Arctic Freezer 34 Vs. Hyper 212 LED

Gaming PC releases a lot of heat that is dangerous for the components, and for smooth operations, it is necessary to dissipate the heat out of the system. If you are building your PC and need a CPU cooler, then both the Arctic Freezer 34 and Hyper 212 are good options.

These air coolers have impressive performance and have nearly the same working. These are compatible with AMD and Intel processors, and because they have almost similar specifications and features, the user might find it challenging to choose between them.

In this article, we will analyze each of them based on different properties. By the end of the article, you will have a complete idea of their specifications and differences that would help you make a choice.

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Properties Of Arctic Freezer 34 Vs. Hyper 212?

Both the Arctic Freezer 34 and Hyper 212 share similar properties, and both of them are built for the low-end to average processors. The installation process of these air coolers is also the same, but there are some differences in specifications, dimensions, working, etc.

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The main difference between them can be easily distinguished in their appearances. Hyper 212 LED is RGB enabled and is a good option for those considering the air cooler with RGB. The arctic freezer has a simple design and is not allowed with RGB. Some other primary feature difference between Arctic Freezer 34 and Hyper 212 are decoded below.

Thermal Paste

The arctic freezer 34 has its own thermal paste MX 4 that is used to dissipate the heat throughout the heat sink properly, and as a result, sound cooling effects are obtained. The user can also use the MX 5 thermal paste for extended performance and the arctic freezer 34, but the MX 4 is also good enough to provide adequate heat dissipation.

On the other hand, the hyper 212 LED is not equipped with any thermal paste, and you would have to buy the thermal paste separately. Any thermal paste will do the job, and it is better to use MX 4 or the MX 5.

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Sound is also an important parameter to consider when building a gaming PC. Background fan noise might be disturbing and annoying when you are trying to focus on the game. Arctic freezer 34 is more discreet than hyper LED 212 and produces noise up to 22.5 dBA. On the other hand, hyper LED 212 can get slightly more noisy with a noise generation of up to 31 dBA.

However, the highest sound will be produced if the PC gets overheated, and in normal conditions, you will not hear considerable noise from any of these air coolers.

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Power Consumption

Power consumption is another parameter that must be considered before choosing the air cooler. Most low-end and average PCs have an ordinary power supply, and it is better to select the air cooler with minimal power consumption.

Power consumption is necessary to consider if you are building the PC from scratch so that every component can work to its full potential. Arctic Freezer 34 works on the DC power supply of 0.08A/12V, while the Hyper 212 LED uses a 2.28-watt AC supply to function properly.

Heat Sink

The air cooler makes direct contact with the CPU, so it is necessary to have an effective heat sink. The heat sink materials are the primary tool in determining its effectiveness. The heat sink of the Arctic Freezer 34 has four heat pipes, and it is made out of Aluminum.

On the other hand the heat sink of Hyper 212 LED  has similar specifications with some minor changes which  are four heat pipes, aluminum material  for fins and copper for heat pipes.

Fan Speed

Fan speed is also one of the deciding factors in the air cooler as it is responsible for sending the heat out of the PC. A powerful fan with more RPM is necessary to dissipate the heat effectively. While having a powerful fan is essential, it is also vital that the fan speed can be regulated and optimized according to the requirements.

Using the fan at the top speed does not use high power, but it also reduces the life of the air cooler and makes it prone to wear and tear.

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The arctic freezer has better fan speed than the Hyper 212 LED, but the difference is not too significant. Frozen freezer 34 can achieve the maximum fan speed of 1800 Rpm with a minimum speed of 200 rpm, while Hyper 212 LED can reach the top speed of 1600 RPM with a minimum rate of 600 RPM.

Arctic freezer 34 uses the fluid dynamic bearing in the fan bearing system, whereas Hyper 212 LED uses rifle bearing. Both fans use four-pin connectors, but the hyper 212 LED is PWM technology-enabled.

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These air coolers are not so different from each other and are not the first choice if the user is looking for impressive designs. Arctic Freezer 34 offers a better fan design, but it lacks the RGB lighting, and Hyper 212 LED has them, making it way better than Arctic Freezer 34 in terms of looks.

The weight of both air coolers is also nearly the same, and the heatsink is also designed perfectly to attach correctly to the fans.

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Warranty is an essential factor to consider in choosing any product, especially related to technology. The arctic freezer 34 comes with a six years warranty. On the other hand, Hyper 212 LED offers a warranty claim of just two years.


The price of these products is constantly changing, and there are new offers by manufacturers or retailers. Arctic Freezer 34 is considered more expensive, but the difference is not too significant. You will mostly find them at the same price, and they are readily available on online platforms.

Which One Should You Buy?

If you are looking to buy the most reliable air cooler, the best choice would be the Arctic Freezer 34, as it provides a warranty period of 6 years. This extended warranty period will allow you to use the fan for a long time and seek manufacturer support in case of any malfunction.

However, if you are looking for something good in appearance, then Hyper 212 LED will be the better option because of the RGB support. The noise cancellation and fan speed of Arctic Freezer 34 are slightly better than hyper 212 LED, and the choice depends upon the system you are building. Optical 212 LED is good; otherwise, Arctic Freezer 34 will work just fine.

Final Thought

Choosing the CPU cooler between Arctic Freezer 34 and Hyper 212 LED is not an easy task, but if you know the properties and specifications of both of these coolers, then it might help to narrow down your choices.

We compared both of them based on thermal paste, sound, power consumption, heat sink, fan speed, design, warranty, and price and found that Arctic Freezer 34 is slightly better than Hyper 212 LED. But it does not offer RGB support, unlike Hyper 212 LED.