Minecraft Keeps Crashing 1.13.2

Minecraft is a complex game, and there are a lot of mods available in Minecraft that makes it much more difficult. A slight conflict in the programming in any of these applications can lead to errors and crashing in the working of Minecraft. Minecraft 1.13.2 can also crash, and it is mainly due to the conflict with other programs on the windows or under the effects of viruses. 

If you are also experiencing the problem of Minecraft keeps crashing 1.13.2, then you have come to the right spot because we shall discuss all possible solutions to fix the problem. So let’s begin!

Reasons Why Minecraft Keeps Crashing?

The most common cause of the problem is the programming conflict between different mods and versions that lead to the game’s crashing. There are several other reasons for the problem, such as the firewall blocking the features, windows not being correctly updated, or viruses in the system.

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There are different solutions for all of that, and if you do not know the root cause, it is good to apply all solutions, and one will indeed work.

Solutions For Minecraft Keep Crashing

These are the solutions that you can try for the problem. So, further ado-let’s decode it together!

Disable Other Mods And Versions

To make the 1.13.2 version of Minecraft work flawlessly, you might have to disable other versions and mods. This does not mean you should delete them permanently, but you can change their locations. These are the steps to do so:

  • Press the Windows + R button simultaneously on the desktop. It will open the run command. 
  • Type “%appdata%” without the commas and press enter.
  • This will open the app data folder; choose Minecraft in that.
  • Make a new folder on the desktop where you can place the unnecessary mods and versions.
  • Now go to the mods folder in Minecraft app data and send the files to a new folder.
  • Make sure that you do not send the files of 1.13.2.
  • Now the mod folder has been cleaned, do the same for all versions.
  • Make a separate folder on the desktop and send the versions there.
  • Now Minecraft has been launched, it will take some time to load and will be started.
  • If you want to play other mods and versions, switch the location from the app data folder to the desktop, then you can play the game without conflict in programming.

Enable Minecraft Through Windows Firewall

Minecraft sends and receives data in the background, and due to that, the firewall may block the features, and it can cause it to crash. Enable Minecraft through the firewall by following these steps.

  • Go to the settings options from the start menu. The setting icon is above the shutdown icon and is displayed as gear.
  • In the settings option, go to update and security. That is the last option.
  • Go to windows firewall in the update and security and click on allow an app through the Windows firewall.
  • Add Minecraft to the list and click on private and public networks to enable Minecraft from both of them.
  • Now you can play Minecraft on Windows without any restrictions from the firewall.

Run The Antivirus

If your Minecraft keeps crashing even after applying the above solutions, then the virus in the system might be the actual cause of the issue. If you are using an antivirus other than Windows Defender, ensure it is appropriately updated and working. Try to run the antivirus after making sure that it is updated.

If you are using the windows defender, then run the antivirus. Also, ensure that the windows are correctly updated to avoid any issues.

Update The Windows

It is also possible that the problem is caused by the windows not being updated, and due to that, the conflict in the programming is occurring. Make sure that the windows are appropriately updated.

If you have not turned off the update, you will see them in the shutdown option, but you will have to update them by going into the settings manually if you have turned them off. These are the steps to update windows:

  • Go to the settings from the start menu.
  • Click on the update and security option that would last on the list.
  • Click on windows update, and it will show whether there are any pending updates for windows.
  • Update the windows, and ensure that you have an active internet connection.


These are the solutions for Minecraft 1.13.2 that keeps crashing, and one of them will surely fix the problem. Most of the issues in Minecraft are easy to solve with just a few steps. Ensure that the files and mods you are downloading for the game are working and come from authenticated websites. 

Mubeen Shahjahan
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