Argb Vs. RGB – What is the Difference Between

Lighting and astonishing looks are the favorite of gamers, especially PC gamers. You can find lighting in nearly all kinds of PC accessories that can be RAM, Motherboard, Processor, Keyboard, Mouse and even the mouse pad have the lighting that makes them special.

RGB is a term frequently used by PC gamers, and they are used to transform gaming into fine art. Lighting with the RGB system provides much more color range, and with the advent of new technology that is ARGB, the PC lighting has gone to a whole new level.

But there’s still some confusion among people, that which one is better for your gaming computer?

In this article we will discuss details of each option and help you differentiate between ARGB vs RGB.

So, without further ado-  Let’s get started.



RGB stands for Red, Green, and Blue. It is the basis of all electronic devices and is used in smartphones, modern TVs, Tablets, etc. the basic concept of the RGB is that they are the primary colors and can be used to make any color combination.

In the past years, the gaming industry, particularly PC gamers, has pushed the concept of design and looks and introduced RGB lighting systems into their PC accessories that provide aesthetic and charming looks.

Nowadays, in the main considerations to buy gaming accessories, RGB lighting also holds its place besides the performance and pricing. 

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The term ARGB means Addressable RGB, which stands for controllable RGB system. Now you must be wondering whether we control both the RGBs. The difference between them is that ARGB can be customized to produce different colors simultaneously. 

For example, if you have 200 LEDs. The RGB will only produce one color at a time from all the LEDs, and when it is changed, all the LEDs will change at the same time. Whereas in the ARGB, the LEDs can be controlled so that they can produce 200 different colors at the same time in different patterns.

ARGB provides individual control over every LED that produces impressive cycling, dancing, or even sound-controlled effects.

ARGB is simple to use and can be controlled by a single controller box that is easy to use. This makes your PC work in cycles or synchronized to the sound that makes your room a personal nightclub.

RGB Vs. ARGB : Which Is Better?

ARGB is without a doubt a clear winner because it is technologically more advanced and has more features. It has taken the world of PC gaming by storm, and unlike the RGBs singular capabilities, it can provide more leniency, more customizability, and more glow to the system.

There is no debate on which is better because ARGB is one step ahead and can do a lot more than regular RGB.

Not only does the ARGB system look more cool and aesthetic, but it can also actually increase your gaming experience. They provide more lighting effects that can be synchronized with the game to produce additional lighting effects beyond the regular RGB’s reach.

ARGB can also be customized to mimic what you are doing in the game. They can turn red when you are receiving damage or synchronize with gunfire to produce flash effects. They can also turn blue if you are in a peaceful environment or green if you are in a green environment.

The applications and customizability of the ARGB system are limitless, and they are the extension of what you see on the screen, making your whole room a part of the game itself. 

ARGB is simply a modern design of RGB that takes the gaming experience to whole new levels. If you plan to build a gaming PC, we highly recommend that you opt for ARGB.

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Can I Plug ARGB Into The RGB System?

Do not even try. The first thing is that you can not do that because the ARGB has three pins while the RGB has four pins, so there are very few chances that you can do it. It can be a disaster if you can even manage to do it because using the incompatible ARGB with the motherboard can degrade or even destroy both. Always use compatible RGB systems. 

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But if your motherboard is not compatible with the ARGB system but you want to install it. Do not worry; there is an easy solution for that, and you would not have to replace your whole motherboard. There is a device called an ARGB controller that can connect your ARGB with your existing motherboard.

They can work with all motherboards and processors and are very easy to use. You can still enjoy the perks of RGB without having to replace your motherboard.

Does RGB Increase Performance?

The Internet is full of myths and jokes. People even create legends about modern instruments such as gaming PCs and believe that the color of RGB impacts not only the performance but also the gaming itself. Such as

RGB Color Guide

Well, sorry to break your bubble, but these are only the jokes and are a meme. The gaming performance and the cooling effect can only be increased by using more advanced and powerful components. The gaming skill comes from playing the game, and the better teammates are pure luck.

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Effects Of RGB And ARGB

RGB and ARGB can not increase the PC’s performance, but they can contribute to decreasing it. There are some cases when using the RGB reduced the FPS, but this was due to the incorrect installation of the RGB.

Incorrect installation and the use of unauthentic and low-quality RGB can lead to chaos in the PC, and it would be the last thing that will be on your change list. Using the low-quality RGB system can cause:

  • Overheating
  • FPS drop
  • Extra power consumption
  • Overload on motherboard

If the RGB is not correctly installed, it can also produce complexities, so it is better to check all the system, wirings, and connections before starting up the PC for the first time. Both the RGB and ARGB have the least effects on the PC performance in normal conditions and situations.

What Devices Come With ARGB or RGB?

There are many devices, and almost every device has RGB, or ARGB lighting enabled within them. Everything that you can think of from the keyboard, motherboard, processor, graphics card, fans, coolant, RAM sticks, mouse, speaker, and headphones have the RGB system installed in them. 

Certain devices only support RGB, and certain devices only support ARGB. So if you are planning to purchase a PC or build it from scratch, it is better to consider these factors on what type of RGB you will be using and are compatible with it.

RGB Vs. ARGB : Which Is More Expensive?

The pricing of the component depends on the performance, and there is a complex pricing method for RGB. A RAM stick that has RGB enabled will be far more expensive than the RAM from the same manufacturer with the same specifications.

On the other hand, the RGB-enabled keyboard or headphone will be slightly more expensive than the regular one, and there is no noticeable difference between them. 

When you are comparing the price of RGB with the ARGB, you will find not much difference. Both of them have similar technology, but ARGB is one step ahead. You might need to pay more in terms of the RGB controller that will connect your motherboard to ARGB.

But that is worth the price because the effects and feel of the ARGB are beyond any RGB system. ARGB will surely lift your mood, and it is with the price you are paying for it. 

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Final Thoughts

Nowadays, when someone says PC gaming, we instantly think of colorful accessories, and this is due to the extensive use of RGB in PC gaming accessories. The innovation in the RGB is the ARGB, which is an extension and can do a lot more than the RGB.

They can be customized to change their colors with sounds, effects, or cycles. ARGB takes the gaming experience to new levels but requires changes to incorporate them into older PCs. RGB and ARGB’s minimum effect on the gaming performance, but they can surely lift your mood and gaming experience.

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