Best RGB Keyboard Color Schemes: Mechanical and RGB Lighting

Due to a lack of options, many people settle for conventional keyboards that come with computers (whether PCs or high-level gaming computers). However, with the rise of RGB color-coded keyboards, you no longer have to continue using boring plain black or white keyboards. 

With these changeable RGB color combinations, you can give your keyboard a new exciting look every time. You can use these combinations to create unique scenery and illumination that matches the backgrounds of your favorite games or your computer’s monitor screen.

In this article, we’ll check out some of the best RGB keyboard color schemes for your keyboards. 

The Best RGB Keyboard Color Schemes

These fabulous designs help to transform everyday typing/gaming into something extraordinary.

Best RGB Keyboard Color Schemes

RGB Keycap Color Schemes

Blue and Green

If you love the ambience and appeal of nature, give your keyboard a new lease of life with a little mix of the colours predominantly found in nature. You can pick sky-blue alphabet keys for the first scheme and match them with ice-green functional keys. This brilliant colour combination instantly brings a feeling of the ocean floor blossoming with coral reefs and sea life. 

On the other hand, the second colour scheme requires a much deeper shade of blue that’s almost indigo. This colour code forms the bulk of the functional area of the keyboard that’s matched with ice green letter keys that transition with azure, representing the calm sea. In this case, the indigo functional keys also represent the deep sea. 

These colour schemes present different dimensions of the sea, including its vastness.

Dash and Dancer (DND) 

This is another mix of blue colours for your delight. It is an old colour scheme created by the SP company. If you know what the dasher terminal looks like, you’d know what this colour scheme entails. 

The functional area is cobalt blue, while the letter (alphabet) area is cyan blue. Of course, you can mix it up the other way to make things more interesting. Furthermore, the colour gradient gives a silent feeling that’s deep and soothing. This colour scheme is easy to conjure because these two blue colours are relatively easy to find.

Single Color Scheme

Hot Pink

If you want to rock a colour scheme on your customizable RGB keyboard, you should give the hot pink colour scheme a go. It is one of the best single-colour schemes you can try. While the pink selection may sound feminine, the single colour looks incredible and gives off some mature vibes regarding keyboard lighting. 

Furthermore, it is not flashy and could blend in with any gaming environment. It equally mixes well with a black background. The hot pink colour scheme may work with most backgrounds.

Custom Color Schemes for RGB Keyboards

Absolute Zero 

If you are into colourful keyboards, you must have encountered the absolute zero scheme since they are popular. This scheme involves using neon colours for key lighting. In the idle state, the keyboard looks like every other keyboard. But as soon as you press any of the keys, the action triggers a beautiful effect. 

The color effect that results from this arrangement leaves you wanting more. Unlike the colour schemes we’ve discussed, you’ll need a customizable RGB keyboard to enjoy this colour scheme. 

Matrix Hack 

You will undoubtedly love this colour scheme if you enjoy the matrix movie series. It is also a delight for most gamers out there. One notable effect of this colour scheme mimics the matrix break from the popular matrix trilogy movie series. 

You can expect all of the flares of the matrix franchise. It looks impressive and will certainly improve your gaming experience on your PC. However, to impress your friends with the matrix color scheme, you should download and upload the configuration file to the keyboard’s software. You can produce several effects with this scheme.

Again, your regular mechanical keyboards may not be able to produce to effect, and you’ll need a programmable and customizable RGB keyboard. 


This is a classic RGB colour scheme for gamers looking to improve their keyboard layout for gaming. It is a classic blend of yellow and black colors to create a scenery you’ll love while playing your favourite games. Similarly, the colour overlay gives off a checkered effect. 

The colour overlap timing comes with a schedule that allows black ripples to appear for a while before they disappear. This effect occurs as soon as you press a key. However, pressing multiple keys simultaneously may take some time before the effect becomes uniform and blends properly. You can expect a different check pattern when pressing a random keyboard key. This will constitute a visual experience like you’ve not seen before.

Best RGB Keyboard Color Schemes

How to Setup RGB Color Schemes and Lighting on Keyboards

Mechanical Keyboards 

These are manual keyboards, so to produce the colour schemes, you’ll need to buy coloured key caps bearing your preferred colors. Once you get these specially designed caps, you can reproduce your preferred colour arrangements on the keyboard.

Custom RGB Lighting Keyboard

If you get this keyboard from a recognized manufacturer, it should come with colour scheme customization software and other accompanying peripherals. The setup for this software is standard. If you follow the user manual, you should get the hang of it quickly. 

With this accompanying colour scheme software, you can recreate fantastic colour combinations. Connect the keyboard to your PC. The software recognizes the keyboard, and you can then manipulate the settings. For example, you can adjust speed, effects, and more. You can also make colour effects complement each other to produce beautiful scenery.

Similarly, you can create layered effects by placing a preset on another colourful layer. 

Once your computer software detects the connected keyboard, select your keyboard and click. From the menu, select “light effect.” If you want to add a new effect, click the + sign. You can pick the lighting scheme you want from the available layouts for your keyboard.


The best RGB keyboard colour schemes are not set in stone; they depend on your peculiar preferences. However, you can create them by replacing keycaps on your mechanical keyboards or changing colour scheme settings on your RGB lighting keyboard.

If you do not have any scheme in mind, you’ll not go wrong if you choose any schemes.