How To Get A Knockback 1000 Stick In Minecraft

How To Get A Knockback 1000 Stick In Minecraft? Minecraft is an exciting game with lots to discover. You can also enchant the sticks in Minecraft, and the primary purpose of these sticks is not to be used as weapons but as cool gadgets; with them, you can do many exciting things.

Knockback is an enchantment that can be applied on sticks, and it gives you the harry potter-like feeling of turning the bar into a wand, and you can stupefy anyone. This article will discuss how you can get the knockback 1000 stick and enchant your post with other enchantments. So let’s get started.

What Does Knockback Enchantment Do?

As the name suggests, the knockback enchantment is designed to throw away, but it is not just a standard grab and throw. If you hit a player or a mob with this enchantment, you can push them back about 3 to 6 blocks, which is more than base knockback.

 The effect of base knockback depends upon the resistance of the mob or the players.

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How To Enchant Sticks With Knockback?

Even if you use the sticks, there is no way to enchant the rod. One way is to give yourself an enchanted post with the cheat commands. The first thing is that you must turn the Cheats ON. If you are not allowed to use the cheats in your world, then you turn them ON. Open the commands and type /give @p Minecraft: stick in the same format.

It will spawn the stick in your inventory. The@p in the command is used to specify that the item should be given to the nearest player. So if you play as a single player, it will always be you. In the multiplayer settings, the closest player might get it if you are a level 2 or more operator.

Apart from giving the regular items to yourself from the command, you can also set some properties of the things, such as in this case, you can select the knockback enchantment on the stick. Just use the command:

/give @p Minecraft:stick{Enchantments:[{id:”Minecraft:knockback”,lvl:1}]}

You can also increase the enchantment level by putting the level number at the end. For example, changelvl:1 to lvl:2.

Knockback 1000 Stick Command

The maximum level of the knockback is 2, but if you are using the cheats, you can set the enchantment levels way higher than the regular ones. This will give more advantage to knocking your enemies much further. Just type the command and change the level to 1000 like:

/give @p Minecraft:stick{Enchantments:[{id:”Minecraft:knockback”,lvl:1000}]}

But from the updates of java 1.17, the maximum level of enchantment has been reduced to 255, so if you are playing the older versions than 1.17, you will get the knockback 1000 stick enchantment; otherwise, it will be knockback 1000 stick even if you type 1000. The enchantment knockback level 255 is also not wrong, pushing away the enemies a lot.

How to enchant a Stick with other enchantments?

Knockback is not the only enchantment you can use on the stick, nor is it the most exciting enchantment you can use on the post. You can enchant your rod with almost any magic in Minecraft. Use the above command and replace the knockback with the enchantment you want.

For example, if you want to use the Sharpness 255 on your stick to make it the deadliest weapon in your world, then you have to type:

/give @p Minecraft: stick{Enchantments:[{id:” Minecraft: sharpness,” lvl:255}]}, and you are ready to slice down anything you want.

Many enchantments include bane_of_arthropods, blast_protection, channelling, binding_curse, depth_strider, efficiency, feather_falling, fire_aspect fire_protection, Soul_speed, Sweeping, Thorns, Unbreaking, vanishing_curse, etc. that you can use on your sticks to get the fantastic enchantments.

How To Turn ON Cheats?

You need to turn ON the cheats to apply these commands and enchantments. Usually, you can turn On the cheats when creating a new world. Otherwise, it is straightforward if you are in a world where cheats are not allowed. Just open the game menu and go to Open to LAN. You will see the allow cheats option; turn it On, and click on the Start LAN world. Now you can enter the commands.


Using the command menu, you can equip any enchantment on the stick or any other item. Knockback 1000 is a exciting and cool enchantment that throws the enemies back by several yards. There is only one way to get this enchantment, and this is by using the command option. It is better to use the stick with low levels and then gradually increase them because what is the fun in playing at maximum levels?