How to Change Alienware Keyboard Color

How to Change Alienware Keyboard Color? Most gamers who use Alienware keyboards do so to reflect their individuality. Customizing the primary colors, however, is not always a simple task.  We’ll explain how to do this in detail.

The Alienware Command Center is where you’ll make colour adjustments to your Alienware keyboard. Go to the tab labelled “Lights” and choose a new hue from the color picker. Once you have your preferred colour setting, click the Apply button.

You may encounter a few potential problems that might stop you from altering your keyboard’s colour scheme. In the following sections, we will discuss the issues and their remedies, allowing you to play games comfortably and in style.

Change the Look of Your Alienware Laptop’s Keyboard in Easy Steps

If you want to make your Alienware laptop uniquely yours, you may change the colour of the keyboard.

The steps involved in this procedure are minimal, and the process is straightforward.

Ensure you update the most recent version of the Alienware Command Center to do this smoothly.

  • Launch the Alienware Management Console
  • Select the “Lights” menu item
  • Pick your preferred hue from the menu’s pull-down selection
  • Simply by selecting “Apply,” your modifications will be stored
  • Contact Alienware support if you have any problems altering the colour of your keyboard

Alienware Keyboard Backlighting: How to Change the Color Without the Control Panel

How to Change Alienware Keyboard Color

Even if you don’t have Alienware Command Center, you can still choose the colour of your keyboard.

You need to download third-party software, such as Razer Synapse. Assuming you already have one of these applications installed, you may follow the instructions below to alter the colour scheme of your keyboard.

  • Get Razer Synapse up and running.
  • Link up your Alienware laptop to the software
  • Select the Lighting menu item
  • Pick your preferred hue from the menu’s pull-down selection
  • To commit your changes, click Apply

What Other Problems Restrict You From Changing the Alienware Color?

There are additional potential roadblocks that might prohibit you from altering the colour of the Alienware keyboard. Mostly, the internet and the specific model of your computer may stop the keys from changing colours. We’ll go through your options in detail below.

You May Lack an RGB Keyboard

If your laptop doesn’t have a Lights tab, it doesn’t support RGB lighting. That functionality is not available for computer add-ons at this time. Change the colour of your Alienware’s lighting with the click of a button if it has RGB lighting.

Buying a new computer that supports RBG is your only option. In any case, you may connect your computer to an RGB keyboard.

No Internet Connection 

If you can’t change your keyboard colour, find out if your notebook can access the web. Without an active internet connection, you can’t adjust the colour scheme. In most cases, the bottom right corner of your screen will indicate whether or not you have an active internet connection.

Your Laptop Is in Sleep Mode

To correct this, you must go into the power settings and turn off sleep mode. When your computer is in sleep mode, it doesn’t run any of its programs or use any of its apps. For this reason, you must first deactivate it.

You Have Burnt-Out RGB Bulbs

You won’t be able to adjust the colour of your laptop screen if the RGB lights aren’t functioning properly. Your computer has to be serviced, so bring it in. You may chalk this one up to a malfunction in the physical components.


Finally, by following the methods in this tutorial, you may change the colour of your Alienware keyboard. If you’re still experiencing problems, contact their customer support.