What Should You Consider When Using a Wireless Keyboard

A wireless keyboard is efficient and doesn’t require much hassle from you for its operation. Moreover, it works like a regular keyboard. The major difference is its wireless feature, which enables you to type from anywhere within the proximity of the device Bluetooth. 

The battery life is also excellent, as you will be able to use your keyboard for many hours on a single charge. Furthermore, you can use the keyboard as it charges.

But wireless keyboards differ from company to company. So some features might be absent in one brand and present in another. In this article, we will discuss what you should consider when using a wireless keyboard. 


Things to Consider When Using a Wireless Keyboard

When using a wireless keyboard for work you should consider many things. Some of those include the following. 

Typing on Your Lap

Wireless keyboard promotes ease and comfort. If you’re a gamer, you can have the keyboard next to you without having to stand up or get obstructed by wires. But if you’re using it for work, you should consider if you’re comfortable typing on your lap.

As much as it promotes ease and comfortability, for some, it might propel them not to get much work done. Most people work better in an office setting, and some lose the zeal to work if they are in a relaxed position. 

Out of Reach of Children 

Another thing to consider is your kids misusing the keyboard. A wired keyboard entails that it stays attached to your laptop in your workplace, and far from your kids. But having a wireless keyboard promotes movability, making you comfortable and forgetful as the case may be.

You might finish working and fail to take the keyboard to a secure location. This will leave your keyboard open to your kids happening upon it and destroying it. So, consider the off chance of that happening and plan around shielding it from your kids. 


Wireless keyboards require power to work. So its charging is a necessity. Therefore, consider your charging outlet’s proximity to where you’re working. The good thing is, a well-charged battery works for long. So, you can either leave it to fully charge or use it while charging. 

Keyboard Connection 

Pairing your keyboard to your device isn’t farfetched, but you need to check the keyboard specification to know how far apart the keyboard can be from your device. Different brands have different connection portals. So, determine yours to further buttress your convenience. 

That aside, ensure to charge your keyboard and that it’s in pairing mode. Most keyboards have a switch or button you have to press to activate the pairing mode. For specific instructions, consult your keyboard manual.


How to Connect a Wireless Keyboard to a Macbook

  1. Click on the Apple icon in the top-left corner of your screen to open the “System Preferences” app.
  2. From the options list, Check for “Bluetooth” and click it.
  3. The keyboard name should appear under the list of “Devices” if the keyboard’s pairing mode is on. Click “Connect.” to pair the devices.
  4. After that, your Mac will likely ask you to calibrate or “identify” the keyboard by pressing a sequence of keys. Simply follow the on-screen instructions to press the indicated keys.

Give the device time to connect. The keyboard name on your device will change from “connecting” to “connected” to indicate it’s successful. However, the process shouldn’t take much time. If it fails to connect, try removing the keyboard and starting again. Or try restarting your Mac and keyboard. 

To disconnect the keyboard, turn off the keyboard or click “disconnect” on your Mac’s Bluetooth menu. 

How to Connect a Wireless Keyboard to a PC

  1. On your PC, search or open the system settings and click devices from the options, then select “Bluetooth & other devices.”
  2. Choose “Add Bluetooth”
  3. Add a Bluetooth device by clicking “Bluetooth.”.
  4. When your keyboard is in pairing mode, it will appear under “Add a device”. Click it.
  5. When the wireless keyboard is connected to your PC, you will be asked to enter a PIN. 
  6. Enter the pin and start using your keyboard.

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing a Wireless Keyboard

If you need help in deciding what to consider before purchasing a wireless keyboard, the following could help to make your decision easier. 

Space and Type of Work

Look for options that best complement your work. For instance, gaming keyboards offer a large number of features that appeal to gamers in addition to making it easier to play games. These include custom macro keys, LED installations, and so on. 

Multi-Device Keyboards

Check if the keyboard will be compatible with your other device. Some keyboards have quick switches that enable them to switch between devices by pushing a button. This feature adds to the convenience of a wireless keyboard. 


Some keyboard keystrokes constitute a nuisance for most users because of their rigidity which makes it seem like one is operating a typewriter. Keyboard keystroke switches come in scissor switches, dome, mechanical switches, etc. The switches have different noise levels, response times, and firmness. So, determine which keyboard will work efficiently for you before buying. 


You will be using the keyboard for hours on end, depending on your work. So you must have ergonomics in mind before purchasing a wireless keyboard. This will curtail any chance of you complaining of wrist aches because of the keyboard’s poor design.

The ergonomic keyboard offers great comfort to users. Manufacturers tailor it to fit the shape of the hand, making typing easier. So seek wireless keyboards with optimized stroke lengths.


Think about your desk space and if the wireless keyboard will fit in for work. Also, decide what you need the keyboard for; whether it’s for work or gaming. If it’s going to be a stable component on your workstation or if you will move it around. Invest in ergonomic devices to ensure long-term productivity.