How Many Keys Does a 65 Keyboard Have?

How Many Keys Does a 65 Keyboard Have? Ease of convenience has become the primary aim of every industry worldwide. The tech industry is no different with its constant innovations and advancements. When it comes to computer systems, many prefer carrying them around. Consequently, the compactness and portability of devices, such as a 65% keyboard, have become a great option for those who value a smaller footprint without sacrificing functionality.

The 65% keyboard is the smallest keyboard with a dedicated arrow key and the home cluster in the single column above. This makes it a perfect complement for your notebook, as it can easily fit into your backpack and give you maximum desk space for mouse movement in an FPS environment.

Additionally, 65 keyboards have also become more popular among programmers and developers, who have also adapted to the lack of a number pad and function row, and might use macros to program certain keys to trigger predetermined code.

You may have heard about various keyboard models, such as the 65 keyboard. While many people mistake the keyboard for having 65 keys due to its name, the number indicates the keyboard size. 

A 65% keyboard, also known as a 65% keyboard, is only 65% the size of a full-size keyboard. Usually, they have 67-68 keys. However, 65% of keyboards have more or less than 67 keys. Keyboards like the Velocifire TKL71WS have 71 keys, while the Leopold FC660M has 66. 

How Many Keys Do They Have?

Most of the 65% keyboards usually have fewer keys, ranging from 67-68 keys. On the other hand, full-size keyboards contain 104 keys if they use a US layout. While full-size keyboards contain different keys for every function, compact keyboards often combine two functions in one key. Please note that the exact amount of keys differs from company to company for every 65% mechanical keyboard. These keyboards typically include alphanumeric, arrow, function, and navigation keys such as Home, End, Page Up, and Page Down.

A 65 keyboard is a smaller form factor keyboard with 65% of the keys of a standard full-size keyboard. This reduction in size makes it a great option for those who want a smaller keyboard that still offers all the essential keys, including an extra row of keys on the right-hand side of the board, which typically consist of the home, delete, page up, and page down keys, similar to what is found on a full-sized keyboard layout.

If you are a laptop user, you probably do not have separate keys like brightness and volume. These features are usually put together with function keys like F1 and F2. Further, if you own a mini laptop, you may not have a number pad next to the alphabet keys. Only one row of numbers is available above the alphabet keys on such keyboards.

Most compact keyboard layouts use such subtractions. However, even though the keyboard doesn’t have the function row, arrow keys, etc, you can still access these keys via keyboard shortcuts! Usually, compact keyboards include a function key (or sometimes two function keys) that act as a modifier key to access shortcuts. For example, you can hold the Fn key and press 1 to activate F1 or hold the Fn key and press the bottom Control key to activate the Right Arrow.

How Many Keys Does a 65 Keyboard Have? 
How Many Keys Does a 65 Keyboard Have? 60% VS 65% Keyboards

People often mix up all the different compact mechanical keyboards. Usually, people get confused between 60% and 65% mechanical keyboards.

While both keyboards do not have the function rows and number pads, they differ slightly. 

The 60% keyboard has a compact arrow keys section with a square shift button. However, the 65 mechanical keyboards have a dedicated arrow keys section with distinct up, down, right, and left keys. They also have an elongated shift button like a full-size keyboard. 

Makers generally add some extra keys on the extreme right column of a 65% keyboard. These keys usually involve home, page up, page down, and insert keys. However, they may vary from maker to maker. This variation also affects the number of keys on a 65% keyboard. 

Who Should Use 65% Keyboards? 

Some people prefer using touchpads, while others like a computer mouse. Similarly, the size of the mechanical keyboard you require depends on your purpose and comfort. 

If you only use your computer to stream movies and music, you do not require function keys and a separate number pad. You can opt for a compact 60% or 65% keyboard. However, professionals who use the device and its shortcut keys for work purposes might prefer a full-size one.

Lastly, 65 keyboards are the most popular for gamers. They are compact enough for the user to switch between keys quickly while gaming. They also have the standard arrow keys like in a full-size keyboard, instead of the congested ones found in 60% keyboards. 

How Many Keys Does a 65 Keyboard Have?

How to Change the Function of Keys on My 65% Keyboard? 

As we mentioned earlier, currently, 65 keyboards are trending due to their extreme user comfort. However, there is a solution if you own a 65 keyboard and have trouble using it due to the lack of keys.

Many people have trouble shifting from a full-size keyboard to a smaller one. You may have grown accustomed to using specific keys in your old keyboard that the smaller one lacks. In such cases, we have a very simple solution for you. 

It is possible to replace the button functions on your keyboard so that you only use the ones needed to fit your convenience and ensure ergonomics. For example, you may not use some keys on your new keyboard. So, you can switch their existing function and replace it with some key you might need. You can find various software on the internet to help you do this, including macros.

Moreover, it would save you the money of a full-size keyboard while keeping the portability in play. One popular option for finding keycaps and other keyboard customization options is through online retailers like Amazon. ABS keycaps are a common keyboard customisation choice, providing aesthetics and ergonomics. You can also customize the performance of your keyboard by applying lube to the switches. This helps to reduce friction and improve the overall typing experience, ensuring optimal ergonomics while typing.

If you use some software to perform this task, remember to be wary of viruses. You must check the reviews for any software and its authenticity before installing it on your computer. 

Some interesting facts about 65 keyboards

With compact keyboards becoming more popular due to their portability as people begin to work from home and from the office, it can be hard to tell the difference between a 65% keyboard, a 60% keyboard, and a tkl (tenkeyless keyboard ).

A 65% keyboard has a compact layout smaller than a full-size or tenkeyless keyboard, but slightly larger than a 60% keyboard as one might expect.

The 65% keyboard has become more popular than the 60% one because it is compact and more functional.

Some find it more functional due to the inclusion of arrow keys and four keys to the keyboard’s right, typically composed of the home, delete, page up, and page down keys.

A 65% keyboard has roughly 65% of the keys a full-sized keyboard has, with a full-size keyboard with a US layout containing 104 keys, including a number pad, which many cannot live without, while a 65% will usually have 67 or 68 keys depending on the manufacturer.

Because 65% of keyboards don’t have the numpad or the function row, this cuts down on 29-30 keys (depending on if the number pad has the plus key split into two keys).

Interestingly the most expensive 65 keyboards are more likely to have 67 keys than 68 keys.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are 65% keyboards good for gaming? A 65% keyboard is a compact layout with about 65% of the keys of a standard full-sized keyboard, typically including arrow keys but excluding the numpad and some function keys

Do 65% keyboards come with arrow keys? Yes, most 65% keyboards include arrow keys, which distinguishes them from even smaller 60% keyboards

What are the benefits of using a 65% keyboard for gaming? Benefits include more desk space, portability for LAN parties or events, a minimalist aesthetic, and often, a focus on key quality.

How do I handle the missing keys on a 65% keyboard when gaming? Use function (Fn) key combinations to access missing keys or remap keys using software to suit specific games.

Which popular gaming keyboard brands offer 65% keyboards? Brands like Corsair, Ducky, Varmilo, and Keychron, among others, offer 65% keyboards suitable for gaming.

Can I customize the keycaps on a 65% keyboard? Yes, many 65% keyboards have standard keycap sizes, allowing for broad customization options with aftermarket keycap sets.

How does the price of a 65% keyboard compare to other sizes? Price varies by brand and features, but 65% keyboards often fall in a mid-range price point, being more expensive than some full-sized keyboards but cheaper than high-end mechanical models.

Are there wireless 65% keyboards suitable for gaming? Yes, there are wireless 65% options with low latency suitable for gaming, but checking reviews and specs to ensure performance is essential. For a comprehensive guide to some gaming computers check out our blog post here on WOW.

Are there wireless 65% keyboards suitable for Excel? Yes, there are wireless 65% options with low latency suitable for gaming, but checking reviews and specs to ensure performance is essential. For a comprehensive guide to some exel keyboards check out our blog post here.

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