How to Find Buried Treasure in Minecraft

To find buried treasure in Minecraft, start by obtaining a map from shipwrecks or underwater ruins. Use the map to locate an X-marked spot and dig down until you uncover a chest with valuable loot. Happy treasure hunting!

Steps to Find Buried Treasure

  1. Obtain a Treasure Map: To start your treasure hunt, you’ll need to find a treasure map. These maps can be found in shipwrecks and ocean ruins. Look for chests in these structures and open them to find the treasure map.
  2. Locate the Red X: Once you have the treasure map in your inventory, open it and look for the red X. This X marks the spot where the buried treasure is located.
  3. Start Digging: Stand on top of the red X and start digging straight down. The buried treasure will be buried beneath the block you’re standing on.

Tips for Finding Buried Treasure

  • Pay Attention to Terrain: Buried treasure chests spawn in specific areas such as beaches, snowy beaches, and stony shores. Keep an eye out for these terrains while exploring.
  • Look for Non-Sticky Blocks: Buried treasure will always be under a “non-sticky” block like sand or gravel. If you’re digging and don’t see the treasure, try digging around the initial hole in a 3×3 pattern.
  • Use Speedrunner Tactics: Speedrunners often locate the cross on the treasure map and dig directly on that spot. This can be a quick and efficient way to find the buried treasure.
  • How far should you dig?: To uncover the treasure, you must be prepared to dig deep. Head straight for the heart of the X marking, where your prize awaits. Usually hidden just a few blocks beneath the surface, sometimes it lies as much as 8 or 9 blocks down. Don’t let that deter you – great riches await those who persist!


Finding buried treasure in Minecraft can be a thrilling adventure. By following the steps outlined in this guide and utilizing the tips provided, you’ll increase your chances of discovering hidden riches. Happy treasure hunting!