How to Change Keyboard Color on MSI – A Complete Step-by-Step Guide

If you are a fan of MSI laptops and gaming PCs, you might be aware of the keyboards the brand makes. They not only help in sensitivity but also reduce keystroke latency. Moreover, there is so much you can do to personalize an MSI keyboard according to your style. 

This guide elaborates on the complete process in easy-to-follow steps. Therefore, you do not have to have a technical background to change your keyboard’s colors. If you are well-familiar with the MSI brand, feel free to skip to the instructions part below:

MSI Keyboard – An Overview

MSI specializes in designing gaming equipment and providing the best experience to PC users. These provide you full control and high sensitivity. Moreover, they give you a comfortable look and feel when you type or play with the keys.

The MSI keyboard comes in several editions for you to try. Some contain a low latency rate, while others offer extra wrist support for long gaming sessions. Therefore, whatever keyboard edition you choose will provide you with the best features and RGB backlight colors. Read the parts below to find out more about how you can change these colors.

MSI Keyboard

When Should I Update Colors on an MSI Keyboard?

Although several people use MSI keyboards, some do not make good use of the extensive control it provides. One such thing you can customize according to your settings is the backlight colors on the keyboard. Moreover, there are many valid reasons why you should update them.

Keyboard colors, especially the integrated backlit ones, help users continue their work in the dark. Moreover, the default setting comes with a white backlit color on most keyboards. However, a separate color or a mix of several colors gives a nice and better look to match the application. Also, you can update them to the color of your room to bring a more aesthetic look.

Steps to Change Colors on an MSI Keyboard: SteelSeries Users

So, let us begin with the complete how-to instructions to help you successfully change backlit colors. 

1. Download and Install SteelSeries Engine Software

Download and install the SteelSeries Engine software from the MSI website or the SteelSeries website.

2. Open SteelSeries Engine Software

Double-click on the SteelSeries Engine icon to launch the software.

3. Select the Device 

After you have installed the software, go to your MSI SteelSeries dashboard to personalize your new look. You will see a list of MSI devices on your account. Select the keyboard from the options. You should be presented with a virtual display of your keyboard. You can view the current settings and the colors on your keyboard here. 

4. Select the Lighting Tab and Choose the Effect

Click on the “Lighting” tab in the left menu. Select the desired lighting effect from the drop-down menu, such as “Static,” “Breathe,” or “Wave.” Use the color picker or the RGB sliders to select the desired color for the lighting effect. Moreover, you can also apply different effects to your keyboard backlit colors like Reactive Key, CoolDown Timer, and many more. Check and experiment with the options until you are satisfied with your selection. 

5. Apply the Changes

Click the “Apply” button to save the changes.

MSI Keyboard

Changing Keyboard Colors on MSI GS65

The MSI GS65 users need to access the MSI Dragon Center to change keyboard colors. Most of the steps are the same as described above. However, you need to click on the LED icon to launch a wizard for changing the keyboard colors.

Final Thoughts

Changing the colors on an MSI keyboard is a simple process that can be done using the SteelSeries Engine software. You can easily customize the backlight colors on your MSI keyboard to your preference by downloading and installing the software. 

The process may vary slightly for MSI GS65 users, who will need to access the MSI Dragon Center and click on the LED icon to launch a wizard for changing the keyboard colors. Updating the backlight colors on an MSI keyboard is a great way to personalize your device.