Best Keyboard for Video Editing in 2023

Does your career involve editing tons of different videos? Have multiple submission deadlines running nearer and having various projects at once? Well, at this pace, you need keyboards specially designed for video editing. The best keyboard for video editing will help you finish your work faster and prevent you from a bad back ache. 

We believe the best keyboard should have a more ergonomic layout and dedicated keys for video editing software. Along with that, it will have wireless functionality and a multi-functional dial. It will also be a plus-plus condition if it has time-saving features, besides a more ergonomic design.

This article will compare the top 5 video editing keyboards available. We’ll look at the design, build quality, and unique benefits of video editing that each offers.

Top Lists of Product

1. Apple Magic Keyboard

Our Pick

Apple Magic Keyboard

4.8/5 10,310 Reviews

The wireless Apple Magic keyboard is attractively designed and promises simple plug-and-play integration with practically any Mac system. Its scissor-switch mechanism provides tactile feedback as well as low noise and relatively short travel, and its tiny size is adaptable to plenty of workspaces. 

  • Function keys work perfectly with iOS devices
  • Stable Bluetooth connection
  • More challenging to type on than some mechanical keyboard alternatives
  • There is no full number pad included
Apple Magic Keyboard

Despite its small size, this Apple wireless keyboard has a robust feel. While it lacks a number pad, it provides Mac shortcut keys and is an excellent choice for Mac users and iOS devices.

We recommend this keyboard for those who prefer low-profile key switches and standard scissor-switch keys. Usually, Apple users prefer using Bluetooth Apple keyboards instead of other mechanical keyboards. 

2. Corsair K95 RGB Platinum Keyboard

Our Pick

Corsair K95 RGB Platinum Keyboard

4.6/5 5,539 ratings

The Corsair K95 mechanical keyboard offers six macro buttons for user-programmable shortcuts and dedicated media keys. Along with that, the Corsair K95 RGB platinum keyboard has Cherry MX Speed Silver switches. These switches deliver a sustaining typing experience and a quick response rate. The controls include gold-plated contacts, which are rated for 100 million keystrokes.

  • Every key in the keyboard has RGB backlighting
  • Contacts are gold-plated for longevity
  • Programmable shortcut keys for complex commands
  • It occupies more desk space than many keyboards
  • More difficult to install setup software than others

Though Corsair K95 is often termed a gaming keyboard, it is also excellent for video editing. This is because of the full N-key rollover and 100% anti-ghosting features. These features ensure your keyboard retains all input when you’re pressing many keys simultaneously. Additionally, it also has RGB backlit keys and soft-touch wrist rest.

It’s similar to the best designer keyboard, with unique key illumination and an ergonomic design for a comfortable typing experience.

3. Logickeyboard ASTRA 2 Backlit Keyboard

Our Pick

Logickeyboard ASTRA 2 Backlit Keyboard

4.7/5 5 Reviews

The ASTRA 2 Backlit Keyboard from LogicKeyboard is designed for the macOS version of DaVinci Resolve 17. It has a 108-key US English layout with a full-sized F-row and multimedia keys and color-coded and labeled shortcut keys with graphical commands. The ASTRA can be utilized in various lighting circumstances, from bright to dark and day to night, thanks to its five levels of dimmable backlighting. It has scissor-switch keys, one built-in USB 3.0 Type-A port, and a 5.9″ cable with separate hub and keyboard connections.  

  • The keys are soft, with a beautiful fall-off on the edges
  • Backlit with selectable levels
  • USB cable with keyboard and hub connectors
  • There is no numeric keypad.
  • Not waterproof
Logickeyboard ASTRA 2 Backlit Keyboard

The ASTRA 2 was designed by LogicKeyboard with plug-and-play connectivity, which means no additional drivers are required for use. Also, no external power is required to operate it since it takes power from the USB bus.

If you need to use this as a substitute keyboard for another system, all letters, numbers, and symbols are present, just as they would be on a regular keyboard.

4. Microsoft Universal Foldable Keyboard

Our Pick

Microsoft Universal Foldable Keyboard

3.9/5 146 ratings

Because of its folding form, this ultra-low-profile wireless keyboard is practically pocketable. It is only 5 mm thick and takes up barely more room than a mobile phone when packed for travel.

  • Spill-proof surface
  • Low-energy usage enables longer battery life and faster charging
  • Compatible with iOS, Windows, and Android
  • Lacks a number pad

Another advantage of getting this laptop is the splash-resistant keys. Also, this keyboard is a great option when you are working on-the-go pictures and video editing. Microsoft Universal Foldable Keyboard is compatible with Windows, Android, and iOS. However, it does not support some commands in Mac and Linux programs. The keyboard has a good battery life, which lasts for up to three months. It also has media controls and a Windows command key. Additionally, if we discuss ergonomics, this quiet keyboard is one of the most comfortable and silent keyboards to type on.

5. Logitech Craft Keyboard

Our Pick

Logitech Craft Keyboard

4.4/5 1,058 ratings

The Logitech Craft Keyboard lacks shortcuts and functions displayed on the keys, but it does offer one unique feature: the Crown tool. This element controls the PC’s volume by default, but you can assign nearly any function you want.

  • Finds the program installed on the PC automatically
  • Tactile key reaction
  • Crowning tool
  • Sensors for measuring hand proximity
  • Backlighting sucks battery life
  • F12 button seems misplaced
Logitech Craft Keyboard

This keyboard is compatible with Lightroom, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Photoshop, and Premiere Pro. 

Furthermore, the keyboard automatically detects the applications you have installed to locate the appropriate installation profile. You can improve performance by adjusting the Fn key and connecting the Logitech mouse.

Buying Guide

If you spend a lot of time editing videos, consider getting the keyboards listed above. These keyboards will allow you to use a more natural hand posture and experience less tiredness. However, if you prefer to get another keyboard, consider the following properties.  


If you are looking for the full set of function keys, media buttons, and a numeric keyboard: you should go for a full-sized keyboard. Otherwise, you can also go for a tenkeyless model if you want a compact keyboard that will save you some keyboard space. Sometimes, people work with a variety of devices including a mouse, tablets, and additional laptops, so they prefer tenkeyless models to save desk space. Even a 60% version can be a fantastic editing keyboard if it has customization options and superb typing performance.


Second, the keyboard’s build quality and overall design will significantly impact the comfort and efficiency with which a video editor may use it.

Also, working long hours on a computer or laptop strains your wrist, hands and fingers. So you should select an ergonomic keyboard that will save unwanted strain on the tiny muscles.

It’s worth the extra money to find a keyboard that will relieve aches and pains in your joints and make your life easier as you edit.

A keyboard’s construction quality and materials can influence how it feels against your fingers.


Video editing keyboards are frequently tailored to the editing program the editor will use. Examples of keyboards created expressly for usage in Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve, and Avid are included in this list.

As a result, these keyboards frequently feature graphics of shortcuts to be executed in each program on the keyboard itself. This feature makes it much easier to find such shortcuts fast rather than trying to memorize them all. 

A premium keyboard also allows you to create some complicated macros and map such commands to a single key. You can also create a keypress combination for your tasks instead of a single key. Some of the best keyboards for video editing allow you to customize key remapping and buttons to the preference of the program you may be using.

Extra Features

Some keyboards include additional features like a search dial and specialized media buttons. You can adjust Final Cut, Premiere Pro, Photoshop and Lightroom to application-specific instructions. Also, check if every function key or shortcut key is compatible with your device’s operating system. Some keyboards may have limited iOS support, so you should also check for that.


Is a low-profile keyboard preferable?

A low-profile keyboard with a sleek design may suit your specific demands and travel limitations. Many users actually like working on a mechanical keyboard.

Longer-travel switches can also enhance accuracy, although they take up more space.

Are some editing keyboards created with specific software in mind? 

While such keyboards have additional creative media keys or dials, video editing software is usually not made software specific. You can configure many functions for software such as Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut or Black Magic Davinci Resolve for premium keyboards.

Can I use the video editing keyboard I have been using on Windows for iOS?

You have to check the instructions. Though, most of the keyboards should be compatible with both Windows and iOS. You should see if the programmable and dedicated media buttons work on your iOS device. Sometimes, when using a Windows keyboard on iOS for video editing, some features may not work.


To summarise, always see the keys, ergonomics, and layout details before buying the keyboard. You should also search for dedicated media playbacks and multi-functional keys before buying a keyboard for video editing. To ease your work, we have selected some of the best keyboards for video editing and discussed them in this review. You can pick ones from our chosen keyboards or go through our buying guide to look for features before selecting your keyboard.