How To Get Silk Touch In Minecraft?

How To Get Silk Touch In Minecraft? Minecraft is full of surprises, and there are many items in Minecraft that you can not obtain just by using simple tools. For that purpose, a silk touch enchantment can be used to get the blocks in the original form that is different from what you would get in normal conditions.

In the early versions of Minecraft, there were many blocks that the user could not use to obtain the items, such as grass, glass, or the ore blocks of any type. Thus the silk touch enchantment was added to Minecraft to enable the players to use these items and craft the things of their liking.

This article will discuss how to get the silk touch enchantment and its possible uses. We shall also discuss how you can use it for maximum benefits. So let’s begin.

How To Obtain Silk Touch Enchantment In Minecraft?

How To Obtain Silk Touch Enchantment In Minecraft?

Silk touch enchantment is rare in Minecraft, and obtaining it is difficult. You can have the silk touch enchantment either by trading or by enchanting.

The villager trading option is the best way to obtain any enchantment, including the silk touch enchantment. You can use the librarian villager to trade the enchanted book with you.

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Place a lectern near the unemployed villager with no regular profession to turn them into the librarian. To keep the villager unemployed, you can keep him in fences or behind doors, get the lectern from the librarian’s house, or craft it with a bookshelf and 4 wooden slabs that can use any wooden slab for this.

He will offer a trade once you place the lectern near the villager. If the trade does not have silk touch books, avoid taking anything from them. Instead, break the lectern and craft it again to refresh their trade offer.

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Trading anything other than silk touch enchantment will lock their profession, and you can not find your trade. Keep breaking and crafting the lectern to refresh and accept the offers once you have them.

Enchanting Table

You can also get the silk touch enchantment using the enchanting table. Make sure to add bookshelves one block away from the enchanting table for a greater chance of high-level enchantment. If you are not getting the desired enchantment, keep refreshing the enchanting table by simply changing the bookshelves.

Best Tool For Silk Touch

Once you have obtained the silk touch enchantment, now is the time to use it. You can use the silk touch enchantment on 4 different tools: pickaxe, shovel, axe, and hoe. If you want to have the most advantages, then using the silk touch enchantment on the pickaxe is recommended.

This is because it is an all-purpose tool that can be used for almost all kinds of blocks in Minecraft. A pickaxe with silk touch enchantment can do everything that other tools can do and even do what is beyond the working of other tools.

The shovel can also be a good choice for silk touch enchantment because of its high speed and efficiency. With a silk touch enchantment shovel, you can dig gravel and grass in just the blink of an eye within one click.

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Best Uses Of Silk Touch

These are some of the blocks that are best to dig with silk touch enchantment.


The grass is one of the most beautiful abandoned blocks in Minecraft. Even though most Minecraft is made of grass blocks, it is still unobtainable. When you dig the grass without any enchantment, you would only get the dirt, but with the silk touch enchantment, you can get the regular grass blocks.

If you only plan to dig grass by silk touch enchantment, then it is better to use it on the shovel to maximize efficiency.

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Glass And Glass Panes

Every Minecraft player dreams of adding the glass to their bases and building, so they carefully make holes to add the glass blocks.

But the bad news is that glass and panes shatter and turn into nothing when you mine them with regular enchanted tools. You will silk touch enchantment with pickaxe to obtain the mirror to place them in your house.


Stones are also some of the most abandoned blocks in Minecraft and have a beautiful texture that makes them perfect for using them in paths, walls, houses, and many other things. But using the regular unchanted tools to mine the stone drops the cobblestone instead of stone.

Changing the cobblestone into the stone is a long process requiring much fuel. Stones are also used for crafting different blocks, such as stone bricks, mossy stone blocks, smooth stone, and much more. Players can avoid the long process of smelting cobblestone into stone by simply using the silk touch enchanted pickaxe in the first place.

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Why Does Everyone Love The Silk Touch Enchantment?

Players love silk touch enchantment for many reasons, and the most obvious one is that you get the same block without destroying it, changing them into any other item. Breaking some blocks such as glass without silk touch enchantment will vanish them, and mining the grass will convert them into dirt.

You can get many blocks with the silk touch enchantment that otherwise will turn into other items or completely vanish, such as Bee nest, Beehive, Blue Ice, Bookshelf, Campfire, and Clay.

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Silk touch enchantment is one of the most valuable enchantments you can use in Minecraft to get what you want. There are many benefits associated with this enchantment, and it can help you get things that otherwise would be impossible.

There are two ways to get the silk touch enchantment, the first is by trading it with the level 1 librarian, and you must keep destroying the lectern to change the trader’s offer. The second method is enchanting the table; you must have a bookshelf to have a high chance of high-level enchantment.

Silk touch enchantment can be applied to shovel, axe, pickaxe, and hoe but it is highly recommended to use the silk touch enchantment on the pickaxe for maximum usability.