How to Connect Keyboard and Mouse to Nintendo Switch

PCs are the most practical gaming platform in terms of convenience. Using a keyboard and mouse will improve your gaming experience. But, compared to a keyboard and mouse, a controller offers fewer input options and less speed.

Nintendo Switch is a well-known hybrid game console that can connect to a keyboard and mouse. This implies that you don’t have to play games with a controller. 

Although the switch can connect the keyboard and mouse, its usability is limited. Let’s explore how Nintendo Switch connects with a keyboard and mouse and how to expand its capabilities. 

How to Connect Keyboard and Mouse to Nintendo Switch

Connecting Keyboard and Mouse to Nintendo Switch

Many other gaming consoles, like the PS5, support keyboard, and mouse connection, but the Nintendo Switch lacks it. However, the Nintendo Switch doesn’t support the use of a standard keyboard and mouse.  By connecting them directly to the switch, you will only be able to use the mouse, while the keyboard will be of no use. 

Here are some instructions to help you connect a keyboard and mouse to your Nintendo Switch in order to initiate the proper function of both devices. 

How to Connect Keyboard and Mouse to Nintendo Switch Using Nintendo Switch Dock Set

You will need a Nintendo Switch dock set, USB adapter, keyboard, and mouse. 

Here are the instructions:

  1. First, go to the “Controllers and Sensors” section in the Nintendo Switch settings.
  2. Activate the Pro Controller’s wired communication.
  3. Navigate to the “Controllers” tab in the switch’s main menu.
  4. Choose “Change Grip/Order”.
  5. Now switch off your current switch controller.
  6. Link the cables of the Nintendo Switch with the Nintendo Switch dock set.
  7. Join one end of the “USB Type C” to the dock set.
  8. Join the other end of the USB to the USB Adapter.
  9. Get the USB adapter linked with the keyboard and mouse.
  10. Press “Ctrl + 2” on your keyboard until the adapter’s LEDs turn red.
  11. A few seconds later, you’ll see your keyboard and mouse under “Change Grip/Order”. This is how you confirm the successful connection.
  12. Press ESC to return to the main menu, and Spacebar or Enter key to navigate the menu. 

Are Bluetooth Receivers Capable of Connecting Keyboards and Mouse to Nintendo Switches?

There are many products available on the market that let you connect a keyboard and mouse through Bluetooth to the switch. These products often include a keyboard and mouse designed specifically for games. The most significant benefit of such products is they are portable. You can carry them everywhere and start gaming right away without the help of apps. 

Console keyboards can be mini compared to regular keyboards as they are specially manufactured for console gaming. 

Follow the steps mentioned below to link your wireless keyboard and mouse to the Switch.

You will need a Nintendo Switch dock set, USB adapter, wireless keyboard, and mouse.

  1. Join the USB adapter and Nintendo Switch dock set together through the cable.
  2. Then slide the keyboard and mouse dongle into the USB adapter.
  3. Now activate the wireless keyboard and mouse option on the switch.
  4. The switch will automatically detect and connect the wireless keyboard and mouse.
How to Connect Keyboard and Mouse to Nintendo Switch

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you play the mouse and keyboard on Switch Fortnite?

You can use the regular USB keyboard and mouse or a wireless keyboard and mouse to play games like Fortnite or Minecraft on Nintendo Switch. Ensure that you use a suitable USB adapter.

2. How do I connect my mouse and keyboard to my Nintendo Switch?

Firstly, turn on the “pro controller wired connection” and go to “change grip/order” on your switch to switch off your connected controller. Then link the dock set to the Nintendo Switch, and join the ends of the USB cable to the adapter and the dock set. Finally, attach the cables of the keyboard and mouse to the USB adapter’s sockets.

3. Which games can you play with the keyboard and mouse on the Switch?

Several games can be played with a keyboard and mouse on Nintendo Switch including Hypnospace Outlaw, Doom 1 and 2, Factorio, Tactics Ogre: Reborn, FUZE4, Monster Hunter Rise, and others.

A USB adapter is vital, regardless of which type of keyboard and mouse (wireless or USB) you are connecting to the Nintendo Switch. 


To improve your aim on the Nintendo Switch, you must use a keyboard and mouse. Although it may seem challenging, connecting a keyboard and mouse to your Nintendo Switch is quite easy. 

Also, remember to use an adapter to overcome the keyboard’s usability limitations. By doing this, you’ll be able to maximize the use of your keyboard and mouse.