ScalaCube Review: Your New Minecraft Server Hosting Service

ScalaCube Review: You can’t start a great multiplayer session of Minecraft without a fast and reliable server. Scalacube can provide you with the necessary server-hosting solutions.

ScalaCube is a server hosting platform that provides the infrastructure for video game modding, community building, and game development.

This hosting service boasts a user-friendly control panel, strong hardware, and excellent customer service. Regardless of your game, using ScalaCube will enrich your player experience.

I’ve reviewed ScalaCube to see if their services can fit my needs.

ScalaCube Overview

Scalacube is a game server hosting company popular for its Minecraft servers. Their services allow gamers and developers to run their game servers easily.

The company also offers more traditional web hosting services. They can help you create your website, domain, and forum with a few clicks.

Company Background

ScalaCube is a game server hosting provider based in Tallinn, Estonia, founded by Kostiantyn Rohatkin in 2019.

ScalaCube offers virtual and dedicated servers in the United States, Europe, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Asia.

Regardless of your preferred currency, it’s a safe bet that you can sign up for this flexible and wide-ranging service.

Besides hosting Minecraft, ScalaCube hosts the following games:

  • ARK: Survival Evolved
  • Rust
  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
  • Hytale

Services Offered

As a hosting provider, ScalaCube provides different hosting plans to suit the needs of all kinds of gamers and developers. Depending on the plan, you can use a flexible amount of resources, features, and prices.

These plans also differ in scalability, from a free single-player server to servers that can support a large gaming community.

ScalaCube has the following hosting plans available for both gamers and developers;

  • Minecraft Hosting: Their specialty is offering hosting plans and server resources from CPU cores to RAM, for either Bedrock or Java editions.
  • Game server hosting: ScalaCube is also a hosting provider for other games, providing resources for smooth gameplay and server monitoring.
  • Voice server hosting: Provides hosting plans with voice communication platforms like TeamSpeak or Mumble for easy voice chat capabilities.
  • VPS hosting: ScalaCube offers Virtual Private Server(VPS) hosting plans for more advanced users that may need greater virtual control and configurations.
  • Dedicated server hosting: They provide dedicated game server hosting for users who need maximum performance.
  • Modpack hosting: They offer Minecraft hosting for popular modpacks to launch them easily in modded game servers.

ScalaCube Review: An In-Depth Look

ScalaCube is one of the best Minecraft server hosting providers available.

ScalaCube has many hosting features to help you host and run a successful multiplayer gaming adventure.

Server Speed and Performance

As a dedicated game server provider, ScalaCube gives its users access to powerful hardware infrastructure, from advanced processors to solid-state drives.

They have multiple servers in different locations, to help minimize latency and ensure low ping times for new players, ensuring you’ll have a seamless gaming experience anywhere. Low latency results in better gameplay.

This combination of hardware ensures optimal server performance and minimal lag. This combination is especially useful if you’re setting up a Minecraft party with many players across the globe.

Users can further optimize their game server through the control panel for server configurations, resource allocations, and network settings.

However, you may experience lag if you’re trying to connect to servers that are extremely far from you. Think continents away. When in doubt, use the free trial as a test for lag.

Reliability and Uptime

ScalaCube offers guaranteed server uptime for a significant portion of the time due to its incredible CPU power, fast SSD storage, and ample RAM. It’s a provider that’s sure to make game server hosting easier.

One of their most notable features is their user-friendly control panel. Their control panel has a very intuitive design for settings configuration, mod installation, and multiple-player access.

This makes it easier for both beginner and veteran server administrators to set up their servers. Think of it like an instant setup.

Their network connections can remain consistent due to their redundant networks and multiple internet service providers for consistent web hosting.

However, ScalaCube does not provide advanced customization options for their dedicated servers or higher-tier hosting plans. Even their control panel lacks these options for server-deep changes.

Pricing and Value for Money

ScalaCube also provides flexible billing options and plans for their services, whether your subscription is prepaid or monthly. Their game hosting plans range from basic to premium or extreme plans.

Their pricing depends on the server type, allocated resources, and subscription duration. They also provide bonuses from server scaling, customization, dedicated IP addresses, and additional SSD storage.

Their nine Minecraft VPS plans provide 768 MB to 32 GB RAM, 1x to 8x 3.4GHz CPU, and 10 GB to 320 GB SSD storage automated backups, each paid separately.

You also have the option to scale your game server hosting subscription if your server needs grow. This is especially helpful if you need more resources for Minecraft hosting service-purposes.

However, be warned that every purchase made regarding plans is final with no refunds.

Free Server Option

ScalaCube offers a free trial to set up a single-player server. This is useful to see your control panel, services, and performance.

Unfortunately, this isn’t useful if you want to play with friends. For that, you’ll need to upgrade your subscription. Fortunately, there are other free Minecraft server creation options available, like Falixnodes.

This Minecraft hosting service also comes bundled with a pre-configured website and forum for you to upload and customize your creations. This will let you better monitor your server and its players.

ScalaCube also allows you to create a custom launcher. This custom Minecraft launcher can also be loaded with modpacks.

The Minecraft launcher can display your servers while the dashboard presents the performance stats for more than one server. This is a great way to decide if you need to upgrade your subscription plan or not.

Besides the control panel, ScalaCube allows you to control the following:

  • Control panel
  • Root access
  • FTP access
  • MySQL with phpMyAdmin
  • PHP
  • Apache

SSD Storage and Unlimited Traffic

ScalaCube has a backup system for regular game server data stored within separate SSD storage systems. These SSD storage automated backups allow for easy recovery in case of accidents.

You can even have automatic backups for a fee as an extra feature.

Besides SSD storage, ScalaCube provides data protection via redundant hardware configurations such as RAID storage arrays. This provides the server host with extra stability and extra data protection.

This system also has unlimited slots for potential players to join your servers for Minecraft or other games in one VPS server.

Safety and Security Aspects

ScalaCube can protect itself from “Distributed Denial-of-Service” (DDoS) attacks with network redundancies and other DDoS protection, mitigating attacks for smooth online gaming.

Their firewall settings give you the option to ban connections from specific addresses. All these protections safeguard your game servers for stability and uninterrupted gameplay.

ScalaCube also has a proactive monitoring system that can identify potential problems. This helps to ensure all of its Minecraft servers enjoy consistent performance.

ScalaCube users can opt for dedicated IP addresses for exclusive access to their dedicated servers. Dedicated IP addresses also provide better performance and reduced latency for remote locations.

Customer Support Experience

ScalaCube’s customer support team is another of their highlights according to reviews and my own experience.

Their 24/7 customer support team is staffed by knowledgeable and experienced web hosting professionals.

Contact Channels

ScalaCube maintains an active community forum where you can get advice. Users are also able to exchange experiences and tips regarding the service.

ScalaCube staff are also active in the forum, providing advice and guidance.

The company also provides tutorials on its youtube channel for Minecraft, Ark Survival, and other games aside from server creation.

Response Speed

ScalaCube’s staff can answer your inquiries within minutes thanks to their website and forum.

ScalaCube uses a ticket system to manage customer inquiries and requests through its control panel or website.

ScalaCube also offers live chat support for real-life support for ScalaCube staff to address issues, but this method is not as quick as the ticketing system.

However, you need to be registered before using customer support.

Resolution Efficiency

Besides the quick response from their customer support team, I’ve found that the team was able to answer most of my inquiries. This is a good sign, since other hosting providers sometimes provide inconsistent customer support.

ScalaCube also has a self-help repository for common queries on optimizing server performance through FAQ boards, articles, and tips on their website.

Scalacube even has a youtube channel with tutorials on how to install mods and some basic Minecraft tips.

The hosting service also gives a quick pre-sales support response regarding how your server will run before you purchase anything if you still feel indecisive.

User Opinions

ScalaCube reviews online can paint a better picture of the service’s performance. Here are some examples from Reddit and Trustpilot.

Reviews on Reddit

Reviewers from Reddit praise ScalaCube for doing its job well and effectively.

Scalacube was super quick to help get the server shut down and refund me.“- Silver-News-9707

There are few hosts who will get the job done without too much work and one of those would be https://scalacube.com.” TheFanofNothing

Reviews on Trustpilot

ScalaCube has received fairly positive praise in Trustpilot, as you can see from the following reviews:

No longer do servers slow down and grind to a halt; with ScalaCube, the server is right there with rock-steady performance for a really great price.“- Lottie

Whereas other server hostings allow a max of 1 Minecraft server instance for each plan, ScalaCube has no limit to it.“- CraftingHut


Although ScalaCube is an excellent hosting service for game servers and regular web hosts, you can use other excellent hosting services.

Here are some other hosting services along the game hosting spectrum to consider:

ScalaCube vs. GGServers

Similarly to ScalaCube’s control panel, GG Servers is designed to be as user-and-beginner friendly as possible.

GG Servers have a customized Multicraft Panel, which makes it easy to manage all your game servers, chats between players, and created worlds.

The service also supports modding for Java, Bedrock, Paper, Spigot, and BungeeCord server editions. You can even switch between server types with a control panel.

GG Servers distinguish themselves by allowing players as sub-users for server management. The main user can set their roles and permissions with the control panel.

GG Servers has a money-back guarantee within 24 hours of purchase, unlike the no-refunds policy of ScalaCube. We also have a more in-depth analysis of GGServers for a fairer comparison.

ScalaCube vs. Apex Hosting

ScalaCube and Apex Hosting are similar since they both specialize in Minecraft server hosting services. They offer plans for performance, mod or plugin support, and a very user-friendly control panel.

Apex Hosting boasts 24/7 customer support for server admins via live chat.

Similarly to ScalaCube, Apex Hosting has many server locations worldwide with low latency for both Java and Bedrock editions of games.

Another similarity to ScalaCube is that the service can create its own website with a free subdomain but can change server files with only a few clicks.

Apex Gaming and ScalaCube support Minecraft-created content, such as mods, plugins, and custom maps.

However, the number of people they can host separates ScalaCube from Apex Hosting. Apex Hosting limits the number of player slots, in contrast to the “unlimited slots” of ScalaCube for an Ark Server.

ScalaCube vs. BisecHosting

Like ScalaCube, BisecHosting is another hosting service with deep ties to Minecraft.

BisecHosting has a dedicated tool for selecting the best plan for your needs, narrowing it down to your desired modpack, player max, and extras features.

BisectHosting boasts unlimited NVMe SSD space for every plan they offer.

You can install as much extra content as possible if you have the space and they follow a fair usage policy. The service also monitors its server nodes 24/7 to avoid overselling.

Whereas ScalaCube presents you with the performance of your servers and players, BisectHosting has more responsibility in managing their resource management.

Both ScalaCube and BisectHosting have servers across North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia for their users’ lowered latency and reliability. I’ve also written a more comprehensive BisectHosting analysis if you consider trying them out.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you still have inquiries about the ScalaCube hosting service, check out these quick info bites to learn more.

Is Scalacube Reliable?

Scalacube is extremely reliable thanks to the number of redundancies they utilize. All of their features are dedicated to ensuring their servers stay up, from hardware, location overlaps, and network connections.

ScalaCube promises a monthly 99% server availability of uninterrupted play.

I also consider ScalaCube’s VPS hosting worth it because of how easily scalable and moddable the server is, thanks to all the modpacks.

How Is the Performance of ScalaCube Servers?

ScalaCube boasts consistently strong server performance due to multiple redundancies.

Their hardware, from processors to network connections, has redundancies to ensure a stable connection. Even their server locations overlap with large providers like Microsoft.

They also provide many SSD storage containers for backup data from any server in case of unforeseen circumstances.

ScalaCubefree provides a free website to monitor your content, servers, and players to your heart’s content.

Does ScalaCube Offer Value for Money?

When ScalaCube sets its hosting plans, they account for server resources, the amount of space needed, and the maximum load of people.

Their plans are also game specific, as different games need different hardware specs and resources to run properly.

ScalaCube also offers free trials for a single-player server experience to help you decide if the hosting service is to your liking or not.

How Good Is ScalaCube’s Customer Service?

ScalaCube’s customer support is available 24/7 with a live chat function and an online ticketing system for inquiries. Their customer support team can answer your inquiries quickly and efficiently.

The service can also answer questions regarding their service before you buy any plan, within the minute.

Unfortunately, they do not have a phone line to answer your questions, and you need to be a member to send them questions.

Is ScalaCube’s Free Server a Viable Option?

ScalaCube offers a free trial for single-player servers for would-be buyers.

This free trial is only meant for testing purposes, and you can only exercise control over the server and connectivity options if you upgrade to a paid subscription.

This free trial is useful because it lets you test your latency and how it can affect your gaming performance. High latency causes lag and may even lead to disconnection errors.

And if you’re wondering, “Does ScalaCube offer free trials?” it does, but with heavy restrictions. The solo Minecraft server option is single-player, so it’s no different from playing alone.


Getting a ScalaCube server is worth it. The service is reliable and performs well due to network and server redundancies.

The service comes with a pre-configured website for uploaded content and server management, allowing you to create your website with just a few clicks.

All the while, Scalacube’s hosting provision of a ticketing system is pretty effective for any inquiries you may have for the system. Their control panel is especially user-friendly for managing Minecraft servers.

Overall, ScalaCube as a hosting service is more than worth it to improve your next gaming experience.