What Does Unbreaking Do In Minecraft? in 2023

Unbreaking III is an enchantment in Minecraft that is highly sought after by players. It is commonly used on weapons, tools, and armour to increase their durability and resist damage. This article will explore what does Unbreaking do in Minecraft, how it works, and its significance in the game.

In Minecraft, the Unbreaking enchantment plays a crucial role in maintaining the longevity of items. Whether it is a sword, pickaxe, fishing rod, or armour, this enchantment boosts their durability and helps to save resources. When an item with Unbreaking III is used, it decreases the number of durability points lost per action. This enchantment can be added to an item using an enchanting table or an enchanted book found while mining or exploring.

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To utilize the Unbreaking enchantment, players must gather experience points through various activities like mining, killing mobs, or smelting. These experience points are then used to enchant items at an enchanting table. Each item can have multiple enchantments, depending on the level of the enchanting table and the player’s available experience points.

Unbreaking III is an enchantment that benefits players frequently using their tools or weapons. For instance, mining with a pickaxe enchanted with Unbreaking III reduces the durability damage caused by each block broken, making it last much longer than an unenchanted pickaxe. Similarly, a weapon enchanted with Unbreaking III will experience fewer durability points being deducted per hit on an enemy, resulting in less wear and tear.

Notably, the Unbreaking enchantment works in synergy with other enchantments. For example, combining Unbreaking III with Mending allows an item to regenerate its durability points by collecting experience orbs while the player gathers resources or slays mobs. This powerful combination is highly sought after by Minecraft players and is considered one of the most useful enchantment combinations in the game.

Unbreaking can be used on various items, including fishing rods, bows, and armour. A fishing rod enchanted with Unbreaking III is advantageous as it reduces the durability loss per catch, allowing players to fish for a longer duration before needing to repair or craft a new rod. Additionally, armour enchanted with Unbreaking III loses fewer durability points when defending against enemy attacks, providing better protection and increasing the longevity of the armour.

Furthermore, the Unbreaking enchantment is particularly valuable when facing powerful enemies like the Ender Dragon or other hostile mobs. Wearing armour with Unbreaking III decreases the loss of durability points when being hit by these high-damage enemies, granting players prolonged protection during intense battles.

In Minecraft’s Bedrock Edition, Unbreaking III is considered the rarest enchantment. It is not easily acquired through enchanting tables, and players often need to rely on enchanted books found while exploring or trading with villagers to obtain it. This rarity adds to the appeal of the Unbreaking enchantment and makes it highly sought after by players looking to improve the durability of their items and withstand tougher challenges.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I obtain the Unbreaking enchantment in Minecraft? The Unbreaking enchantment can be obtained through enchanting tables, finding enchanted books while mining or exploring, or trading with villagers who offer enchanted books.

2. What are the benefits of using Unbreaking III on a pickaxe or other mining tools? Using Unbreaking III on mining tools reduces the amount of durability lost per block broken, allowing the tools to last longer and save resources.

3. How does the Unbreaking enchantment interact with other enchantments like Mending or Fire Aspect? The Unbreaking enchantment works well with other enchantments like Mending, allowing items to regenerate durability using experience points. Fire Aspect, on the other hand, is a separate enchantment that adds fire damage to weapons and does not directly affect durability.

4. Are there any specific strategies for combining Unbreaking III with other enchantments to maximize durability and effectiveness? Combining Unbreaking III with Mending is a popular strategy to maximise durability and effectiveness. This allows tools to regenerate durability while being used, reducing the need for repairs or replacements.

5. Is Unbreaking III the best enchantment for armour, or are there other enchantments that should be prioritized alongside it? While Unbreaking III is valuable for increasing the durability of armour, other enchantments like Protection IV, Blast Protection, and Projectile Protection offer specific benefits against different types of damage. It is recommended to balance the use of Unbreaking III with other enchantments based on the player’s needs and playstyle.


In conclusion, the Unbreaking enchantment plays a vital role in Minecraft by increasing the durability of items such as weapons, tools, and armour. Unbreaking III reduces the loss of durability points per action, allowing players to use their items longer before needing repairs or replacements. 

It is a highly coveted enchantment that can be combined with other enchantments like Mending to maximize durability regeneration. Minecraft players value Unbreaking III for its ability to prolong the life of their essential tools and armour, making it a highly desirable enchantment in the Minecraft world.

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