6 of the best keyboard under 200

Keyboards are one of the most utilized peripherals on a PC. Especially those engaged in coding and content writing can kill a keyboard much faster than others. Since they are constantly typing, the chances are that their fingers will ache to ruin the entire experience. On the other hand, softer keystrokes mesmerize, but many mechanical keyboards come with switches making loud noises. If that is not a problem, premium keyboards are expensive, some going above $250 easily. So, this article covers six of the best keyboards you can get under $200.

Best Keyboard Under 200

Having $200 and looking for a keyboard expands your options, giving you much room to search. Since many companies believe that people look for cheap but quality keyboards, so they make a low-priced version of their flagship product. So, when we searched for such keyboards, we had to choose the best among thousands of options.

1. DROP ALT Mechanical Keyboard – Doubleshot PBT With Aluminum Frame

Our Pick

DROP ALT Mechanical Keyboard

4.5/5 772 Reviews

Ever since wireless keyboards arrived with low latency, everyone preferred them over wired ones. The reason, you can easily connect them with your mobile and tablets. However, things changed when type-C USB keyboards arrived, making mobile connectivity even easier.

  • HALO true switches
  • A compact layout
  • Hot-swappable switch functionality
  • USB C quick charging
  • Not suitable for a MacBook
DROP ALT Mechanical Keyboard

DROP ALT Mechanical Keyboard is a type-C USB keyboard with hot-swap switches and programmable macros keys. This allows you to choose the loud blue buttons with a brilliant tactile feel or the soft cherry brown switches for ultimate silence. On the hand, this keyboard is available in multiple colours, has programmable RGB, and is compact.


The most noticeable feature of this keyboard is the type-C USB connectivity. Because most keyboards come with type-A or wireless connectivity, of course, you can charge wireless keyboards with type-C cables; this DROP ALT Mechanical Keyboard takes things to a different level. However, you cannot charge this device with your mobile, so ensure to disable reverse charging if you have problems with connectivity.

Despite being compact, this keyboard has a solid build making it durable enough to withstand hard typing or gaming. The best part is that you can easily remove the keys to clean it, but you’ll have to purchase the cleaning kit separately. This keyboard might look bulky, but its aluminium frame makes it light. You can carry it everywhere without worrying about feeling its weight.

You can adjust the RGB using its app to set the mood according to your work. It even allows you to schedule the RGB modes based on what pre-set you want at what time.

2. HITIME XVX M61 60% Mechanical Keyboard – Ultra-Compact 2.4G Rechargeable Gaming Keyboard

Our Pick

HITIME XVX M61 60% Mechanical Keyboard

4.6/5 901 ratings

Many people working on keyboards for longer tend to have wrist pain. A wrist support can help eliminate it, keeping your hands in an optimum position so you can efficiently work for a long time. However, not all keyboards come with a wrist rest, Logitech offers such keyboards, but they get expensive and are uncomfortable. This is where HITIME XVX M61 shines, arriving with a custom-designed wrist rest giving your hands the comfort they require for more extended gaming and typing sessions.

  • Compact 60% keyboard
  • Colorful illuminated keyboard
  • Pro software for customization
  • High-performance wireless mode
  • No arrows, and some function keys
  • No media controls for volume

Since this is a gaming keyboard, you can expect it to have controllable backlit RGB. It is available in the coral sea and Izakaya theme and comes with Gateron yellow switch; not very silent, but it is not a loud keyboard either. You can spend a couple of extra bucks to get a hot-swappable keys variant made with durable PBT material offering extra durability.


The wireless connectivity of this keyboard allows you to work from a far distance. Plus, you can charge it with a type-C cable. The package comes with a coiled charging cable that matches the theme. It has 19 lighting effects with nine selectable colors and four brightness levels, so you won’t have harsh light popping out of the keyboard in the darkness.

The 2.4G wireless system stays connected to the system even from ten meters away. Low latency mode provides quick input even when using the keyboard in the wireless mode.

3. Redragon K605 Alien – Super Big 61 Keys & Outemu Blue Switch

Our Pick

Redragon K605 Alien

4.3/5 29 Reviews

Redragon has been in the peripherals business for years, and they have delivered one of the best RGB keyboards. Not only that, but this company also always provides something different at an unexpected price. People living with their families would love to have a silent keyboard; thus, cherry MX brown keys are their favourite. The Redragon K605 Alien might not be that silent, but its huge size makes it convenient for all writers and programmers working in a fixed place.

  • Extra big Outemu blue switch
  • RGB LED backlit gaming keyboard
  • Ergonomic design
  • 60% mechanical keyboard
  • The size is too big
Redragon K605 Alien

It has 61 keys, so you won’t get a number pad, arrow keys, or special buttons like home, page up, or page down keys. On the other hand, this keyboard has a 23-inch size with big keys for easy typing, but it takes up a lot of space on the table.


A giant keyboard and type-C connecting cable are in the box. Despite its enormous size, the keyboard is relatively lighter and compatible with all modern and old OS. The only thing you might not like is that its switches are non-swappable. So, if you are not a fan of loud blue switches, this keyboard might not be the one for you.

One loveable thing about this keyboard is the placement of the keys. You won’t have difficulty finding the keys even if you switch from a small keyboard. However, pressing two keys might be a problem until you get used to the Redragon K605 Alien.

4. Corsair K70 PRO Mini Wireless – Fastest Sub-1ms Wireless Keyboard

Our Pick

Corsair K70 PRO Mini Wireless

4.4/5 78 ratings

Corsair is also a renounceable brand offering one of the most premium gaming keyboards, mouses, and headphones. Their wireless peripherals are the best in price and quality compared to many other brands. Corsair K70 PRO mini wireless keyboard is compact and offers a prolonged battery life. This keyboard with a type-C cable can provide an 8,000Hz hyper-polling rate, making the input much faster in gaming. 

  • 360° LightEdge
  • Low-latency Bluetooth mode
  • Compact 60% form-factor
  • Solid aluminum frame
  • A bit pricier than the competition
  • Some keys wear out quite quickly

This keyboard is perfect for those with a white gaming setup. The white keyboard with soft LED lights makes it an excellent addition to your setup. It is available in black colour, but we highly recommend getting the white variant.


The most noticeable feature of this keyboard is its size, allowing it to fit easily in tight places. Despite its compact size, Corsair K70 Pro offers extreme customization, allowing you to swap the keys and switches and change RGB easily. However, you’ll need to install its software in order to change the RGB settings.

Another good thing is its amazing battery life. With RGB on and running, this bad boy can live up to 32 hours; without the RGB, you can expect this keyboard to last up to 200 hours. Even better, you can charge this keyboard within two hours, and it is ready to live up to days without worrying.

5. Keychron K14 70% Layout 72 Keys – Features Gateron G Pro Red Switch

Our Pick

Keychron K14 70% Layout 72 Keys

4.5/5 8 ratings

If you want a sleek keyboard with all the essential keys in a compact size, there is no better option than Keychron K14. It has red switches that offer pure tactile clicks but a silent experience. You can use this keyboard in wireless mode using Bluetooth. Yes, it doesn’t have a 2.4G wireless system, so if your PC doesn’t have Bluetooth, you can only use it with wire.

  • All essential multimedia and function keys are available
  • Connects with up to 3 devices
  • 50 million durable keystroke lifespan
  • 4000 mAh big battery
  • No 2.4G connectivity
  • Might be too thick for some users
Keychron K14 70% Layout 72 Keys

Another good thing about this keyboard is the physical buttons to switch between Windows and macOS. Downloading software to run this keyboard on a MacBook is not a need. Instead, you can turn the switch beneath the type-C charging point and start using it.


With type-A, Bluetooth, and type-C USB, you can connect it to three devices and easily switch between them. Remember, you have to switch between devices to use them for multitasking. This might feel like a hassle initially, but as you get used to it, things will be pretty easy. It might not look like it, but this keyboard is one of the best productivity keyboards in the price range.

With the backlight off, you can use this keyboard for up to 280 hours. If you like to keep them on, this keyboard can last up to 24 hours. Don’t worry; it won’t take more than three hours to charge completely, allowing you to get back on track quickly.

6. Apple Magic Keyboard With Numeric Keypad – Exclusive for MacBooks

Our Pick

Apple Magic Keyboard With Numeric Keypad

4.8/5 20,891 ratings

While you can use a lot of keyboards with Apple devices, the fun begins when you use the exclusive options. Newer Macbooks have fewer USB ports, so you have to use wireless peripherals with them. Apple Magic Keyboard is designed to work with every device with Bluetooth and type-A connectivity, but its design and looks suit Apple devices more.

  • Sleek look and design
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Comes with a numeric keypad
  • Quick connection with Apple devices
  • Easy to get dirty
  • Ergonomically challenging keys

This is not a mechanical keyboard, and there is no RGB, so it won’t suit gamers. However, for writers and programmers, this is a real deal. The soft keypress won’t make a noise, and the distance between each key allows you to work without tapping two keys simultaneously.

What makes this thing better than others is battery timing. One charge can last up to a month with moderate use and two weeks with heavy use. Not to mention, it won’t take more than two hours to charge it.

Buying Guide for a $200 Keyboard

Here are some factors to help you choose a $200 keyboard.


The first thing to check is how well that keyboard can perform; you can check YouTube reviews of the desired keyboard to learn more about it.

Wireless or Wired

Keep in mind that wired keyboards are less pricey and packed with more features and buttons compared to a wireless keyboard of the same price. A wired keyboard can be a better option if you have a fixed station for work or gaming.


Since keys are continuously stroked during work or gaming, the chances are that you might break them. Most people get triggered during work or games, hitting keys even harder. You’ll need a durable keyboard that works for a long time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the most affordable keyboard?

Keychron K14 70% Layout 72 Keys is the most affordable keyboard. However, you can only connect via Bluetooth and a type-C connection.

What is a good price for a good keyboard?

A $100 price tag is enough for a keyboard, but if you want wireless functionality and customized options, you’ll need to spend over $150 or more.

Is a 61-key keyboard enough for a beginner?

It can be a good fit if you only want the basic keys, but if you want a dedicated number pad and functions keys, you should opt for a 104-key keyboard.

Final Words

You can find a lot of good keyboards under $200, but you must check why you want them. If you want a compact wireless keyboard, we recommend Corsair K70 Pro, but if you want a gigantic keyboard, we recommend going for Reddragon K605 Alien.