Can’t Find Buried Treasure In Minecraft? Here’s What You Should Do

Minecraft is quite an exciting game, and the creators of it are making it more interesting with new updates and features. The game has now introduced many maps with new biomes and mobs that make the game more addictive to play. The game developers are constantly pushing the game better, and one such update is finding the buried treasure.

As per this interesting part of the game a player has to find the chest which is full of treasure. This chest which contains the treasure is buried under the shores or on the ocean floor The chest can be found using a treasure map that looks much easier.

But the real problem is finding the treasure in boats or ruins, by using the help option. Sometimes you may dig the treasure area as marked on the map, but still, you can’t find buried treasure in Minecraft. Well, in this case, we have a solution for that. Read the article, and you will have more chances to find your buried chest and the treasure in it.

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The map is like a standard map with the direction and north pointing at the top corner. The position of yourself is pointed with the white dot, and the position of the treasure will be marked with a red X symbol.

To find out which direction you are facing, press the F3 key, and it will show you the direction you are facing along with other helpful information. Once you start getting closer to the buried treasure, the map will also become more colorful.

How Far Should You Dig?

In normal cases, the chest is quite close to the surface, but you must be ready to dig deep if you are eager to find it. First, you have to go to the exact center of the X marking, the chest can usually be found under the 2 to 3 blocks of the surface, but in some cases, they may be about 8 to 9 blocks deep.

Most people make a common mistake is that they dig deep instead of digging around. Of course, it is Minecraft, and the maps are not accurate; you may be digging into the wrong place, and the chest is not directly under the center of X. So better dig the ground in all directions to find the box. This will increase the chances of finding the chest more easily.

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If you do not want to do all the lengthy work of digging, then place a TNT block somewhere near the chest or where the map shows the chest near it. The explosion of TNT will blow away the chest, but you will be able to collect the contents of it.

Tips And Tricks

If you are in search of a treasure box, here are some tips and tricks

  • The map only covers a small area of the mode, so it is better to move around in a zigzag pattern until your pointer shows on the map.
  • If you are planning to search for another treasure map, make sure that it is far away from your previous location because the map will show the way to the nearest chest, and if you plan to find multiple chests, you will keep getting the same map.
  • It is considered cheating, but if you type in /locate buried_treasure, the game will automatically show you the nearest chest location.
  • You can also switch to spectator mode to go through all the layers and find the chest.

Take Help From Dolphin

There are many ways to find the chest, and one such route is with the help of dolphins. The dolphins are very easy to find in any non-frozen sea, and you can get close to them without any trouble.

The dolphin can interact by giving them raw cod or raw salon treats. This will improve their trust in you, and they will start to get close and interact with you. Once the dolphin trusts you, they will lead you to the nearest shipwreck, ruin, or even be buried treasure.

The dolphins do not look in the direction of structure but directly to the movement of the chest, and once you recover the chest by digging in the order of the dolphin’s look, It will lead you to another nearest chest.

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Underwater Treasure

The chest and the treasure can spawn under the beach or in snow biomes; there are also chances of spawning underwater. If they are buried under the sand near the shore, once you start digging, they will be move underwater. There are also high chances that the chest can be on the ocean floor or underneath it.

Digging An Underwater Treasure

The chest can be on the ocean floor or even buried under it. If you are going to find the chest there, you need to keep a constant eye on the oxygen level. The best way to find the underwater chest without much trouble is to use the Potion of Water Breathing.

After you have found the chest, look into it. Make sure to remove all the sand blocks or water blocks if they are waterlogged.

The Content Of The Chest

The treasure contains a rare item that is the heart of the ocean. It can not be traded or crafted, making it one of the most precious items in the list of non-renewable items. Every chest contains one heart of the ocean, and it is used to create a conduit that is like a beacon and used to attack hostile mobs underwater.

Other than that, the chest also has the chance of a Potion of Water Breathing, Iron Ingot, Gold Ingot, Cooked Cod, Cooked Salmon, Leather Tunic, Iron Sword, TNT, Emerald, Prismarine Crystals, and Diamond.

If you are playing the bedrock edition, you may also find Chainmail Helmet, Chainmail Chestplate, Chainmail Leggings, Chainmail Boots, Lead, Name Tag, Potion of Regeneration, Book, and Quill, Music Disc (mellow), Music Disc (wait), Bottle o’ Enchanting and Cake.

The Reasons for Not Finding The Treasure

There are many reasons why you can’t find buried treasure in Minecraft. Some of these reasons are:

  • The game’s update will overwrite the map to new terrain generation, and you would not be able to find the treasure in more recent versions of the game with older version maps. Let’s say you found a map in version 1.13; when you update it, the biomes will change, and the treasure will not be there in version 1.14.
  • The chest is a part of the “generate structure” category. This means that you can not find the treasure if the “Generate structures” are not turned on in world creation options.
  • There may also be some bugs causing the disappearance of the treasure. To counter this, first check, generate structures, then simply type /locate buried_treasure, and this will lead you directly above the treasure if there is any.

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Final Thoughts

The treasure hunt is one of the most anticipated activities in Minecraft. So If you Can’t Find Buried Treasure Minecraft you can use different options and tricks to do that. This treasure contains the most precious and  valuable items.

You can find the treasure with little effort if you know the right way. The dolphins are also helpful in finding the treasure, and the most important thing in finding the treasure is to find the map.