What Keyboard Does TommyInnit Use?

Thomas “Toms“ Simons, popularly known as TommyInnit, is an 18-year-old British game YouTuber, gamer, vlogger, and Twitch streamer. He started his YouTube channel at 13, where he would upload gameplay videos. He quickly rose to fame due to the popularity of his Youtube channel and gameplay videos like, “Every Hypixel YouTuber Ever.”

This launched his streaming career as he acquired more subscribers to his channel. He also competed in the Minecraft Championship, making his debut in MCC2.

If you’re a fan of TommyInnit, you may want to know what streaming equipment Tommy uses and what his gaming setup is like. We focused on the type of keyboard TommyInnit uses; we highlighted the features and why many gamers and streamers like it. 

What Keyboard Does TommyInnit Use?

Tommy uses the Razer BlackWidow Ultimate Keyboard alongside his other streaming equipment and gaming setup.

Our Pick

Razer BlackWidow Ultimate Keyboard

4.5/5 838 Reviews

The Razer BlackWidow Ultimate Keyboard is a 1500g mechanical keyboard with dimensions 475 mm x 171 mm x 30 mm. It is a large, full-size keyboard and requires standard desk space.

  • Excellent tactile feedback
  • Fantastic backlighting
  • The typography on the keyboard is stylish and cutting-edge
  • The use of optional software is simple to understand
  • There is no shine or rubber coating on its mechanical keys
  • It has a sturdy design which makes it durable
  • The keys produce noisy click sounds when pressed
  • The keyboard doesn’t come with a wrist rest
Razer BlackWidow Ultimate Keyboard

Due to the high-quality make-up of its mechanical switches, the Razer BlackWidow Ultimate Keyboard gives the fastest actuation and precision in performance while gaming. This mechanical keyboard is known for its comfort and toughness in addition to its stylish appearance.

The mechanical keys on this keyboard provide your fingers a distinct tactile feedback in the form of a light, apparent tap, giving you a completely new typing experience. 

The BlackWidow’s keys enable you to activate your gaming moves and instructions faster than on any other conventional gaming keyboard thanks to its optimized actuation force of 0.05 kg, reduced actuation distance of 0.2 cm, and an actuation time of one millisecond. 

Also, the Razer BlackWidow Ultimate Keyboard comes with an on-the-fly macro recording configuration. You may instantly switch between up to 10 profiles or tabs without leaving your game or live stream page. 

Moreover, you can record an endless number of macros without navigating through complex driver menus. With this, you can start and stop your recordings with ease, by just pressing two buttons.

What Keyboard Does TommyInnit Use


Another cool feature of the Razer BlackWidow Ultimate keyboard is its unique backlit keys. This feature gives you a tactical advantage; you’d never miss your shot, even while playing in the dark! You can program and customize your keys to five available lighting levels. It also adds to the overall aesthetic feel of the keyboard. 

The BlackWidow also has a USB cable passthrough where you can plug in your mouse and headphones, or even charge your phone. Plus, it is highly compatible with Mac OS X, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP (v10.5 to 10.6) operating systems. 

The keyboard is portable, so you can always have it with you whenever and wherever you want. The Razer BlackWidow Ultimate Keyboard is well known for its durability and resilience. Additionally, it is water-resistant, so even if you become overly excited and spill your drink on it, your keyboard will not get waterlogged and damaged. 


The Razer BlackWidow Ultimate Keyboard is a great gaming keyboard. Its speedy, precise, and accurate actuation time gives you the upper hand for casual or competitive gaming. Not to mention its sturdy and aesthetic design that can withstand intense gameplay and aggressive gaming moments. 

Although this mechanical keyboard was made specifically for gaming, it also serves as a multipurpose keyboard and is fantastic for typists and programmers. 

Now you know why TommyInnit’s YouTube streams and gameplay videos have top-notch actuation sequences. For under $250, you can add this keyboard to your setup and improve your gaming experience.