How to Change Color on Corsair Keyboard

Corsair is a big name in the gaming world. Their devices are popular for having quick shortcuts and dynamic setups that attract every hardcore gamer. Also, no matter which Corsair keyboard model you are using, you can always get customized lighting on it. 

If you don’t know how to change the color on Corsair keyboard, this article shows you how to. You can’t only change the color profiles but also save multiple themes with a particular speed, direction, and display of the lighting. 

How to Change Color on Corsair Keyboard

Everyone does this using the iCUE software. You can download it from the Corsair website. It provides multiple customization options for color themes. You can also change light intensity and select different color options in keyboard panels.  

If you don’t have iCUE installed or your device does not support it, your keyboard will be in hardware mode. Now, you have to change the lighting themes manually. 

How to Change Color on Corsair Keyboard

Changing Color With Hardware Mode

Corsair K55 RGB Pro: To change your color theme on Corsair K55 pro, 

  • Press the Function (Fn) key present at the right of the left control key. 
  • While you hold it, press any number key from one to five. Each number will have a specific light effect you can select. Pressing keys 6 to 0 will set up a dynamic light effect. 
  • If you want to reset to the default lighting, press FN and ~ key simultaneously. 

Corsair K65 RGB Mini and K70 Mini: Corsair K65 comes with relatively easier and more defined controls for color changing. 

  • Simply hold the Function (Fn) key and press the C. Every time you do so, your keyboard lighting will change. You can keep on pressing the keys until you find a suitable color. 
  • In K65, you can also change the direction and speed of lighting. For this, press the Fn key as usual but instead of the C key, press the V button to change the direction or the B button to customize the effect’s speed. 

Changing Color With iCUE Software

Corsair’s iCUE software provides an in-depth customization option for the users. It presents an array of colors where you can personalize the frequency and intensity of the lighting. You can download the iCUE software from the Corsair official website. 

  • In the iCUE window, select the “lighting effect” on the left panel. Below, you will see the “lighting layers” button. 
  • Click on the Add (+) icon to open multiple predefined, custom, or lighting link presets under the “lighting type” window. 
  • Select any preset option to open controls for speed, direction, and intensity. You can select custom keys by holding the Control button or choose a set of keys from the quick lighting zone tab. 
  • Move the controls and set your ideal speed, color combination, and direction for different keys.     
  • You can save your custom preset and add another one by going back to the lighting layers tab and pressing the + icon. 
How to Change Color on Corsair Keyboard

How to Reset the Default Lighting Effect on the Corsair Keyboard

When in hardware mode, you can reset to the default watercolor lighting effect easily. 

  • Just hold the Function (Fn) key and press the Tilde (~) key to reset the default color settings.   
  • On the iCUE software, you can clear the onboard memory and save macros altogether by selecting the device settings in the left panel. A popup will appear, below the onboard memory button, and you can clear all the saved themes.  


There are multiple ways to make your gaming keyboard more aesthetic and one of them is to change its lighting. If you want to have some fun with your Corsair keyboard colors, simply follow the above guides per your device model. This will get you the best out of your PC and make it the most attractive part of the room.