in the game settings to perform well according to your laptop specification.