GGServers Review: Is This Hosting Service Worth It?

Since 2013, GG Servers has distinguished itself as a leading Minecraft hosting service, providing various services to improve your gaming experience.

They elevate your game hosting thanks to their powerful and secure servers that accelerate and improve the performance of your games.

It’s got multiple data centers and even protection against cyberattacks, so you’re in good hands. 

I’ve looked closely at GG Servers — checking out its beginnings, what it offers, how much it costs, the good, and the not-so-good stuff.

If you’re searching for the best Minecraft hosting service in 2023, this GG Servers review is your guide!

Detailed Overview of GGServers

As a specialized game hosting provider, GG Servers is well-known for its expertise in Minecraft game server hosting services.

Based on my experience using this server, it has three distinctive qualities that set it apart from other servers — power, security, and unlimited slots.

GG Servers empowers users to select server locations by operating through a global data center network.

Both available in its Standard and Premium packages, the free DDoS protection bolsters its defense against server-targeted attacks.

Your gameplay experience will benefit from the platform’s seamless integration of plug-ins, mods, and several server versions. This is achieved through their potent CPUs and SSD (Solid State Drive)/NVMe technology.

Opting for GG Servers is like having a massive virtual storage drive to power your favorite online games.

Origins and History

Since 2013, GG Servers has been making waves in the gaming realm.

Founded in Canada, GG Servers was born with a simple mission — offering top-notch game servers at budget-friendly rates.

Their unwavering commitment to quality has motivated them to continuously improve their premium services for years.

With over 1 million gamers served globally, transparency and customer support are at their core.

For Minecraft and its gaming server hosting, web hosting, and other services, they intend to continue to be dedicated to providing the best pricing and top-quality hardware.

Services Offered by GGServers

From its Minecraft-focused origins, GG Servers has evolved to embrace a wider spectrum of gaming preferences.

Beyond the world of pixels, it now caters to wider clients by offering more hosting servers. You can even use GG Servers for Garry’s Mod!

Here are GGServer’s three main server categories:

Minecraft Hosting: Recognized for its robust Minecraft services, GG Servers provides several cost-effective plans tailored to this game.

Games Hosting: GG Servers expanded from Minecraft and currently offers 17 options for game servers.

Today, GGServers caters to hosts servers for several popular games, including 7 Days to Die, Ark: Survival Evolved, Arma Reforger, Counter-Strike: GO, Factorio, Garry’s Mod, Left4Dead 2, Project Zomboid, Terraria, Rust, and Valheim.

They will also be releasing Hytale Hosting, a companion service for Hytale.

Web Hosting: Boasting three plans (Starter, Premium, and Business), GG Servers’ web hosting features unlimited resources, affordable price options, and cutting-edge technology.

GGServers User Interface and Experience

GG Servers has a brilliantly user-friendly interface.

Everything from video game modding to upgrading player slots is a breeze, thanks to this interface.

The customized Multicraft custom control panel is your go-to dashboard, from which you can seamlessly reach your servers, profiles, tickets, and log out.

All features and tools required for server customization are available through the server control panel. This includes full FTP access for easy file uploads and server management.

Direct console access and chat functionality are also easily available from the control panel.

Here are the Minecraft hosting features that all plans can access:

  • Instant Activation
  • Scalable Servers
  • Free DDoS Protection
  • Free Subdomain
  • 1-Click Modpack and Plug-in Installation
  • Quality Hardware
  • Global Network – Exceptional Ping!
  • Remote Console + Logs
  • Powerful Tools

Comprehensive GGServers Review

Here’s an in-depth look at what using GG Servers is like. I’ve tried to include every important factor possible here.

GGServers Features and Functionality

GGServers Features and Functionality
Source: ggservers.com

GG Servers stands out thanks to its robust feature set for premier Minecraft server hosting.

I like how GG Servers boosts gaming and speed while maintaining power and security.

NVMe SSD storage is the standard, with premium services offering unlimited usage for lightning-fast data access.

Then there’s the processors’ exceptional single-core performance, clocking in at 4 GHz for standard services and 5 GHz for premium ones. These can adeptly handle even the most demanding tasks.

With the added benefits of unmetered SSD/NVMe storage and complete FTP/MySQL database access, GG Servers is a trustworthy and feature-rich option for Minecraft hosting.

Server Performance and Stability

Server Performance and Stability
Source: ggservers.com

GG Servers is by far the most reliable and stable provider I’ve used. They have an uptime of 99.9%, well above the industry average.

This means your server is unlikely to go down, even during peak hours.

Furthermore, GG Servers offers a worldwide server network. This allows you to select the location with the best performance and lowest latency.

There are some in Oceania, Asia, Europe, and North America.

You can also choose how many CPU cores, RAM, and storage your server needs.

Pricing and Plans

Pricing and Plans
Source: ggservers.com

While it’s not the most budget-friendly option, their pricing scheme is still fairly reasonable.

Compared to competitors like Shockbyte, its pricing sits slightly above average, starting at $3 per month and scaling up to $96 for the Standard package.

For those seeking premium features, the Premium packages double the cost of their Standard counterparts, ranging from $6 to $192 per month.

Premium subscriptions, however, include more features. Note that they offer better discounts for long-term subscriptions, giving you more long-term value for your money.

For instance, you can get a 15% discount with a 1-year subscription.

Customer Support

GGServers Review
Source: ggservers.com

GG Servers ensures round-the-clock technical support, accessible through live chat, tickets, and email.

A repository of 200+ articles further aids users seeking information on game server hosting. GG Servers also offers PIN support for added security verification.

Their technical support operates 24/7, offering assistance through:

  1. Ticket Support: Generate tickets for technical queries, providing details like ID, subject, department, and priority.
  2. Live Chat Support: Real-time assistance is available at any hour.
  3. Social Media: Engage via Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, Tiktok, and Discord.
  4. Knowledge Base: Access a wealth of GGSever team-authored files for in-depth knowledge.

User Reviews and Feedback

GGServers Review
Source: ggservers.com

A glimpse at user reviews highlights the overall satisfaction of GG Servers’ clientele.

Positive feedback mentions their quality server management, efficient customer support, and the platform’s user-friendly control panel.

GG Servers has a very positive reputation among users. Presently, GG Servers holds a 4.4 out of 5-star rating on Trustpilot from 3,214 people who write reviews.

Here are some positive and negative feedback you can find:

SO FAST. Like IMMEDIATELY I get an actual person working on my problem and its solved in 5-10 minutes. I cannot describe how important that is. Every other company help service takes DAYS to get replies or at the least an hour or 2 just to connect and work something out. You guys ROCK.”

Dustin Gehlert

“Stuff” happens and I understand that, but I bought a server and paid up-front. Two days into the subscription the server was offline. Four days later it still wasn’t online. That’s just not acceptable.”

Jayson B

Consistently great service. Service from support is consistently great, even when it is outside their areas they technically support. Can’t recommend enough, just based on their support alone.”

—Charles Austin (July 22, 2023)

GGServers vs. Competitors

Before I look at the pros and cons, remember that other providers can match GG Servers’ game hosting.

If GG Servers doesn’t align with your preferences, these competitors are worth checking out.

GGServers vs. Aternos

It’s impressive how GG Servers caters to various budgets while prioritizing usability and performance requirements with their range of plans.

They offer excellent uptime, performance, and customer support.

Additionally, GG Servers offers valuable features, such as DDoS (Distributed Denial-of-Service) attack protection, mod support, and customizable plug-ins.

On the other hand, Aternos offers free hosting for up to 3 players — ideal for small groups.

Aternos has an active community and is simple to set up, but it has limitations like lag for larger servers and fewer features than GGServers.

GGServers is ideal for reliability and performance, while Aternos is better for small groups looking for a free option.

GGServers vs. Minefort

Minefort is another full-featured, free, cloud-based Minecraft server.

This dashboard allows configuration for offline mode (or “cracked” mode) and Bedrock mode, enabling players to join using various versions of Minecraft.

If I were to compare Aternos and Minehut, Minefort would stand out for its server configuration flexibility.

Like GG Servers, it also features DDoS protection, mod support, and custom plug-ins.

While GG Servers focuses on providing a variety of plans with enhanced features, Minefort stands out as a free platform that focuses on server configuration flexibility.

Minefort servers are free to play if you have Minecraft: Bedrock Edition.

Other Notable Competitors

Whether you’re looking to host servers or make your own world, you have more servers to choose from.

These are alternatives similar to GGServers, ready to host your Minecraft world.

Let’s look at some of them:

  1. Apex Hosting – Known for its high-performance servers and a wide range of game options, Apex Hosting offers a comprehensive hosting solution for gamers.
  2. Shockbyte – This is also a notable player in server hosting, offering reliability and user-friendliness for all levels of gamers.
  3. NodeCraft – Its node-based system spreads your server across multiple nodes, so it can handle more players and mods without lagging.
  4. GTX Gaming – GTX Gaming is a long-standing and reliable server host with a track record dating back to Minecraft’s early days.
  5. Scalacube – This platform’s seamless scalability, instant upgrades, and flexible player slot choices provide a competitive edge in delivering a tailored and low-latency server experience.

Benefits and Drawbacks of GGServers

After trying out different games with GG Servers, I have found many advantages that have established it as one of the leading Minecraft server providers, like its outstanding performance and wide range of plans on offer.

However, its premium plans are expensive, and its standard plans lack important features like MySQL database access and unlimited slots.

Here is a quick list of GG Servers’ advantages and disadvantages:

Key Benefits of Using GGServers

  • Powerful and secure service
  • Large RAM upgrades
  • Quality hardware
  • Excellent speed
  • Wide global network of server locations
  • Free DDos protection and subdomain on standard plans

With features like DDoS protection and nine server locations globally, GG Servers offers reliable and secure game server hosting.

With a focus on lightning-fast speed and a large worldwide network, gamers can take advantage of less lag and top performance, even across different worlds.

Moreover, GGServers’ large RAM upgrades boost performance and ensure smoother gameplay, faster loading, and improved response times.

This is great if you run resource-intensive mods, plug-ins, or have larger player populations—precisely fitting different game server requirements.

Possible Drawbacks of GGServers

  • The best features and services are mostly in the premium plan only
  • Limited databases and slots in non-premium plans

One drawback of GG Servers is the absence of unlimited resources in basic plans and using subdomains instead of dedicated domains.

Additionally, its premium version lacks SSD NVMe technology infrastructure.

An additional downside I found is the additional fees for certain features and services, like plug-in installation assistance.

This is actually provided free of charge by some competing Minecraft servers. They also have relatively weaker customer support, a notable drawback.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you still uncertain about GG Servers? Get more info about this popular Minecraft server hosting provider here.

Even if you had to compare with other top Minecraft hosts, GGServers keeps up with its competitors.

However, these competitors highlight the same server features worth considering as an alternative.

While Apex Hosting is recognized for its high-performance servers, a Shockbyte game server guarantees dependability for gamers of all skill levels.

NodeCraft’s node-based system ensures smooth performance with increased players and mods, and GTX Gaming is a trusted and long-standing host.

Scalacube’s seamless scalability and adaptable player slots offer a customized, low-latency alternative.

How Reliable Is GGServers Minecraft Hosting?

GG Servers proudly maintains an exceptional server uptime of 99.9%, surpassing the industry average.

Combining automated DDoS defense, powerful processors, and trustworthy SSD and NVMe data storage yields this impressive reliability.

By doing this, GG Servers ensures every user has a consistent, easy, and safe gaming experience.

The SSL certificate of GG Servers is also noteworthy in conventional web hosting services, especially for website servers. It provides security for data exchanged on the site under the HTTPS protocol.

Many gamers have found GG Servers a dependable hosting provider because of their commitment to performance and stability.

How Does GGServers Fare in Terms of Price Point Compared to Its Competitors?

GG Servers is generally priced slightly higher than its competitors. However, the added features and performance justify the cost.

For example, GG Servers offers unlimited slots and MySQL databases, which are not included in the basic plans of some of its competitors.

Remember to balance its performance, support team, and features with its cost. Nonetheless, keep in mind that the GG Servers service is not free.

What Are Some Common Issues Reported in a Typical GGServers Review?

In a typical GGServers review, some users have raised concerns about pricing, including plans and full refund/s, and unhelpful customer service interactions.

Additionally, limitations in basic plans, such as the absence of unlimited slots or MySQL databases, have been noted.

This might be problematic for those requiring more resources or wanting to utilize storage-intensive mods and plug-ins.

The need to pay more for extra features and services, such as limitless slots and plug-in support, is another source of conflict.

Are There Additional Costs Associated With Using GGServers for Minecraft Hosting?

GGServers’ pricing plans are comprehensive, but players should know potential expenses tied to mod/plug-in purchases.

Additionally, the costs of Minecraft server hosting may rise with the number of active player slots.

GGServers offers several add-ons for purchase, each with a description and instructions on how to add them to your account:

  1. Dedicated IP: This add-on is suitable for your Minecraft server and domain, starting at $3 per month (pricing may vary based on your plan).
  2. Slot Change: Modify the number of player slots on your server easily with this add-on, available for a one-time fee of $2.50.
  3. BungeeCord Setup and Support Add-on: For $10, receive a configured BungeeCord instance for up to 8 Spigot servers.
  4. Mod/Modpack Installation and Support: Get hassle-free modpack installation with updates and support for $5 per modpack on the server.
  5. Permissions Setup and Support Add-on: Simplify permissions setup with GroupManager or PermissionsEx installation for $15.
  6. Plug-in Setup and Support Add-on: Effortlessly install and configure up to 15 plug-ins for $15, with error fixes within seven days after installation.

Further instructions on paying and adding these are accessible through an article from their knowledge base website.


In the bustling landscape of Minecraft server hosting, GGServers stands out as a robust and reliable server.

Its feature-rich and multiple plans, stellar server performance, and unlimited player slots upgrade make it a good contender for casual and hardcore Minecraft gamers.

While the pricing might lean towards the higher end, their quality service and enhanced gameplay experience are worth it.

So, is GG Servers worth it? I’d say “Yes.”

GGServers is a useful Minecraft hosting provider for those seeking a premium hosting solution to enhance their Minecraft experience.

However, I still recommend checking out other providers before signing up with GGServers because there are multiple worlds of Minecraft servers to choose from.