Is 1tb Enough For Gaming?

If you are a gamer and want to play high-end games such as Call of duty, Apex Legend, The Witcher, Far Cry, then you would not only require a powerful processor and graphics card with ultimate motherboard and RAM, but the main thing would be the storage of the PC. Whether you are using the XBOX, Playstation, or PC, modern games require a lot of storage. So how much storage is enough storage for gaming, and Is 1tb enough for gaming?

In this article, we will learn about the storage requirements in gaming and how much storage would be suitable for the best gaming needs.

Storage Devices

There are two main types of storage devices in the modern era; the conventional hard drives, commonly known as HDDs, and the second is the solid-state drive or SSD.

The purpose of both storage devices is the same, but the mechanism is different. HDDs are based on the conventional magnetic storage media which have more moving parts. This makes them a lot heavier and slow, while the frequent spinning generates heat too. The main advantage is their cost, and they can be half the price of the SSD in the same storage.

The SSD is based on solid-state memory and has no moving parts. This makes them faster and more efficient, but they are way more expensive.

How Much Space Is Good?

There was a time when 20 GB storage was considered good, but now the debate is about 1 TB storage. Modern games are storage thirsty and require a lot of space. These are some of the most played games of 2022:

  • CoD: Modern Warfare & Warzone requires almost 200 GB of space, but if you want to play the online warzone version, the game takes about 90 GB of space
  • Co-op shooter Back 4 Blood requires around 40 GB of space to install on the computer
  • Destiny 2 requires 50 GB of space without the updates.

With these modern games, your memory will be filled up by installing 7 to 8 high-end games. If you play the games for your refreshment, these games would be enough for you. But If you are an enthusiast gamer and want to try new games, 1 TB storage might not be enough.

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Is 1 TB Of HDD Enough For Gaming?

As discussed earlier, high-end gaming requires a lot of space, and they are pretty fast. 1 TB of space might not be so expensive, but it will fail to produce the best gaming effects compared to SSD. The powerful processor, graphics card, RAM, and motherboard would provide a minimum advantage if the storage device is laggy and slow.

This does not mean that the HDD will ultimately fail in gaming. It can perform well in gaming but as compared to SSD it is not efficient enough. If you plan for a long-term time investment, choosing the SSD over the HDD would be better.

If you want to use the computer for other needs and gaming is just a free-time hobby, there is no need to waste money on an SSD.

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Is 1tb SSD Enough For Gaming?

1 TB may be enough or not enough for gaming based on your gaming needs. The first thing is that 1 TB storage will cost a tremendous amount. If you want to have the games as a free time hobby, 1 TB would be enough for you. You can install 6 to 7 high-end games and enjoy the best gaming experience.

1 TB is not enough for extended gaming needs because if you want to play different games, you would have to delete the older ones, and deleting the round of 250 GB that took days to download might not be a good option. So, it is better to go for more storage when you are a gaming enthusiast.

SSDs provide the best gaming effects in the highest quality, and they are a lot more efficient than HDDs.

1 TB SSD or 1 TB HDD, Which Is Better?

Technically speaking, both provide the same amount of storage and can store the same games. The only difference is in the performance. HDD takes a lot more time to refresh than the SSD, and it is not favored in gaming, especially in online gaming. On the other hand, an SSD is way faster than an HDD.

To get the best gaming effects with faster speed and efficiency without wasting much amount on the SSD, it is better to use the combination of SSD and HDD.

Both of them can work together fine, and you can store all of your games in the SSD and other programs and applications in the HDD. A combination of SSD with the HDD will increase your storage capacity, but it will improve gaming performance without investing much. These are the main advantages of using the HDD and SSD together.

  • Increased storage
  • Multiple storage drives and partitions
  • Faster gaming with optimized cost

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Why Does Gaming Take A Lot Of Space?

Gaming nowadays is not just free time leisure, but it has become an addiction. The textures and realistic graphics with the best audio and visual effects require a lot of space. Gamers want their games to look just like reality so they can feel to be a part of it, and for that, textures, in particular, are designed with high detailing to look astonishing, which makes them storage thirsty.

Everything in the games that may seem ignorable uses a lot of space for their programming, such as clothing that moves with the wind, grass that moves with the breeze, water that appears to come out of the screen.

If you use 1 TB for your gaming needs, you can not install more than 4 to 5 games if you want them to run smoothly. Games size expands when you use them, and it can be increased by double in these situations. Moreover, the update files will be the worst enemies, and the games might be unplayable after some time if there is no more room for an update.

If you are using your system for video editing or some other use, then 1 TB space will be scarce, and you would have to spend every bit of data with care. Online games also use a lot of internal memory after the download. Take Pubg, for example. It is 18.3 GB on download but requires a total space of 30 GB to run. Similarly, other games also expand their size after download.

Having GPU Artifacts is really sucks, It is very frustrating when your graphics card starts to malfunction. And it can ruin your gaming experience too.

Final Thoughts

Suppose you want to know that 1TB space would be enough for your Gaming needs. The simple answer to that question is that it may be enough for daily requirements and normal tasks, but gaming at its true potential, you might need more than 1 TB. 1 TB can be highly expensive. Still, with the combined use of HDD and SSD, you can have the best gaming experience without investing much.

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