Can Zombies Break Doors In Minecraft?

One of the biggest fears in Minecraft is the sound of zombies banging on the doors and trying to break them. Every player will start to make a run when they hear that but can zombies break doors in Minecraft. There is no definite answer to that question, and many parameters are behind it. In short, there are chances that the zombies can break the door, but also you can prevent that by taking some measures in advance.

In this article, we will find out how zombies can break doors in Minecraft and how you will prevent them from doing so, so let’s get started.

Can Zombies Break Doors In Minecraft?

The short answer to that question is YES. About 10 percent of the zombies can break the Wooden doors, and the baby zombies have higher chances of doing that. Many factors affect this probability, such as regional difficulty, zombie type, mods, etc. but for simplicity, let’s assume that it will be 10 percent because, in any condition, the chances are going any higher than that.

How Do Zombies Break Doors In Minecraft?

There are various requirements for zombies to break the doors. First of all, remember that the zombie can only hurt the door only in complex and in Hardcore mode when you are playing in survival mode. If you are playing the survival mode in the easy or average difficulty level, then there is nothing to worry about.

The zombies will attack the door with their full strength, but they will not be able to break it. Although, you will see some crack on the door and the loud banging voice that is enough to make you run in panic for your life.

One important thing is that you must remember: zombies can only break the door if facing the upper half of the door. If they meet the lower half, the door will remain still.

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How To Prevent Zombies From Breaking Doors In Minecraft?

Although the zombies can not break the door most of the time, and only 10 percent of them do that, you can not take that risk. There are many ways by which you can prevent the zombies from breaking the doors of your house or preventing them from going toward the villagers.

Iron doors

Iron doors are the best ways to keep the zombies away. Zombies can only break wooden doors, so if you want 100 percent safety, there is no better option than iron doors. Not only can the iron doors keep the zombies away, but they can also not be opened by the villagers, so if you want to contain them, these are good options.

Placing Door One Block Up

As zombies can only break the door by hitting on the upper portion of the door, if they are not facing the upper block, they will not be able to break it. Placing the door one block high will make the zombies hit the lower block, which will not be enough to break that open.

Fence Gates

Fence gates are also an excellent option to use in place of doors. Even though they are not doors, zombies will not be able to break them. You can use them to contain the villagers because villagers can also not open them.

Placing Gravel Above Door

You can place the gravel above the door so that if the zombie breaks the door, the stone will fall, blocking the path. 

Place Door Backward

You can also set the doors backward, which is a little tricky, but if you place the door at the correct spot so that the open position of the door is closed, zombies will not be able to go through it.

Add Blocks In Front Of Door

If you are out of options but want to make the villagers safe before the night falls, you can add the block in front of the door. This is like building a wall in front of a door, but it will keep the zombies out and the villagers safe.

This video tutorial can help you keep your villagers safe.


Zombies breaking the door is what you want to counter, but there are many ways to prevent that. You can use iron doors, fence gates, or can place the door higher to prevent the zombies from breaking it. Happy Minecraft!