Are Gaming Mouse worth it, even for non-gamers?

Most people are unaware of gaming mice, their advantages, and how they could make you more efficient and productive. Gaming mice are optimized for accuracy, performance, and longevity. So let’s ask the question, Are gaming mouse worth it? Additionally, they are no longer limited to gaming only. You can customize the buttons for the tools you use daily, which creates more efficiency and keeps you productive throughout your activities. The ergonomics of gaming mice are on another level considering it’s meant for long hours of use. The design components of gaming mice itself will make you feel comfortable with any gripping style.

are gaming mouse worth it

Gaming mice are a solid option if you’re looking for more budget gaming mice for comfort, long-lasting design, accuracy, and efficiency. They are a mandatory tool you should carry if you’re a heavy gamer. To increase their competitive edge, gamers should use gaming mice, which come in various shapes to accommodate different grips, have more buttons that can be customized, and respond to movements more quickly. The specifications make gaming mice a better choice if you’re looking for performance.

Gaming Mouse Ergonomics

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Comfort is essential for gaming mice because they are meant to be used for extended periods. They provide a snug resting spot for your thumb and an easy grip. Most regular mice may result in stress with long-term use. On the other hand, gaming mice help prevent the resulting stress. They accommodate various gripping styles. However, most regular gaming mice are flat on the palm and don’t feel as natural when held. The way gaming mice are shaped is a significant factor in resulting comfort and long periods of use.

Gaming Mouse Sensitivity 

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One of the great things about gaming mice is you can adjust the sensitivity with a standard unit known as DPI (dots per inch). Most regular mice do not provide similar features to what gaming mice offer. It gives you a general idea of your sensitivity and how it feels to hold. However, the difference between regular and different gaming mice is that the accuracy can be adjusted based on your preference on a unit basis. Additionally, the DPI of a gaming mouse is much higher than a regular mouse’s, improving its responsiveness and sensitivity.

The DPI of a mouse can determine how responsive it is to your touch, i.e., a higher DPI means less response time. The DPI of your mouse is a good predictor of its speed. The higher the speed, the farther it will go. The dots per inch (DPI) range for gaming mice ranges from 400 to 30,000. I’m aware that’s a huge discrepancy.

Those who play games with a higher pace, where every second counts, tend to prioritize the higher number. However, a very high DPI is not required for typical tasks. Another thing is, there’s this thing called eDPI which combines your in-game sensitivity with mouse sensitivity to provide an understanding of where you’re standing. When you’re playing games, the eDPI plays a massive role.

Fortunately, most gaming mice have a dedicated button for instantaneous adjustable DPI and adjustments. If your mouse doesn’t have a DPI button, you can always adjust the setting in the software. The sweet spot for regular sensitivity is between 800 and 1,200. Lower sensitivity keeps your accuracy intact when you’re gaming. Regarding FPS, you’re likely to have better results when playing in lower sensitivity than higher.

On the other hand, close-range fights are completely different in games like Apex, where higher sensitivity, from personal experience, dominates. The best thing you can do is give yourself time to adjust to a new sensitivity. Changing sensitivity regularly will affect your performance.

Pro Gaming Mouse Tip: if you’re a gamer, increase your DPI as high as 1600 and reduce the in-game sensitivity while ensuring the eDPI is relevant to your mouse sensor previous sensitivity. What this will do is reduce your mouse response time. The changes are minor; you must get used to them when playing games like Apex Legends. You’ll feel the difference as you keep playing the games you play.

Another thing is, if you’re a graphics designer, you may need to adjust your sensitivity based on your needs. However, there are drawing tablets that do it more efficiently than normal mice. But with people who are budget constrained and have no need for a pen, adjusting your mouse sensitivity in accordance with your preference will make your work more productive.

Gaming Mouse Extra buttons and macros 

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I can’t go without mentioning how important the extra buttons are. These extra buttons can be programmed based on your needs, and shortcut keys are quite important to do things efficiently.

You can bind the buttons to access healing items or perform certain activities easily regarding wireless gaming mice. Nevertheless, these buttons can still be programmed to help you optimize your workflow and save time. They can be configured to copy and paste data, close and reopen browser tabs, return to the previous folder location, and perform other actions. Efficiency is immense on gaming mice.

For example, video editors can program mice keys to access tools more efficiently. It’s considerably time-consuming if you browse for tools through tabs and menu bars. Alternatively, mouse buttons can be programmed as a shortcut to access these tools much faster. Using macros is a life-saver because of how easily you can copy and paste with the click of a button.

Undoubtedly, I would say the gaming mice are worth the purchase just for the macros.

Gaming Mouse Response Time

Polling rates, expressed in hertz (Hz), control how frequently your wireless mouse communicates with your computer. Your mouse will be more responsive the higher the polling rate and vice versa.

Polling rates on gaming mice are typically at least 500 Hz, which is more than enough for most gamers. Some may reach or exceed 1000 Hz. Higher-end gaming mice tend to have insanely high polling rates. Reaching as high as 8000 Hz.

Polling rates can be changed based on your preference. A higher polling rate puts more pressure on your CPU. You probably won’t be able to distinguish the difference between these polling rates. It’s recommended to have a polling rate that your CPU can handle.

Unless you’re gaming, a high polling rate is useless for everyday activities. Particularly for everyday use, the input lag you experience will be so minimal that you won’t notice it. Regular mice have about 125 Hz, which is undeniably good enough for you to handle everyday tasks.

Gaming Mouse Cost

As a rule of thumb, gaming mice will cost more than regular mice; in some cases, they will cost significantly more. Starting from the materials used to the software, and ergonomics make up for the costs. Hence, gaming mice are expensive compared to regular mice.

Affordable options for expensive ergonomics gaming mice can be found for as little as $30, and high-end mice can reach as high as $100-$200. The chances are if you’re an average gamer, you don’t need to spend a fortune for a mouse that can work just as fine. A gaming mouse is valued for gaming and has other functionalities and advantages.

In general, gaming mice are superior because they typically include customization options. You can add weights to your mouse for better control. You can change lighting, adjust sensitivity and polling rates, and add shortcut keys to your advantage.

However, a regular mouse will work fine if you need one to click around your computer and open files. Although, I will still argue that buying a gaming mouse will give you an edge over budget gaming mice for your productivity. Considering how much you can customize your buttons, sensitivity, and the added ergonomics. Regular mice are not designed to function like that. Regardless of costs, I will prioritize a gaming mouse over a regular one any day.

Gaming Mouse Durability

A gaming mouse will usually be of higher quality than a standard mouse. They make use of premium materials and painting processes extending their longevity. Gaming mice are rated beyond millions of clicks before it wears out. Also, many gaming mice offer longer warranties than consumer mice. The switches and sensors in gaming mice will be of a higher quality.

For example, although the buttons on a standard mouse can stop working after a few years, those on a gaming mouse can survive for decades without a hitch. These were built for aggressive plays and fast movements. The chances are your mouse will last longer than your warranty.

Gaming Mouse Sensors

Sensors are the most necessary component of a mouse. There are currently two types predominantly: laser and optical. Laser sensors, as it’s named, use a laser to collect movement data and are most commonly used in consumer and office setups. Meanwhile, optical sensors use infrared and a camera to detect movement.

Optical sensors are becoming more common because they can read data from movements on any surface. There are limitations to what laser sensors can do, especially regarding faster mouse movement, which is required in video games. Optical mice can handle faster hand movements and surfaces that are impossible for laser mice to detect.

Currently, most gaming mice only use optical sensors as the advantages outweigh the capabilities of laser mice. Optical mice are more accurate sensors,, last longer, work on any surface, and have consistent sensitivity.

Using a gaming mouse can improve efficiency and productivity because of its buttons’ superior precision, performance, durability, and programmability over normal mice. Additionally, the ergonomic design of gaming mice, created for extended periods of usage, offers better comfort than standard mice and may be used with various grips.

Gaming Mouse Conclusion

One of the most important aspects of gaming mice is the ability to fine-tune the sensitivity, which is expressed in dots per inch (DPI). More efficient workflow and time savings are possible thanks to the availability of additional buttons and macros.

Finally, a gaming mouse with a high polling rate will be more responsive because it constantly contacts the computer. Even for work, I’m choosing a gaming mouse over a regular mouse because I know how much time can be saved when you can bind macros into a button press.

In conclusion, non-gamers should try gaming mice because of their many benefits over standard mice. Modern gaming mice prioritize comfort and accuracy over all else, with ergonomic designs that work with various grip styles. In addition to increased speed and precision, thanks to their adjustable sensitivity, productivity is boosted by the additional buttons that can be assigned to a wide variety of tasks.

Gaming mice are also more responsive because their polling rates are higher. Therefore, gaming mice are highly recommended if you place comfort, precision, efficiency, and productivity over everything else.