AustralianGamer.com is being acquired by CyberXGaming

CyberXGaming.com is thrilled to announce the strategic acquisition of AustralianGamer.com domain, a significant step in our journey to expand our digital footprint in the gaming world. This acquisition not only enhances our content offerings but also extends our reach in the gaming community, particularly in Australia.

AustralianGamer.com, established in 2005, carved a niche in the digital world by becoming a respected voice for the Australian gaming community. The platform’s history of providing dedicated coverage of Australian gaming news, events, and community interactions aligns with our vision of offering a rich and diverse gaming experience. We intend to honor this legacy by continuing to provide content and services that cater to the interests and needs of the Australian gaming community.

About the AustralianGamer.com

AustralianGamer.com was a trailblazer in the Australian gaming world. It began as a response to the delayed and often neglected game releases in Australia, particularly highlighted by the ‘Dance Dance Revolution’ Xbox release debacle​​. The platform was renowned for its weekly gaming podcasts, which became one of Australia’s longest-running gaming podcasts, covering news and events in the gaming world and hosting guests from the local gaming industry​​.

About CyberXGaming.com

CyberXGaming.com is your ultimate source for everything related to gaming. We are a team of passionate and experienced gamers who love to share our knowledge and expertise with our fellow gamers. We focus on a broad spectrum of gaming-related topics, such as gaming servers, best gaming practices, and comprehensive product reviews, including gaming desks, chairs, and hardware.

Our commitment to quality and staying abreast of the latest gaming trends is evident in our content and services. In addition to our rich editorial content, we launched recently am online shop that features a curated selection of gaming gear and accessories, enhancing the gaming experience for our global audience.

Through this acquisition and our ever-growing platform, we are continuously enhancing our array of products and services. Our goal is to provide an all-encompassing gaming experience, from insightful content and guides on our website to a wide range of products in our online shop. We are committed to serving the gaming community with passion, dedication, and a focus on the evolving needs and interests of gamers around the world.