Can Villagers Open Fence Gates?

Minecraft keeps getting better, and one of most aspects of the game is the NPC or the intelligent bots, and there are many things they can do rather than just walking around. The players can trade with them for specific items or control them by giving them the jobs according to their appearance.

Players can also give the job to villagers, but to do it, they must be held in a place, which is the most difficult thing to do. Moreover, they look for a bed at night and will occupy any bed they see. Keeping the zombies away from the villagers is also very important, and for that purpose, gates are installed.

However, there are some cases where players have witnessed that villagers can sometimes open fence gates. So let’s look into that in detail.

Can Villagers Open Doors?

There are many doors that villagers can open. Villagers usually sleep in bed at night and can open the door to enter the structure. If the bed is unavailable in the system, they will stand there till the morning. There are many kinds of doors that the villagers can open.

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Can Villagers Open Fence Gates?

Fence gates are particular types of doors used to make a barrier. The most common use of a fence is to capture the mobs. Fence gates require the player to use the Redstone or hand to open them. Villagers can not open the fence gate, so it can be used to keep them in a particular place, but it can be hard to enter the fence, and the player can break it. In this case, the excellent choice is the iron doors.

Can villagers Open Iron Doors?

The iron door can be created by using 6 iron ingots. Villagers can not open the iron doors, and this is a great way to contain the villagers in their place.

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How To Create Doors That The Villagers Can Not Open?

There are many doors that the villagers can open, also can climb ladders and they can go anywhere. Using the fence gates or the iron doors to contain the villagers is a pretty good idea, but there are many other ways to manage them.

The villagers can also not use the buttons to open the doors to contain them to flourish the population, and the players can also use the door that needs Redstone. In this way, the villagers can not open it.

There is also a way to use the buttons to open doors so the villagers can not open them. Although NPC villagers are advanced in Minecraft and can participate in the game, they are not so advanced to open the tricky doors.

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Why Is Keeping The Villagers Necessary?

There are many reasons to create the doors to contain the villagers. The villagers must be in the village; otherwise, they can get lost. If the villagers go out of the town for 6 seconds, they can get lost. Also, villagers seek a bed at night and acquire any mattress they see.

To keep them away from your house, villagers must have doors that villagers can not open. It is also essential to contain the villagers in the place to trade with them and give them jobs.


Minecraft is a complex game and needs understanding. To control the villagers, fence gates are a good option because the villagers can not open them, but these gates can break when the player tries to open them. Many other gates contain the villagers, such as iron doors, hand-opened doors, or entries that need Redstone.