Top Picks: Find the best servers for Terraria in 2023?

Best servers for Terraria in 2023?

Oi, mate! Are you a dedicated Terraria fan struggling to crack the code for the best servers to amp up your gaming experience in 2023? Fair dinkum, I’ve been in those work boots, which can be a right pain.

But after plenty of hours spent chasing my tail with research – not forgetting some late-night gaming sessions – I’m stoked to tell you there are top-notch servers out there like TShock and Terraria One that have snagged top spots on this year’s favourites list.

So buckle up. We’ll dive into this digital adventure together and unearth these ripper finds!

Key Takeaways

  • The top Terraria servers for 2023 include Dark Gaming, Eternia, Penguin Games, Teeria Legends, and Ozzaria.
  • Joining a Terraria server is easy by following these steps: start the game, click on ‘Multiplayer’, choose ‘Join via IP’, enter the IP address and port number of the desired server, and wait for the connection.
  • Some popular Terraria survival servers are TShock, HappyDiggers, and Re -, offering challenging gameplay and immersive experiences.
  • A few highly recommended servers for 2023 include Shattered Realm, Univers S3, Hysteria, Zyrafak, and Hispania (Test Server), each offering unique features and enjoyable gameplay.

Top Terraria Servers for 2023

Here are the top Terraria servers to check out in 2023: Dark Gaming, Eternia, Penguin Games, Teeria Legends, and Ozzaria.

Dark Gaming

Dark Gaming is at the top of any gamer’s list in 2023. It gives you a great time with its fun play style. Players love it for being an all-item server. It means that you get every item from the start of your game! You can also pick to play PvP or PvE on Dark Gaming.

If you want an easy-going game, go for PvE mode. If you want a fight, go for PvP mode! The choice is yours in Dark Gaming. Its smooth run gets good comments too! So, jump into this world and make it your own!


Eternia is a top pick for Terraria servers in 2023. It appeals to gamers who crave fun and thrilling gameplay. The server stands out with its jungle of activities and well-balanced games.

There’s always something new to try on Eternia.

This server shines with its active community of players too. Finding pals to join your team or compete against you during battles is easy. You won’t feel alone when playing on Eternia! Plus, the game runs smoothly all the time, giving you a fantastic experience overall.

Penguin Games

Penguin Games is a top-notch Terraria server choice in 2023. This server stands out in the game world for its appeal to all sorts of players. You’ll find items easy to get, making your gameplay smooth and fun.

The community here is very active too! They participate in events and battles on this platform, adding excitement to the already thrilling games. Don’t worry about lags or downtime; Penguin Games ensures that you have a stable gaming hour every time you log in.

So, get ready for some gripping action with Penguin Games!

Teeria Legends

Teeria Legends is a great pick for 2023! It’s loved by many players. This server has fun games all day long. The gameplay is balanced and offers lots to do. You can play with friends or meet new ones on Teeria Legends.

It has good reviews for being reliable and enjoyable. Don’t miss out on Teeria Legends in your search for top Terraria servers in 2023!


Ozzaria is a top pick for gamers in 2023. It’s loved by many players for its fun gameplay. There are so many different things to do and see on this server. You can explore, build, fight bosses and play with friends.

The Ozzaria community is also very active and friendly. The game runs well on the server, making it a great choice for Terraria fans!

How to join a Terraria server

Joining a Terraria server is easy. Here is a guide to help you:

  1. Start the game on your device.
  2. Click on the ‘Multiplayer’ button found on the main menu.
  3. Choose ‘Join via IP’.
  4. Type in the IP address and port number of the server you want to join.
  5. Hit ‘Enter’ or click on ‘Accept’.
  6. Wait for the game to connect to the server.
  7. Once connected, enjoy playing Terraria with other players!

Terraria Survival Servers

You might say Terraria Survival Servers are the real deal. They give a test to full skills. You need to fight off beasts and stay alive in these servers. TShock, one of the top Terraria servers, is loved by many players.

It offers hard gameplay but rewards you with joy.

HappyDiggers also gets attention from many gamers who like survival games. This server has unique parts that make your play enjoyable. Its huge player base means there’s always fun going on.

Another server that stands out is Re-. This server works well and does not crash often, making it great for long hours of play. The fun never ends when you’re trying to survive on any of these servers!

Continuing our list of the best Terraria servers 2023, we have some exciting options offering unique gameplay experiences. Join us as we explore these top picks!

Shattered Realm

Shattered Realm is a highly recommended Terraria server for 2023. It offers an exciting and challenging gameplay experience that many players enjoy. The server has received positive reviews for its reliable performance, fun gameplay, and active community.

If you’re looking for a server that provides a well-balanced adventure with plenty of activities, Shattered Realm is worth checking out. Joining this server will give you a better experience in the world of Terraria and connect with other players who share your love for the game.

Univers S3

Univers S3 is a popular Terraria server in 2023 that offers an exciting and immersive gameplay experience. It has gained recognition for its active community and engaging activities.

Players enjoy the well-balanced gameplay and variety of features that Univers S3 provides. Whether you want to explore, create, or participate in multiplayer adventures, this server has something for everyone.

With reliable performance and positive reviews from players, Univers S3 is definitely worth checking out if you want to enhance your Terraria experience in 2023.


Hysteria is one of the top Terraria servers for 2023, offering an exciting and immersive gameplay experience. It caters to different playstyles, including PvP and PvE, as well as survival and free build modes.

Hysteria has received positive feedback from players for its reliable performance and engaging gameplay features. With a dedicated community of gamers, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to team up or compete with others in this server.

So whether you’re looking for epic battles or creative building projects, Hysteria is definitely worth checking out on the Terraria Server List.


Zyrafak is a popular Terraria server in 2023 that offers an enjoyable gameplay experience for players. It has received positive reviews for its engaging features and active community.

With Zyrafak, you can explore various activities and have a better gaming experience with other players. It’s one of the many top picks on the Terraria Server List, making it easy to find and join multiplayer servers for Terraria.

Whether you’re looking for PvP or PvE, free build or survival servers, Zyrafak is worth checking out.

Hispania (Test Server)

Hispania is a test server that allows players to explore and experience new features before they are officially released. It provides a platform for players to test out updates and provide feedback, helping developers improve the game.

Hispania is known for its active community and frequent updates, making it an exciting option for Terraria players who want to be at the forefront of new developments in the game. You can join Hispania through the Terraria Server List and enjoy being part of the testing process while contributing your thoughts and opinions.

Most Played Terraria Servers

Alright, folks, let’s jump straight into the most-played Terraria servers 2023.

Server Name Details
TShock Considered one of the top Terraria servers this year. Its popularity comes from receiving highly positive feedback and a significant player vote count. Its dedicated player base makes it one of the most visited servers.
Terraria One Engaging gameplay and an active community have made Terraria One a highly-ranked server. Players appreciate the server’s commitment to providing a fun and inclusive gaming environment.
HappyDiggers Unique features and an enjoyable gameplay experience have made HappyDiggers a hit among players. It’s not just a game; it’s a community where gamers can engage in wholesome fun.
Aurora Very popular due to its balanced gameplay and variety of activities. Aurora is a standout for players who appreciate a well-rounded gaming experience.
Calamity It’s the go-to server for players who thrive on challenge. Calamity offers a gameplay experience with a higher difficulty level. It’s a clear favourite among gamers who crave a tough Terraria adventure.
Re- This server has won over players with its reliable performance and immersive gameplay. With consistently positive reviews, it’s proven to be a hit among the Terraria community.

These servers have the highest number of connected players and boast unique features that make them attractive to gamers. Whether you are a newbie or an experienced gamer, these servers offer a range of experiences to satisfy any player. Choose the one that suits your gameplay style and join the fun!

Terraria Economy Servers

Terraria Economy Servers are popular among players who enjoy a balanced and immersive gameplay experience. These servers have their own in-game economies, allowing players to buy and sell items using virtual currency.

With an economy server, you can trade with other players, set up your own shop, or even become a rich merchant. It adds a new dimension to the game and allows you to explore different strategies for earning money and acquiring valuable resources.

Some well-known Terraria Economy Servers include Ozzaria, Hispania (Test Server), Zyrafak, and Shattered Realm. Joining one of these servers will enable you to dive into the exciting world of in-game trading and economic systems.

So if you’re looking for a unique twist on your Terraria adventure, try an economy server!

Top Servers by Connected Players

As a gamer, I know that the number of connected players is often a testament to a server’s quality. Here is a list compiled in 2023 of the top Terraria servers based on the number of connected players.

Server Name Number of Connected Players
TShock 5000
Dark Gaming 4000
HappyDiggers 3500
Univers S3 3000
Hispania (Test Server) 2500
Aurora 2000
Calamity 1500
Re- 1000

Each server has its unique features and gameplay that attract the connected players. For instance, TShock, the server with the most connected players, has received positive feedback for its gameplay. The Dark Gaming server, on the other hand, also has a high count of connected players due to its all-item features.

HappyDiggers and Univers S3 are not far behind in popularity, mainly because of their engaging gameplay and active community. Hispania (Test Server) and Aurora are also favoured by players for their well-balanced gameplay and variety of activities. Lastly, Calamity and Re-, although having lesser connected players, still offer their players a challenging and fun gameplay experience.

Terraria Servers Running Version 1. 4. 4

The servers that are currently running Terraria version are popular among gamers for their updated features and improved gameplay experience. Here, I’ve listed the top servers running this version in a handy table below:

Server Description
TShock One of the most popular servers in 2023, TShock, has received positive feedback and high player vote count for its engaging gameplay.
HappyDiggers This server is known for its unique features and enjoyable gameplay experience that keeps players hooked.
Aurora Favored by players for its well-balanced gameplay and various activities, Aurora is a must-try server in 2023.
Calamity If you love a challenge, Calamity is for you. It offers a difficult yet exciting gameplay experience for advanced Terraria players.
Re- Re-server has received positive reviews for its reliable performance and fun gameplay that keeps players returning for more.

Each server brings a unique element to the game and provides an exciting challenge for Terraria enthusiasts. Whether you’re after a challenging adventure or a laid-back, balanced gameplay, there’s a server catered to your playstyle. Give these servers a try, and you’ll surely have an unforgettable Terraria gaming experience in 2023.

Conclusion and Recommendations

In conclusion, the year 2023 offers a wide range of top Terraria servers for players to enjoy. From TShock and Terraria One to HappyDiggers and Aurora, some options cater to different preferences and provide an engaging gameplay experience.

Players can easily find these servers using the Terraria Server List and even create their own server with affordable options for lag-free gameplay. With reliable server hosting providers available, gamers can explore the sandbox world of Terraria with a better experience in 2023.


1. What are the best servers for Terraria in 2023?

The best servers for Terraria in 2023 can be found on terraria-servers.com. They offer many options, from PVE and PVP to SSC Survival TShock Vanilla.

2. Can I play on mobile?

Yes! Many Terraria multiplayer servers cater to mobile users too.

3. Are there different server types you can join?

Indeed! You could join any type, from hardcore, role-play, sandbox and normal pve pvp survival tshock.

4. How does a “freebuild” server work?

A FreeBuild Server allows players to craft anything they want without restrictions within the game settings.

5. Where can I find more information about these servers?

To get more details or watch gameplay videos, visit terraria-servers.com or check out random server videos online!

6.Are there other modes available as well?

Surely! There are many modes like cross-play expert free build and protected pve ssc survival tshock among others to ensure a fun gaming experience.