How to Make a Compass in Minecraft: Crafting Your Path to Adventure in 2023


Minecraft, the beloved sandbox game, offers players endless opportunities for exploration and creativity. One essential tool for any adventurer is the compass. With this handy gadget, you can always find your way back home, locate specific points of interest, and explore new lands without getting lost.

In this article, we’ll show you everything you need to know about crafting a compass in Minecraft. We’ve covered everything, from gathering the required materials to the step-by-step crafting process. So, let’s dive in and learn how to make a compass!

how to make a compass in minecraft

How to Make a Compass in Minecraft

In this section, we’ll guide you through crafting a compass in Minecraft. So, grab your pickaxe, and let’s get started!

Gathering the Materials

Before you begin crafting, ensure you have the necessary materials. To make a compass, you’ll need the following:

Four Iron Ingots: These iron ingots are obtained by smelting Iron Ore, which is commonly found underground.

One Redstone Dust: You can mine Redstone Ore, found deep in the Overworld, to obtain Redstone Dust.

How to make a compass in Minecraft

Finding Iron Ore

To obtain Iron Ingots, you must first find Iron Ore. This ore generates at lower and middle levels of the Overworld, between levels 1 to 63. Equip your pickaxe and head to a cave or mine shaft to start mining for Iron Ore.

Smelting Iron Ore

Once you’ve collected enough Iron Ore, it’s time to smelt them into Iron Ingots. Create a furnace using eight blocks of Cobblestone and place the raw Iron Ore in the top slot of the furnace. Use any fuel source, such as coal or wood, in the bottom slot, and wait for the furnace to smelt the ore into ingots.

Obtaining Redstone Dust

To acquire Redstone Dust, you’ll need to mine Redstone Ore. This ore generates at lower levels, just like Iron Ore. When you find Redstone Ore, mine it with an iron pickaxe to collect Redstone Dust.

Crafting the Compass

With the materials in hand, crafting the compass is a breeze. Follow these steps to craft a compass:

1. Open the Crafting Table: Right-click on the crafting table to access the 3×3 crafting grid.

2. Place the Iron Ingots: Put four Iron Ingots in the four corners of the grid.

3. Add the Redstone Dust: Place the Redstone Dust in the centre of the grid.

4. Retrieve the Compass: Drag the crafted compass into your inventory once the materials are correctly placed.

Congratulations! You’ve crafted your very own compass in Minecraft. The compass always points towards your spawn point, making it easier for you to navigate the world.

Tips for Using the Compass

Now that you have your compass let’s explore some tips for making the most out of this fantastic tool:

1. Setting a Home Point: When you find an ideal spot for your base or house, set it as your home point by placing a bed and lying in it. This action resets your world’s spawn point to that location, and the compass will now guide you back there.

2. Exploring New Territories: While venturing into uncharted territories, take note of significant landmarks. You can use the compass to find your way back to these points of interest.

3. Underground Navigation: The compass is also helpful when underground mining. By following the direction it points, you can return to the surface or locate your home base quickly.

4. Understanding Spawn Points: The compass points to the original spawn point, where you first started the game. If you die and respawn elsewhere, the same compass point will still point to the initial spawn.

5. No Use in the Nether or End: The compass does not work in the Nether or the End dimension. It merely spins randomly, so don’t rely on it in these realms.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make a Compass without Iron Ingots?

If you’re in a pinch and can’t find Iron Ingots, there’s an alternative way to make a compass. In the game, you can find and craft a naturally-generated compass inside some shipwrecks or bastion remnants. However, these structures are rare, so crafting one using Iron Ingots is more reliable.

Can I use the compass to find other players?

No, the compass in Minecraft only points to the world spawn point, not to other players. If you want to find your friends, you’ll need to use coordinates or other location-sharing methods.

Can I enchant the compass?

As of the current version of Minecraft, you cannot enchant a compass. Enchantments are limited to weapons, armour, tools, and certain other items.

Why does my compass spin randomly?

If your compass is spinning randomly, it means you’re in the Nether or the End dimension, where the compass doesn’t work as intended. Don’t worry; it will work fine when you return to the Overworld.

Can I use the compass in creative mode?

Yes, the compass works in both survival and creative modes. It helps you navigate your surroundings regardless of your game mode.

How far can the compass lead me?

The compass will guide you back to the spawn point, no matter how far you’ve travelled. So, even if you embark on a grand adventure, the compass will ensure you find your way home.


Congratulations! You’ve mastered the art of crafting a compass in Minecraft. This simple yet powerful tool allows you to explore the vast blocky world without fear of losing your way. Whether you’re starting a new base, venturing into unexplored lands, or going on a mining expedition, the compass will be your faithful companion.

Remember to set your home point and take note of significant landmarks to maximize the compass’s potential. Don’t forget, and the compass is your lifeline to your spawn point, so cherish it during your adventures.

So, go forth, brave adventurer, and let the compass guide you to new and exciting realms in the ever-expanding world of Minecraft!