Aternos vs Minehut [The Ultimate Minecraft Hosting Site Showdown]

If you’re wondering how to play survival multiplayer mode on a free Minecraft server, Minehut and Aternos are the popular choices you can consider.

Either of these Minecraft server hosting sites allows you to create an expansive Minecraft world and play with your friends for FREE.

Many comparison videos about Minehut vs. Aternos have surfaced online, yet Minecraft players are still confused about which to pick.

This begs the question, which of these two sites should you choose when playing Minecraft survival mode?

If you’re torn on which server to choose, don’t worry! In this review, I’ll compare Minehut vs. Aternos in different categories: performance, speed, playing survival multiplayer, backup service, and other important considerations.

Aternos vs Minehut: Understanding the Debate

If you’ve ever played Minecraft, you’ll know that you need your own Minecraft server to start playing. While you can make your own for free, this method has caveats.

For example, if you make one manually, you’ll have to keep your computer running for you and your friends to be able to play. The catch is that when you stop, the game also ends for your friends.

But what if your friends are still playing survival multiplayer on your server?

This is where server hosting services like Minehut and Aternos come in. They allow you to create servers, prevent world loss, change settings, and have infinite user slots.

To make the best decision, consider how I compare Minehut vs. Aternos, as they each have different strengths and weaknesses that might matter when it comes to your preferences.

Detailed Overview of Aternos

The first contender in the Minehut vs. Aternos showdown is a VERY POPULAR service that’s completely free and has fantastic options and features.

Aternos is a Minecraft server hosting service that offers many cool features like infinite user slots and backups for Minecraft servers. All these are completely free of charge.

Features of Aternos

When playing survival multiplayer with your friends, you don’t want to lose your progress due to a server error. This makes the three-month automatic server backup one of Aternos’ headlining features.

With a server backup, you can PREVENT world loss by storing all the user’s work on a server for up to three months. That’s a long time considering most people only need backups for a week at most.

I also find Aternos’ ability to have infinite user slots impressive. It allows an unlimited number of users to all play on the same server, all for free. That’s a lot of users to cater to for free server hosting.

Pros and Cons of Aternos

Aternos, just like any Minecraft server hosting service, has pros and cons. Here are the most important ones:


  • Unlimited players can play on their servers
  • 3-month backups
  • Lots of RAM (free)
  • Supports almost any mod pack


  • Performance can slow down if many users join

User Experience on Aternos

User experience on Aternos is generally positive, especially because players can access its features for free. Free automatic backups grant the server host and their friends peace of mind when playing.

An underrated part of Aternos’ servers is that they support almost all mod packs you’d want to install, whether on Java or a non-Java version. This is great if you want to truly customize your servers.

Aternos is also CONSTANTLY UPDATED with every version of Minecraft that comes out, having done so since the initial release. This makes it quite a bit more convenient compared to other server-hosting sites.

Performance of Aternos

This is where Aternos can get a bit tricky to play on. Since it’s a free Minecraft server hosting site and offers unlimited user slots, A LOT of players join, host, and play on multiple servers.

This means Aternos’ performance isn’t the best with specific regard to speed. The loading screens take longer, and you might notice stutters in the server, especially if you have many mods installed.

Despite this, Aternos assures that their servers won’t crash. If anything does crash for an extended period, however, you can contact Aternos’ support team for help.

Regardless, most players say it runs smoothly anyways, and my experience was the same.

Limitations of Aternos

Aternos does have some limited performance ceilings, like when you have too many mods or plugins installed.

It’s not too much of a problem when you’re messing around in creative mode. However, it’s a BIG PROBLEM when you’re on survival multiplayer.

Imagine trying to run away from creepers and other mobs. These are the moments when you need smooth performance to survive. Unfortunately, you might experience hiccups in the server, making it load at a snail’s pace.

If you’re heavy on mods and plugins and are fond of playing in survival multiplayer mode, this could be an important aspect to consider, as it might affect future play experiences.

Detailed Overview of Minehut

On the flip side of the Minehut vs. Aternos battle, Minehut offers BETTER PERFORMANCE, especially in survival mode.

But, unlike Aternos, Minehut isn’t 100% free. While they offer free server hosting options, some are premium-paid, requiring you to shell out money to enjoy premium features.

Features of Minehut

What I like about Minehut is its top-tier stability and performance when it comes to survival Minecraft servers. Every player is guaranteed the best performance at all times, even with any mods or plugins installed.

Along with the free Minecraft server plan, you’ll get 1 GB of RAM for the user’s work and a maximum of 10 users on the Minecraft server at once. If you wish to increase its capacity, you can avail of its PREMIUM PLAN by subscribing.

Another feature of Minehut is its newly launched Minecraft server ads. This allows users to create servers and advertise their server on the Minehut front page, encouraging other players to join their Minecraft world.

In my opinion, this is a handy feature for smaller-sized servers that want to attract more users to join. But in case you’re wondering, this is a paid feature, so you need to invest some dough to promote your server.

Pros and Cons of Minehut

Minehut also has its fair share of pros and cons compared with Aternos, so pay attention and see if any of them are an important aspect of your decision-making process.


  • Excellent performance when playing in survival mode
  • Survival mode controls and settings are good
  • Quick and easy signup process


  • 10-player limit for free servers
  • No backup service

User Experience on Minehut

The user experience is generally good on a Minehut server, especially if you’re playing in survival multiplayer. The settings and program are CONSTANTLY UPDATED and IMPROVED.

The signup process is also pretty simple and straightforward. It only takes a few key presses and an email confirmation, and you can create your own Minecraft server for free for friends to join.

However, unlike its competitor, it’s a bit limited in terms of supported mods. Another big problem for some users is its lack of backup options, putting you at risk of losing your Minecraft world.

Performance of Minehut

The performance of Minehut servers is one of its strengths, which is fortunate given that it only allows ten players per free Minecraft server. Blocks load in smaller, faster chunks with minimal to no lag.

Minehut’s performance, regardless of your game mode, is SUPERB, whether you’re on the Java or non-Java version. Minehut generally has much better settings in performance to change in survival mode.

It’s stable and smooth enough to be used for a user’s work as a test bed before it becomes offered as a public server. Many Reddit users have done this before, with great results.

Limitations of Minehut

Unfortunately, a free Minehut server is limited to only ten people playing at once, although this limitation can be removed by subscribing to a premium plan. The same goes for the limited 1GB of RAM on the servers.

Another limitation that Minehut has is the lack of any backup servers to prevent world loss. This is something that other free Minecraft server providers offer even in their non-premium plans.

Finally, if you’re an avid modder, the list of mods that Minehut supports is quite a bit limited, as all of them have to be pre-approved by their team before they’re allowed.

Head-to-Head Comparison: Aternos vs Minehut

Now we’ll compare Minehut vs. Aternos to see which Minecraft server hosting service is better. We’ll compare their features, performance, user experience, and the limitations of using both.

When building your own Minecraft server, you’ll want to choose the best Minecraft server hosting site that fits your specific needs, whether between Minehut or Aternos.

Take this comparison with a grain of salt, as what’s important to me might differ from what’s important to you. You might value having smaller-sized servers with better performance than hosting many players in your Minecraft world.

Ultimately, the choice will come down to your preference and that of your friends.

Features Comparison

When you create servers, you want access to the BEST FEATURES to maximize your creative skills. Aternos allows you to create your own Minecraft server and have unlimited users play on it.

On the other hand, Minehut only allows ten users to play at a time, which is fine for smaller-sized servers. Yet it’s not ideal if you want to play with many friends at a time — it’s quite a bit limiting when you think about it.

Unlike Aternos, Minehut has no contingency for preventing world loss through a backup server. In this specific regard, Aternos offers free backups for up to 3 months of playing the Minecraft game.

Users can contact support to quickly get their old Minecraft game state back on Aternos. On Minehut, if you lose your Minecraft world, it will be a very big problem, as you lose all your hard work.

Winner: Aternos

Performance Comparison

Unlike Aternos, Minehut has a hard cap on the number of users playing in a free Minecraft server at a time. While this impacts the flexibility of Minehut Minecraft servers, it does help with performance.

Aternos Minecraft servers have some issues with lagging and slow loading time because the server has to cater to more than ten users at a time — which can be too taxing for a server.

On the other hand, Minehut servers are a lot snappier and smoother. A Minehut server game runs smoothly even with more mods and plugins installed, especially if you play survival multiplayer mode.

You only want to have the BEST PERFORMANCE if you want your hard work to pay off in the game, specifically in survival mode. You wouldn’t want to lag and keep wondering if a mob has already killed you.

Winner: Minehut

User Experience Comparison

User experience is an important aspect of any Minecraft server. Minehut has the advantage of survival mode, as it offers much better settings for gameplay.

However, Aternos is much better when you need the most updated game mode, as it’s constantly updated to the latest edition, even from the initial release.

The gameplay experience is also a wash because while Minehut runs smoothly on any game mode, Aternos offers MORE CUSTOMIZATION by supporting much better settings for mods and plugins.

At the end of the day, what you prefer between the two will depend on how you’re playing the Minecraft game. For a smooth game, go to Minehut. If you need more game options, choose Aternos.

Winner: Draw

Limitations Comparison

Like any Minecraft server hosting service, there will be limitations concerning features and capacity.

Unlike Aternos, Minehut only allows ten users to join a game simultaneously. It’s also limited to only 1 GB of RAM per server.

While you can pay to remove those limitations and get a better experience, you don’t need to do that on Aternos. In this specific regard, Aternos offers more features for free.

Aternos limits mods way less than Minehut. Minehut, unfortunately, only supports a few mods and plugins compared to Aternos. This sucks if you own an unsupported mod you want to play with your friends.

A wild card in this Minehut vs. Aternos comparison is that it’s easier to contact support on Aternos. They also have a very active subreddit with nearly 9x as many members compared to Minehut’s users.

Winner: Aternos

Alternatives to Aternos and Minehut

Before you go out there and choose Minehut vs. Aternos, you might want to consider alternative Minecraft game hosting services that are either free or paid.

Other Minecraft Server Hosting Platforms

Try exploring paid server hosting options as well as mixed ones like PloudOS, Server.pro, TridentSDK, Glowstone, FalixNodes.net, GGSevers, and Cube Hosting.

They have benefits similar to Aternos and Minehut but also have unique features exclusive to their site.

PloudOS offers good performance like Minehut, with an increased RAM of up to 2 GB for free!

Server.pro, on the other hand, has the added benefit of not only being a Minecraft game server hosting site but also a hosting site for other games. This means you’ll have less of a hassle if you want to move to another game too.

Finally, Glowstone has an even more optimized and smooth performance. This is great if you want to create in-game and do your hard work with buttery smooth performance.

Benefits of Alternatives

You might not like what Minehut or Aternos offers or may still be looking for other options to check out.

Of course, Minehut and Aternos aren’t the only sites for Minecraft. Exploring alternative Minecraft game server services helps you scout for options more suited to your needs and preferences.

Glowstone could be the best option if you’re looking for a site that’s streamlined and light. It works great, especially if you’re NOT planning to use any mods or plugins to play the game, and you don’t need to adjust game and world options.

Alternatively, if you want to host games other than Minecraft, then Server.pro is your best pick. You don’t need to keep wondering which service to use for each game.

It’s indeed beneficial to do your research when looking for the best Minecraft server option other than Aternos and Minehut. It allows you to HAND-PICK the site that suits your gaming needs when you need to create the perfect Minecraft world.

Frequently Asked Questions

After learning more about Minehut vs. Aternos and how both server game hosting services work, you might have some related questions. I’ve answered the most commonly asked ones below.

Why Is Aternos So Laggy?

Aternos can get laggy if the server handles too many players at once or you use too many mods to create your world. This is the unfortunate downside of having unlimited player slots available.

While Aternos isn’t as smooth as Minehut, it shouldn’t be laggy to the point where it crashes the server. If this happens consistently, tell your friends to leave the server first and then contact support.

Although Aternos supports updates from the initial release to the present, new Minecraft updates having compatibility issues with a mod you installed might still cause lagging issues. In this case, try uninstalling mods one at a time and checking performance.

Can Minehut Handle Heavy Gameplay?

This depends on how many plugins or mods you installed and how many people are on your server. If you play with a few friends and only minor mods are installed, you should experience smooth gameplay.

However, if the server goes up to 10 players with many mods running, you’ll see some slowdown, even on Minehut’s smoother server. This is because of the free tier’s 1 GB of RAM limit.

While you can pay to increase the RAM and get a better gameplay experience, Minehut has competition that offers better performance for free.

If you’re interested, you can watch more videos about Minehut performance reviews on heavier gameplay. Ultimately, Minehut is stable, but specific game events can make it stutter.

Is Aternos Better than Minehut and Why?

Aternos is better than Minehut in some ways because it has FEWER LIMITATIONS for RAM and player count per server. It also supports more mods than Minehut.

That means you can install more plugins and mods to play with more of your friends simultaneously. It also does this for free, while Minehut offers only part of those benefits for an added price.

Aternos also has better support on its subreddit. It’s more active, has regular user postings, and the moderators are actual Aternos staff.

The winner of Minehut vs. Aternos is the latter if you prefer having more options and mods to choose from for free and prioritize that OVER better survival mode performance.

What Are Other Alternatives to Aternos and Minehut?

If the Minehut vs. Aternos showdown didn’t satisfy you, alternatives you can explore are PloudOS, Server.pro, TridentSDK, Glowstone, FalixNodes.net, GGSevers, and Cube Hosting. These are capable and useful servers that offer their benefits.

While these alternatives might be more enticing than choosing between Minehut vs. Aternos, you should watch reviews and videos on each server to see others’ experiences with them.

You can also create your own Minecraft server for free using your computer’s built-in software. Read reviews or watch tutorial videos to learn how to do it well.

Can I Shift from Aternos to Minehut or Vice Versa?

You can shift from Aternos to Minehut and back. However, carrying over your Minecraft server means you’ll have to download the server onto your computer and transfer it yourself.

This also means your friends can’t access the server on either Aternos or Minehut anymore until you upload it to the other service.


While your needs and preferences in Minecraft servers might differ from mine, I still recommend Aternos over Minehut because of the much better options and features available.

However, you should read this Minehut vs. Aternos comparison article carefully because you might prefer a smoother performance on SURVIVAL MULTIPLAYER over other features.

Besides the decision between Minehut vs. Aternos, you should also consider alternatives that might fit your needs better. Read more reviews and watch more videos to make the best choice.