How To Fix Minecraft OpenGL Error 1281

OpenGL is a setting in Minecraft by which the games tend to work smoother and better. The system instructs the GPU not to make graphics and view that the person is not seeing. The system releases the load of the GPU and increases the CPU working because it has to identify the thought and instruct the GPU to load graphics of it.

In Minecraft, the option of OpenGL is on by default for smooth and enhanced performance, but sometimes the user experiences the message with the error code “Minecraft OpenGL Error 1281“. The most common cause of this message is the third-party variable and modules.

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The Causes of “OpenGL Error 1281”

There are many causes of the “OpenGL Error 1281” message, and if your game is experiencing it frequently, then there is no need to delete the game permanently, but you can take some measures to minimize this problem. But first, let’s take a look at the possible causes of this problem.


Shaders are graphic settings that extend the terrain and weather graphics. They are also responsible for the game’s texture, for example, daytime or evening time. Shaders are usually imported and modded in Minecraft, and if there are corrupt files, it may cause “OpenGL Error 1281”.


Optimize is an application responsible for making the game work and control better. It is a third-party app, and by this, the players can customize their game FPS and different settings. If the OptiFine is not compatible with the game module, it can show “OpenGL Error 1281.”

Version Control

If you have more than one Minecraft version and are not properly synchronized, you may encounter this issue.

Java Files

Minecraft uses Java in this game to run its system, and if the Java Files are corrupt or not complete, the error may pop up.

How To Solve “OpenGL Error 1281”?

OpenGL Error 1281

There are many ways that “OpenGL Error 1281” can occur, and each problem has its solution. It is very hard to find the cause of the problem, so the best way is to perform all the checks.

Removing Shaders

The first step you should take to solve the “OpenGL Error 1281” is to remove all the shaders. Shaders are like mini-mods that change the atmosphere and environments, just like filters. Shaders usually use all the game’s programming so that some other settings may get the contrast to them at some point.

The best way is to disable the shaders in the order of installation. First, you should disable the newest and at last the oldest one. You must play the game to see if the problem is solved. Once you narrow down the search and catch the culprit shader, you can turn on the rest of them.

Update OptiFine

OptiFine is an optimization program that works especially with Minecraft to make it faster, smoother and better in appearance. This is the main force to run Minecraft, but using the older version can cause “Minecraft OpenGL Error 1281“. If shaders do not solve the issue, check the version of OptiFine and update it to the latest version.

One important thing is that you should only use authentic platforms to download or update it. Once it has been installed, then restart your computer to apply these new settings to the game.

Version Compatibility

If you have more than one mod of Minecraft installed, there are high chances of “OpenGL Error 1281”. People who have heavily modded their Minecraft are more likely to get the errors because if anyone is out of sync or has a corrupt file, it will cause errors.

That is why you should check the mod versions and check their compatibility before launching them. If you have already installed them, try disabling them and  relaunch the game.

Java Error

If all of the above methods do not work, then there are chances that your Java is corrupted. Remove all the java files from the control panel and reinstall them. Make sure that you download the Java compatible with your operating system. After installing the Java, please restart the computer to sync with Minecraft.

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Reinstall Minecraft

If all of the above methods do not work, there is no option but to reinstall Minecraft. But first, make sure to save all your file data and back up. There is also an option in which you can copy the data from the game files and paste it somewhere safe so that it does not get deleted with the game.

There are many ways to uninstall Minecraft safely, such as using the run command and typing the “appwiz. CPL” in the dialogue box. This will open the file manager to select Minecraft and delete it.

Another way of deleting Minecraft is by the control panel go to start > control panel > uninstall the program and delete the Minecraft from there.

After it has been deleted, reinstall Minecraft from the trusted and authentic website. When downloading, you have to put your correct credentials in it. After installation, paste the saved data file to continue from where you left.


Minecraft is a very popular game that can be customized according to the gamers’ preferences. It has many mods and variants, and this is the main cause of the errors that all the installed mods do not comply or synchronize. There are many ways by which Minrcraft”OpenGL Error 1281” can occur, all of which are discussed in detail.

There is no need to delete Minecraft if there is an error, but it can be fixed in simple and easy steps. Another important thing to avoid mistakes is always to use authentic and official websites to download files, software, and apps. Otherwise, they may be corrupt, contain viruses, or worse, a source of a potential hacker attack.