Unable to Update the Minecraft Native Launcher

Minecraft is well known and the most significant source of gaming around the globe; most players are young and love to play games in different modes. Recently, there are some issues found by the users that they are facing a hurdle and unable to update Minecraft as updating is one of the biggest hacks to play any game and software smoothly.

The mainly reported problem regarding this issue has been found by the Windows users who are majorly facing this problem.

An online survey found that mostly Minecraft gamers go for updates through Minecraft Native launcher. When they failed to update Minecraft, they saw a pop-up window open with the error Unable to update Minecraft Native Launcher. After this message, Minecraft wants to update the whole process again; otherwise, gamers cannot play the game as their window is frozen.

Here in this article, we have put keen focus on resolving the issue of this error box that says “Unable to update Minecraft Native Launcher.” However, there is no single reason for this error; several reasons for this can be; we have tried to reveal every parameter as we can to fix this issue and give complete information to our viewers regarding this issue.

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How To Fix The Not Update Error?

Before diving into fixing this error, we must keep all of our system drivers up to date; sometimes outdated drivers create hurdles while rendering a game, updated driver improves your system performance to a great extent, and windows find update automatically from an online source, so you don’t have to see or getting irritated by searching specific update for your driver, click and follow some basic steps for updating your system driver.

We will see a list of fixes that can help resolve this issue. However, you don’t need to check all the lists to fix this issue, but whenever you find the right one according to your system, you can stop that.

Update Through Windows

You can update Minecraft through windows; below are the simple steps to be followed if you are a windows 10 user.

  • Open Microsoft
  • Click these three dots at the top right side and select downloads and updates.
  • After the above step, click on Get Updates, now, windows will find updates automatically, and if found any required updates for any app, it will install it.

In windows 11, you can find these updating settings from the Library button; then, you can click on the Get updates button to automatically update your apps.

If you installed the Minecraft Java edition into your system, you could open the Minecraft launcher to download the latest version of Minecraft automatically.

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Repair Minecraft

Usually, when the Minecraft application shows the error about being unable to update Minecraft, then there may be some files missing from your Minecraft directory that’s why it cannot perform the task. Still, windows allow us to repair those missing files, below are the steps to be followed for fixing this issue.

  • Click the Windows logo and press the R key from the keyboard to open the Run apps.
  • When the windows show the running app dialogue box, you need to write a code that is app wiz.CPL
  • Press the enter button from the keyboard.

After performing the above steps, you are directed to the uninstalled program screen on the control panel.

  • There will be a list of running items there; select Minecraft and right-click on it to see the menu.
  • There will be several options there, but you have to choose repair.
  • The Minecraft installer opens up now. You have to follow on-screen instructions to repair your Minecraft.
  • After having a successful repairing process, end all tasks and restart your system.
  • Restart your PC and open the Minecraft launcher to check if the problem has been fixed or not.

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Download Minecraft From Minecraft’s Website

If the error shows Unable to update Minecraft Native Launcher, then it is a vast possibility that you have downloaded Minecraft from another or unverified known source. That’s why updates are restricted. It is recommended that you download Minecraft from its official website to entertain with updates.

  • Open your web browser by double-clicking on the app icon.
  • After opening the browser, these words on your URL Minecraft windows download.
  • In google search, you have to open the first page and download the Minecraft Java edition).
  • After downloading, you will be directed to the Download Minecraft page for Windows, where you have to click on the alternative download link.
  • Now you have an alternative download option for Minecraft java edition.
  • Locate windows under the platform and click on the Minecraft.exe link.
  • Wait for your browser to extract the information from Minecraft servers.
  • Double click on the downloaded file to run it.
  • Then follow the on-screen instructions to fulfill the entire process.
  • After installation, restart your computer and launch Minecraft to check further if it is installed with a fully updated version or not or either fix the unable to update Minecraft option or not.

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Disable Antivirus

If you have an antivirus installed in your system, you are requested to disable the antivirus before starting updates; there are high chances that you are facing errors or an inability to update Minecraft because antivirus is not always made the right decisions.

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Sometimes it passes the wrong value and takes those files that are downloading during updates as Malicious files that can harm the computer, so it enforces the restriction on it; that file may be the most critical file upon which the update is based. So keeping this factor in mind, you should disable your antivirus. 

Also, I will leave a tutorial here to fix the unable to update the Minecraft native launcher on Windows 10/11.


As we have seen the above steps, we are finding and fixing the issue of the inability to update the Minecraft Native Launcher. From the starting, we have seen different parameters upon which this update error may be based.

One of the most important things among them is to update your system drivers sometimes outdated drivers create hurdles in performing the various task of computer and gaming update is also among them and in last but essential point which we have discussed is to turn off your antivirus during updates, this also restricts some files to download and primarily users ignore this point which is very much logical and essential.