Crafting Your Minecraft World: How to Make Smooth Stone in Minecraft!!

To make smooth stone in Minecraft, you need to first mine cobblestone with a pickaxe. Then, smelt the cobblestone in a furnace to obtain regular stone. Finally, place the regular stone back into the furnace to create a smooth stone.

It’s essential for crafting recipes for many advanced builds and crafting recipes. In this article, we explore and learn how to make smooth stones in Minecraft in this blog.

Understanding Minecraft’s Stone Varieties

Before we get into the nitty-gritty, it’s essential to understand the various stone types in Minecraft. There’s the regular stone, cobblestone blocks, the stone, and finally, our star of the day – the smooth stone.

Cobblestone: This is what you get when you mine stone blocks without the Silk Touch enchantment. It’s rugged and, well, cobbled!

Stone: Smelt the cobblestone, and voilà! You get the standard stone.

Smooth Stone: This is the result of smelting stone a second time. It has a polished look, ideal for decorative builds.

Minecraft Guide – Materials Needed

Cobblestone (obtained from mining stone blocks)

Furnace (crafted from 8 cobblestones)

Fuel (coal, charcoal, or any other furnace fuel)

Crafting Recipe: The Step-by-Step Guide

Here’s your roadmap to making that coveted smooth stone:

Collect Cobblestone: Start by mining stone blocks using a pickaxe. This action will drop cobblestones.

How to Make Smooth Stone

Prepare Your Furnace: If you haven’t already, craft a furnace using 8 cobblestones in a square, leaving the centre empty.

Smooth stone blocks

First Smelting: Place the cobblestone in the furnace’s top slot and fuel in the bottom slot. Once the process is complete, you’ll obtain the stone.

Smelth smooth stone

Second Smelting: Place the stone you just obtained in the top slot of the furnace, with more fuel in the bottom. This will yield smooth stone bricks.

Smelting process

Wait for the progress bar to fill. When the smelting process is complete, drag the Stone into your inventory.

Minecraft Smooth Stone

Why Use Smooth Stone?

In Minecraft, Smooth Stone is a variant of normal stone, with a smoother texture than regular stone. Here are some reasons players might choose to use Smooth Stone:

Aesthetics: Smooth Stone has a sleek, polished appearance that many players find visually pleasing. It can be used for modern or clean-looking builds.

Crafting: Some recipes require Smooth Stone specifically. For example, in earlier versions of Minecraft, Smooth Stone was needed to craft Blast Furnaces.

Slabs: Smooth Stone can be used to craft Smooth Stone Slabs, another versatile building material. These slabs can be used in various construction and design projects. Smooth sandstone is a popular look and feel when building houses, giving off a nice aesthetic feel.

Variation: When building, it’s often useful to have a variety of textures and materials to choose from. Using the smooth stone recipe alongside other materials like stone bricks, sand blocks or cobblestone can add depth and interest to a build.

Indication of Processing: Smooth Stone is made by smelting regular stone in a furnace. Therefore, its presence can indicate that an area has been worked or processed somehow.

Unique: Unlike cobblestone, generated when the stone is broken without the Silk Touch enchantment, Smooth Stone shows a certain level of refinement and effort, as players have to smelt stone to obtain it.

In essence, the choice to use Smooth Stone is often based on personal preference, the aesthetic desire of the player, or specific crafting needs. Like many other blocks in Minecraft, its value comes from its versatility and the player’s creativity.


How can I use smooth stone in crafting recipes? Smooth stone is essential for crafting items like the blast furnace, the smelt smooth stone brick and the smooth stone slab.

Is there a difference between stone and smooth stone? Yes! While both Minecraft smooth stones are derived from cobblestone, smooth stone has a more polished appearance than plain cobblestone and is obtained by smelting stone a second time.

Can I find six smooth stone slabs naturally in the game? No, smooth stone doesn’t generate naturally. Players must first craft smooth stone slabs it using a furnace.

What’s the quickest way to produce large amounts of smooth stone? Set up multiple furnaces to run simultaneously. Using lava buckets as a fuel source is also a highly efficient method to create smooth stones.

Does the type of pickaxe affect the cobblestone drop rate? No, any pickaxe will do. However, a pickaxe with the Silk Touch enchantment lets you collect stone directly.

Are there other blocks similar to smooth stone? Minecraft offers other stone blocks, like polished andesite, diorite, and granite, which have similar polished appearances to smooth stones.

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