Can I Delete Install MacOS Monterey Application?

There are a couple of ways that an Install MacOS Monterey app file can end up on your Mac. These include automatic upgrade downloads that happen without your knowledge, or you could have downloaded it to install or upgrade your Apple operating system.

If you happen to be upgrading your OS on the same day it is being rolled out, there are bound to be minor hitches. Most users face the likelihood of their MacOS Monterey app failing to install fully. To install another version of the MacOS Monterey app, you’ll first need to delete the one that didn’t install successfully. However, even when you install the MacOS Monterey application successfully, you’ll still need to delete the software you downloaded. One of the main reasons for this is the space it uses; it’s over 12 GB and requires 35 GB of your system to install. This makes it a necessity to delete this file after upgrading your Mac.

MacOS Monterey

What Is the Install MacOS Monterey App?

The Install MacOS Monterey app is simply a program that contains the MacOS software. It acts as a vessel that carries the actual software. However, it’s a bit different regarding the software upgrading process. It upgrades your Mac incrementally, unlike the standard radical upgrades, and provides more convenience, security, and collaboration features.

Unlike in the old days, when you had to purchase a DVD or CD to upgrade your Mac operating system, now you can just visit the Mac App Store and get the updates for free. The MacOS Monterey will help improve your browsing experience. However, if you don’t want to upgrade your OS, you can just delete the Install MacOS Monterey app.

If you’re looking for an upgrade for your MacOS Monterey, you should do it carefully to avoid downloading partial or corrupt files. Avoiding upgrading your OS on the same day an upgrade has been released is a great way to go.

How to Delete or Remove the Install MacOS Monterey App

Once you’re done installing the MacOS Monterey, you can remove or delete the Install MacOS Monterey application. This also goes for MacOS Monterey apps that get downloaded by your system without your knowledge.

Due to the amount of space that this app takes up, it’s important that you get rid of it as soon as possible. We’ve found and shared a couple of ways that you can use to delete the MacOS Monterey application from your Mac. They include the following methods.

Method 1. Using Finder 

Since the Install MacOS Monterey application is an app, you can easily access and delete it in your Mac’s Applications folder. To access the Applications files, follow the steps below:

  • Click the Finder icon located in the Dock of your Mac. Then move over to the top of our menu bar and click the “Go” option.
  • You’ll be presented with a drop-down menu. Scroll down and select the Applications option. This will give you access to all the application downloads on your Mac.
  • The next step will be to find the Install MacOS Monterey app in the Applications folder and move it to Bin. Simply right-click on the app file and select the Move to Bin option. 

However, you must empty the Trash folder to complete the deletion process.

Method 2. Using Launchpad

Don’t worry if you were not able to locate the MacOS Monterey install file in the Finder folder. There’s a second method that you can use to delete the application file. This is through the use of the Launchpad that’s located on your Mac’s Dock.

  1. First, you’ll have to open the Launchpad on your Mac.
  2. Next, you need to highlight the Install MacOS Monterey app by clicking and holding on to it. After a few seconds, an X will appear at the top corner of the app’s icon.
  3. Click that X and a popup menu will appear. Select the delete button on the popup to complete the deletion of the Install MacOS Monterey app.

Method 3. Using Terminal

You could also use the Terminal App on your Mac computer to delete the Install MacOS Monterey app. The good news is, though it involves some code, you don’t have to be a coding whizz to crack this third method.

  • Open Terminal
  • Press the Command + Space bar and search for the Terminal App
  • On the app, type the command: sudo rm –rf Install\MacOS\Monterey.app/
  • Now press Enter
  • If prompted to enter a password, use your Mac’s login password


MacOS Monterey App Installation

If you want to install the MacOS Monterey version before deleting the app, you can easily accomplish this in a few steps.

  • First, you need to download the Install MacOS Monterey app from the Mac App Store.
  • Head over to the top Menu and quit the setup without installing the app. You’ll use the MacOS setup files saved in your Applications folder.
  • Open Finder and scroll down to the Application option and click it.
  • This will open a folder that contains numerous applications. Find the MacOS setup files and use them to install the operating system.

Once you’re done, you can now delete the Install MacOS app files since they no longer have any more work. Deleting them will also help save space which results in better computer functionality.


With the three methods we’ve covered, you don’t have to worry about partially downloaded and corrupted MacOS Monterey app files on your Mac computer. Deleting such applications and regularly cleaning your Mac will keep it at peak performance.

Since some of these files download in the background, running a systems check from time to time helps a lot. When installing the MacOS Monterey upgrade, ensure that everything is in order first, and follow any guidelines provided at the Mac App Store.

These three methods of removing Install MacOS Monterey app files are quite easy to use. You don’t require specialized knowledge to use them. Just don’t try to delete the application while it’s still installing.