🔥 Unveiling Apex Minecraft Hosting Review 🔍 – Is It Worth Your Diamonds?

To prepare a Minecraft server, you need an effective hosting company to manage your server. I’ve looked into Apex Hosting to see if it’s good enough to be your next Minecraft server host.

Apex is a hosting provider known for its easy installation process and the amount of control it can provide for your own server. They also provide extra support and attention to creator content.

Other similar Minecraft-focused hosting providers exist, but Apex has distinguished itself amongst its competitors.

I’ve written this all-in-one Apex Hosting review to help you decide whether it will improve your next Minecraft server experience.

Overview of Apex Hosting

Apex Hosting is a hosting provider that allows gamers and developers to manage a platform to run their gaming or community-building server.

These platforms are meant to create and shape a server to whatever the host’s needs and wants are, all with their control panel system, Multicraft.

What is Apex Hosting

Apex Hosting is best known for its Minecraft server hosting. Their claim to fame is their flexible hosting plan pricing and MultiCraft tool used for content management systems.

Because of these features, Apex has slowly gained a reputation as one of the best Minecraft server Hosting and domain creation services. 

This Minecraft hosting company is currently headquartered in Florida, USA.

Brief History and Credibility of Apex Hosting

The Apex Hosting company, founded in 2013, supports Minecraft server hosting and other video games.

Then Apex Hosting was acquired by Nitrado, a much larger hosting company, in 2021 for further availability towards more games and developers.

Services Offered by Apex Hosting

Besides acting as a Minecraft server hosting company, an Apex server can host other games, like:

  • Valheim
  • Ark Survival
  • Terraria
  • 7 Days To Die
  • Factorio
  • Starbound
  • ARMA

They also have data centers and server locations within the following areas for lowered latency:

  • North America
  • South America
  • Europe
  • Australia
  • Singapore
Apex Hosting Review

Apex Hosting Review

Apex Hosting offers many features to boost your gameplay and ensure you can run a good Minecraft server, whether you need a single-player or multiplayer experience.

A good Minecraft server host should ensure no lag despite the number of players and allow greater customization on the main host’s part.

Server Resources and Performance

Apex Hosting provides a MySQL database to ensure smooth sailing for your Minecraft hosting needs. Depending on the plan chosen for your game server, you can also access up to 16 GB of RAM.

Depending on your plan as a server host, you’ll be provided with a storage capacity ranging from 1 to 4GB, which affects how many players you can host and how powerful your Minecraft server will be.

The key to the ease of use of this hosting company is its management tool: the Multicraft control panel. This powerful tool can support other tools, modpacks, and even minigames.

The Multicraft allows you to toggle settings, access databases and server files, and communicate between the host and their players while in-game.

These Minecraft hosting tools can also let you choose which server Minecraft version you are currently running.

You can also get a dedicated IP address for more enhanced performance for your Apex Minecraft hosting experience, but note that this service costs extra.

The control panel also allows direct access to FTP files without third-party tools. This gives you more control over your files beyond what the panel labels “editable.”

Pricing and Affordability

Apex Hosting pricing for all their services, plans, and packages depends on how much space, size, and RAM your Minecraft server will need.

The payments are monthly with a significantly lowered price for the first-month basic servers, and first-month advanced servers have a fair, affordable rate with every subsequent month.

Buyers enjoy a significant discount for charging their bills quarterly instead of monthly.

However, note that there are no free Minecraft Apex server trials for customers who’re still sitting on the fence.

Every Apex Hosting plan has the following added benefits with premium support and creator-content as extra bonuses:

  • Unlimited player slots
  • A choice between servers in different regions and countries
  • 24/7 live chat support
  • Complete DDoS protection
  • Automatic backups of the game servers to avoid loss of data
  • Instant set up
  • Quick download and installation of files
  • One-click package installers
  • A powerful Multicraft control panel
  • A free subdomain
  • Fast hardware and an available dedicated IP
  • Over 99.9% uptime

Customer Support

Regarding customer support, Apex Hosting Services has technical support running 24/7. They employ both a live chat system and a ticketing system for answers through email.

They have a fantastic support team with an extensive knowledge base regarding tech support and server maintenance. 

Their support team has been divided into four groups between Pre-sale, Billing, Login Assistance, or Technical Support.

All you need to do is pick a support ticket corresponding to the groups, and then a support agent will come to answer your inquiries via email.

They also provide video tutorials and blog posts on their website and even have a Youtube channel ready for you.

Security Measures

Apex Hosting offers protection from all kinds of Distributed Denial-of-Service attacks through SSL certificates, ensuring your privacy and security while gaming.

Apex Hosting will periodically have automated backups of your data and settings in case of hardware or configuration failures. Also, migration from one Apex server to another is completely free.

HostingVictory has approved Apex Hosting as a “guaranteed secure hosting service.”

However, it’s important to note that Apex Minecraft hosting services follow a “7-day refund” policy; your refund will only be processed within 7 days of the server’s registered creation date in their database.

Don’t fire and forget when setting up your own Minecraft server with Apex; ensure that the service works and you can connect without issue first!

Uptime and Reliability

Apex Minecraft hosting services distinguishes itself from other hosting companies by their speedy, effortless setup. It will only take seconds for your Apex Minecraft server to be ready.

Although Minecraft hosting plans advertise themselves as having unlimited player slots, this is unrealistic. Even the best Minecraft server can only hold as many players by how much RAM they have.

As a service, Apex promises an uptime of 99.9% against any unforeseen circumstances and unlimited slots of free and uninterrupted gaming.

Should there be any interruption of this service level agreement, you are entitled to compensation in the form of account credit.

User Experience with Apex Hosting

Whether you’re a newbie or a veteran at server management, Apex Hosting Minecraft servers are designed to be user-friendly and intuitive to use.

From a Beginner’s Standpoint

As a beginner, Apex Holding is very user-friendly, besides the quick startup time. It’s thanks to the provided MultiCraft tools.

It is also very easy to install your Minecraft server. I enjoyed a practically 1-click instantaneous installation.

Unlike its competitors, the Apex Hosting package can be downloaded in seconds, with your own private servers set up in a few minutes. 

In contrast, sometimes, a game server’s set-up and installation time can take hours.

Experienced User’s Feedback

More experienced users have noted their positive experience with the Apex Minecraft server hosting platform, as you can see here:

“I use Apex Hosting for my friends & family server and I’ve never had an issue with it”- MatrexsVigil

“This is actually very cheap and reliable and has a very easy-to-use control panel. I recommend it 9.5/10.” –Jayson M.

Worldwide Access and Response Time

Apex Hosting has servers in multiple locations across the United States and other countries, ranging from Canada to China to Israel.

Regardless of where you are, Apex will ensure you can set up your game server and get connected quickly.

When it was initially introduced, Apex Hosting would assign you according to your server location and the domain name by your location. The domain name is especially important amongst serious gamers.

This name can help hide your IP: Port, a string of numbers that acts as your raw address. Apex servers provide you with a sub-domain that acts as a mask/shortcut.

Apex Hosting in Comparison

Though Apex Hosting is an incredible service, it’s not the only option available. This section of the Apex Hosting review will quickly compare Apex with other server providers.

I’ve provided this comparison with other popular hosting services to cap off this Apex Hosting review and for fairness.

ScalaCube and Apex Hosting are very similar providers that specialize in Minecraft servers. They have similar plans for performance, mod or plug-in support, and a very user-friendly control panel.

Apex Hosting boasts 24/7 server admins and talented staff ready to provide you with customer support via live chat or email tickets.

Both companies have many worldwide server locations or data centers with low latency for both Java and Bedrock editions of Minecraft. They also provide extra support for mods, plug-ins, and custom maps.

Apex, ScalaCube, and many other hosting service providers give their users free subdomains to create their own server and content while being able to change server files quite easily.

Unfortunately, Apex does not have an unlimited storage capacity to handle many players. This is in contrast with ScalaCube, which can provide you with an unlimited number of game servers at its highest-tier plan.

They also differ regarding payment, as Apex offers more discounts on their package plans and has a bigger window for refunds than ScalaCube’s “no refunds” policy.

Unique Selling Propositions of Apex Hosting

One of Apex Hosting’s biggest draws is its Multicraft control panel, which allows freedom for creator content support, server configurations, and file access.

Compared to other hosting companies, Apex is known to be much easier to set up and far faster than its competitors.

Apex also allows the players within the server to have host rights to assist and join the main host in modifying the server as they see fit.

Lastly, Apex Hosting is fairly affordable, making it suitable for most budgets.

Is Apex Hosting Worth It?

Apex Hosting is worth it, as it provides all the tools needed for your Minecraft server or website. It also provides you with efficient management tools and 24/7 customer support.

Apex Hosting pricing is also very fair, and its setup is easy. You won’t have to rely on other hosting companies to complete your work.

Analysis of Main Strengths and Weaknesses of Apex Hosting

Apex Hosting has distinguished itself as a user-friendly Minecraft server hosting service, and it’s known for its speedy setup.

They have several reliable servers and centers worldwide to ensure a stable connection and smooth performance. It has a dependable control panel in the MultiCraft for setting and system changes.

It has DDoS protection against many cyber attacks with SSL certificates to ensure server stability.

They also offer support for hundreds of modpacks that work across different Minecraft versions; this way you can make the most of your game server!

Despite offering the capacity for hosting unlimited players, this is not feasible since you will still need enough RAM to accommodate every player, unlike other hosting companies.

Apex also needs more language options, limiting its users to English speakers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Although you are now more familiar with the Apex Hosting service, you may not be ready to choose Apex Hosting quite yet.

If that’s the case, learn more about this server hosting provider here!

Can Apex Hosting Be Trusted?

Apex Hosting is a registered company in the United States under the name “Apex Hosting, LLC.” 

They also have a very reliable and free MySQL system database to ensure your server runs smoothly.

Their system is already heavily protected against DDoS cyber attacks by both SSL certificates and a firewall put in place.

Their monitor system runs surveillance for any performance errors and 24/7 support team availability regarding server management.

Is Apex Pro Hosting Service Good?

Apex Hosting does its job very well as a server provider for Minecraft servers. The pricing for their plans and scalability of services is pretty fair.

The service is powered by premium hardware with many server locations to ensure minimum latency for the smoothest server gameplay.

Why Is Apex Hosting So Laggy?

All lag issues may not necessarily be traced back to Apex Hosting. The lag may be a client-side issue caused by the player’s connection.

This issue can be remedied with a transfer server location after you time your personal Minecraft server to the main website.

Despite being a fairly reliable server provider, some areas are far beyond Apex Hosting’s coverage, meaning you’ll need to shift your server’s location.

It’s rare for an Apex Minecraft server to get laggy due to the number of low-latency servers worldwide.

How Long Does It Take for Apex Hosting Server to Start?

Apex Hosting servers distinguish themselves from other Minecraft server hosting companies is their set-up time.

It only takes a few minutes to download the package, set up the files, and run your server. Typically other Minecraft servers take hours to set everything up.

What Others Have Written?

Other reviews have found that their Apex Minecraft Hosting experience was overall positive, with these quotes as follows.

Apex also offers a dynamic database to host your Minecraft server on and is extremely secure to use.” – softwaretestinghelp.com

I currently use my server for content creation, so having a server with no technical issues and easy to configure at any given point in time, an incredibly clear CP is vital.“- miL7zy


At the end of my Apex Hosting review, I can recommend Apex Hosting services to make playing Minecraft and hosting a server easier.

The system has proved great with its customization options, reliability, performance efficiency, and swift setup and installation process.

Bottom line Apex Hosting Minecraft server deserves its place among the best recommended Minecraft server hosts available.