Is It Safe To Play Games On A Laptop While Charging?

Mostly, gamers are playing games while charging laptops, and they have one fundamental question: Is it safe to play games on a laptop while charging? Along with this question, there are several other questions whose answers are mostly gamers are looking for; here, we discuss most of them one by one.

Why Does Almost Every Gamer Want The Answer To This Question?

This question raised in every gamer’s mind is due to the overheating of the laptop while playing games. Games require many charging measures, so most gamers certainly plug their charger in. 

It is quite normal that battery temperatures rises when the charger is plugged-in. So, there is a combination and the heat generated by the battery during the game playing. Mostly every advanced game is too heavy in size in the file, directory, and spaces. 

When gamers play these modern games, the temperature of components rise, and the fan starts running more rapidly; this causes them to measure part of the battery consumption; due to this, they have to plug in their charger while running games.

This increase in temperature disturbs gamers’ minds and raises the question of whether it is safe to play games on a laptop while charging?

What Is The Recommendation Of Gamers

It is recommended while playing games on a laptop that you have to plug in a laptop charger because games require additional battery consumption to render the game more efficiently and give you top performance. Otherwise, the laptop battery is overburdened if you do not plug in the charger.

It consumes more rapidly, which may cause you to face the hurdle while playing online games where you cannot pause the game. This will be more annoying for you. So to avoid this, it is better to plugged-in a battery charger while playing games; this will not cause any damage to your components.

Does The Laptop Automatically Cut Off The Charger When The Battery Is Fully Charged?

Yes, modern laptops have an option to cut off the battery automatically when the laptop’s battery is fully charged, there are battery controller circuits installed in the laptop which break the charging capacity of the laptop.

The windows show a pop-up message when you hover the cursor on battery icon located at the right side of the taskbar that battery is 100% charged, and the charger is plugged in but not charging.

Does Plugged Charger Damage Battery Life?

The most straightforward answer to this question is No, it does not damage the performance of the life of the battery. Almost every laptop uses a lithium battery, so it is safer; in addition to the above question’s answer the another reason is that after 100% battery charged.

Charger automatically stops charging the battery anymore, and when the charged battery starts to discharge it will again start to charge to maintain the battery to be fully charged. 

This happens more when you are playing games because battery consumption starts increasing too much and requires a lot of charging capacity. The battery starts to discharge more rapidly, so when you keep your charger plugged in, it helps maintain the battery performance, but it does not damage the battery’s life.

Does Gaming Laptop Drain Laptops Battery More Rapidly?

Yeah, this is true that gaming laptops drain laptops’ batteries faster than regular laptops; there are several reasons for this, and we will try to discuss them. The first reason for this is that modern games are huge and have heavy graphics, so the external graphic cards installed in them; these graphic cards also require energy to work, which requires additional charging of gaming laptop.

Whereas, on the other side, normal laptops do not have an external graphic card, gaming laptops are designed to fulfill the requirements of the game that is why they are more compact and used heavy components, these components take the charging of laptops battery faster.

The other reason is that these gaming laptops produce a lot of heat than the normal laptops; every component under the gaming laptop is quite heavier than the normal laptops; due to the increase in heat the laptop runs a fan accordingly faster than before to cool down the temperature of the laptop and maintain it in a normal manner.

These faster fans took extra charge of the battery, which is quite annoying, but this action is necessary to maintain the temperature.

Along with these reasons, this is another fact that there are a larger number of fans placed in the gaming laptop than the normal laptop, which is another reason these fans took the extra power and energy of laptops.

How To Avoid Laptop Battery Charging Draining? 

There are many tips to prevent your laptop’s battery from being drained.

  • Always turn on battery saver mode.
  • Remove the unwanted applications from your laptop, and it is unnecessary to drain the battery.
  • Keep your laptop screen brightness in auto adjustment mode.
  • Unplug those devices which are not commonly used as a printer.
  • Keep your charger plugged in between 40% to 80%, and don’t let your battery be discharged below 20%.
  • Reduce the timer of screen sleeping mode. 

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Categorically summarizing the final analysis of the above article, where most gamers have questions in their mind that Is it  safe to play games on a laptop while charging? As per the above discussion, the direct answer to this is no there is no harm or danger. Yes, it is safe to play games while charging the laptop.

Playing games while charging the laptop is recommended because they consume more battery charging than regular laptops.

These laptops are quite heavy and produce more heat, and have an external graphic card along with them, so these factors produce more heat which causes the fan to run faster, and this takes some extra energy from charging, that is why it is good to plug in Charger.

Moreover, there are some steps as well to prevent your battery from being discharged faster.