How to Make a Modded Minecraft Server | Enjoy New Game Modes With Friends!

Minecraft’s world-building capabilities have already taken the world by storm, but it doesn’t stop there. Modded Minecraft servers are all the rage, allowing you to play in more complex gaming modes.

Start on your modded journey now and enhance your Minecraft experience! All you need is to set up a modded server.

Modded servers are a form of Minecraft server hosting where players can play using Minecraft mods. These are community-created modifications that alter different parts of the game.

These can be changing the main menu screen or adding a custom song to the soundtrack. How do you set up a modded Minecraft server? Follow this tutorial to get started!

Preparing for Your Minecraft Server

Not every computer can run a Minecraft modded server. Before you create your own modded server, there are some specific requirements that you need to prepare.

Understanding Technical Requirements (RAM, Disk Space, and Internet Speed)

Your computer will need optimal stats for the Minecraft server to RUN SMOOTHLY. Some recommended specs for your personal PC are:

  • At least 4 GB of RAM
  • Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD Athlon 64 X2 CPU
  • At least 150MB of HDD storage for server files
  • At least 10 Mbps of internet speed
  • Access to your router’s settings
  • Java Runtime Environment (the latest version)

Buying or Building Your Server Machine

If you don’t know how to make a modded Minecraft server, you can opt to buy a modded Minecraft server hosting provider.

Of course, the only catch is it requires a monthly subscription. Luckily, some of the best Minecraft modded servers cost as little as $1-2/month.

While these modded servers sound great, ultimately, the best modded Minecraft servers are the ones that are custom-made to your liking.

How to Make a Modded Minecraft Server

You don’t need to have a separate website host the server; you can create a Minecraft server for free!

Once you have all the requirements, follow these steps to create a Minecraft server!

Downloading and Installing Minecraft and Forge

After you install Minecraft, you will need to install Forge via the Forge installer.

A Forge server is a free Minecraft server that allows players to run their own mods in-game. Thanks to Forge, you can install mods WITHOUT any extensive programming knowledge.

Once you have installed the latest version of Forge, open the installer and select ‘install server.‘ Select C:\Minecraft Forge Server\ as your installation directory.

After that, open the run.bat file, which generates additional world files for the modded server to run.

Once done, open the eula.txt text file and manually change FALSE to TRUE on a Notepad app.

Download and Install Mods

  1. Select the Minecraft mods you want, download their .jar file, and create a copy.
  2. Transfer these mod files to your Minecraft mods folder and move the original mods to the .minecraft folder. If you can’t find this folder, go to the search tab and press the Windows key. Type in %appdata% and select .minecraft. There should be a folder titled “mods.” Otherwise, you can create a new one and put all the mods there.
  3. You may experience lag when you try to run your modded Minecraft server. To reduce the lag, select the server folder and create a new document labeled server launcher. Paste this text in the document. Replace the 2048 with how much RAM you want.

java -Xmx2048M -Xms2048M -jar forge-1.12.2- -o true nogui

  1. Save this file and change the extension to server launcher.bat. If you want to run your Minecraft server, double-click on this .bat file from the server directory and let it run completely before closing it. Doing so lets your server run locally, meaning anyone with the same IP address can connect with you.
  2. If you want to connect with someone using a different IP address, you will have to port forward your server. To do this, search your IP on Google and copy-paste the number on the browser’s address bar. This will take you to your router’s website, where you must find the Port Range Forwarding Section.
    • Insert these details:
      • Application Name: Minecraft server
      • Start ~ End Port: 25565 – 25565
      • Protocol: TCP
      • Enabled: True
  3. Type in “ipconfig” in the command prompt. Find the IPv4 address line and copy the IP address. From there, your local modded Minecraft server should be up and running! Double-click on the .bat file to launch and place your IP address under the multiplayer menu.

Setting Up Java JDK

Before you can run Minecraft, you must first install Java, which is essentially the language used to program Minecraft. You can access Java on Oracle’s website, where all of Java’s downloads are hosted.

After which, select Java 17 and Windows to ensure that your Minecraft server and Minecraft mods work. Click the link beside “x64 Installer” to begin downloading. 

Now you are ready to install Java and boost your Minecraft experience!

Double-click on the file you downloaded from Oracle. You should see a window titled “Java(TM) SE Development Kit 17.”

Click ‘next’ on the first window and ‘next’ again on the second. From there, Java 17 should start installing automatically. After waiting, close the installer.

Confirm If Java Works

We have to run Java to make sure it’s installed correctly. You can do this by opening the Minecraft Java file you previously used.

In this case, we were using Forge. You should see Java’s coffee cup logo as the file icon.

If you do not see it, run Jarfix — a program that takes all the .jar files on the computer and links them back to Java.

Understanding EULA: What It Is and How to Accept

If you tried running your modded Minecraft server, you might be prompted by a message asking you to agree to a EULA. 

A EULA is an end-user license agreement between the software provider and the buyer. In this case, they’re the company behind Minecraft and the player.

This important agreement affects all Minecraft servers, including modded servers. It ensures the platform is honest and safe for all users.

The EULA states that any Minecraft modded servers are yours to use, including all the tools, plugins, mod files, and so on.

You may also share your content as you wish, but safely and responsibly. However, you may NOT distribute or commercially use Minecraft’s assets without permission.

The EULA also forbids players from charging other players for in-game advantages. However, they can charge for cosmetic items like skins since these do not affect the main gameplay.

To agree to the EULA, go to your server directory by clicking ‘files > FTP access.’ You will see a long list of documents needed for your Minecraft server. Find the one labeled “eula.txt” and open it.

Change “eula=false” to “eula=true” and click Save. Rerun your Minecraft server using the Start button.

Modifying Your Minecraft Server

Once you have your own modded server, you can start modifying it to your liking! Here are some ways you can get started.

Getting Started with Forge Mod Loader

For your required mods to run, you’ll need Forge Mod Loader, which you can easily install off their website.

Forge Mod Loader is a program that allows you to run different mods and integrate them into your Minecraft gameplay. Installing mods has never been easier!

How to Download and Install Forge

Find the newest version of Forge and click on the Forge Installer button. From there, the .jar file of Forge should appear downloaded.

Click the Forge file, and before you create a Forge server, open the Minecraft version where you’re trying to install Forge at least once.

Let it run until you see the Minecraft menu. Once fully loaded, simply close the game.

Exploring Forge Server Features

Since you want to create a modded Minecraft Forge server, select ‘install server’ upon opening the Forge installer.

Eventually, Forge will be installed into your Minecraft menu, where you can select it from a drop-up beside the ‘play’ button.

When you click the drop-up menu, you should see Forge successfully installed for Minecraft. Simply select Forge, click ‘play’ and let it load, then close it.

Adding and Configuring Mods

After successfully installing Forge, you can start adding mods to your gameplay. Let’s talk about the details to get started.

Essential Mods for Your Server

The mod you need to download and install is conveniently named the essential mod.

This mod lets you host a single-player Forge server and have your friends join. However, your friends must have the essential mod downloaded as well.

Conversely, you can customize characters, take screenshots, and send messages across servers, which is pretty handy in various game modes.

To get this mod, download it from the website essential.gg by choosing the COMPATIBLE version with your current Forge and Minecraft game.

Afterward, copy the Essential .jar file to your mods folder. The mod should work once you open Minecraft and hit ‘play.’

PRO TIP: It also helps to download an app called CurseForge, as it organizes your mod packs nicely and makes things easier.

How to Add Mods to Your Minecraft Server

You will need a Forge server to download mods into your own modded Minecraft server. Your Forge server should have a mods folder.

To download the mods, start by going to CurseForge and finding a mod from the giant library. Then, click the ‘files’ tab and download the mod version compatible with yours.

To integrate your mod into the server, stop the server first and check if the mod version matches your Minecraft version. Otherwise, find the matching version and click “I’ll Restart Later.”

Go to your ‘FTP file access’ and find your mods folder. If you don’t have one, create using the ‘new folder’ option. Drag the mod file there and restart the server.

Configuring Installed Mods

If there’s something about a specific mod you would like to change, you can edit the config file by opening the designated server folder of your mod.

Find the folder labeled ‘config,’ and you should see all the mod elements. It’s also recommended to download Notepad++ as this is where all the editing is done.

Before you edit, figure out WHAT precisely about the mod you are editing and find the appropriate CFG file. Open the CFG file on Notepad++.

For example, if you want to remove snow, find the most appropriate file and change the default from true to false.

It really depends on the mod, but the critical thing to remember is to open the file on Notepad++ and change the line accordingly.

TIP: If you are worried about altering the original CFG file, make a copy just in case!

Refining Your Server

Now that you’ve installed your Minecraft Forge server, let’s head on to optimize it!

Advanced Server Settings

There are different ways to use advanced settings to optimize your server’s performance.

You can start by lowering your server view distance, which is used to measure the amount of chunks around each player. A view distance of 4-6 is recommended to avoid lag, but each server defaults to 10.

Server profiling also helps get rid of specific problems causing lag. You can check Forge’s built-in debug profiler to find the source.

Reducing Server Lag

No one likes lag. Luckily, there are different ways you can avoid it so you wouldn’t have to face inconveniences.

You can consider getting plugins that help reduce lag or upgrade your RAM. You can also pre-generate your world using the Chunky plugin.

Understanding and Setting Up Port Forwarding

If you want to play with others, you need to port forward your server. Port forwarding allows remote users to connect to your router using specific ports. 

Here’s a quick guide to port forwarding:

  1. Start port forwarding by opening your server and finding the server.properties file. Find ‘server-port’ and copy the number.
  2. Open the command prompt and type ‘ipconfig,’ find the IPv4 address, and copy it. You search for your own IP address on Google and copy it from there.
  3. Open your .bat file and run your Minecraft server using your address.

Running Your Modded Minecraft Server

Testing your server and inviting friends are the final steps to running a modded server. Here’s how!

How to Launch Your Modded Minecraft Server

Check if you have a Minecraft Forge server before running it. Open your Minecraft server window and the Minecraft. Select ‘multiplayer’ and click ‘direct connection.’

Type in ‘localhost’ in the server address, and you’re in!

Inviting Friends to Join Your Server

As mentioned, port forwarding allows your friends to join your Minecraft Forge server. Hence, if you plan to collaborate with your mates, you must port forward your server before anything else.

Assuming you already did all that, all you need now is your external IP so your friends can join your Minecraft Forge server.

Troubleshooting Common Server Issues

If you experience connection problems, troubleshoot them by disabling any firewall program or restarting your router. You may also try resolving an outdated server error.

Double-check your network connection and disable any programs running in the background, like VPNs. Try logging out and back in to refresh your profile’s authentication.

You may also need to download and install a mod for another one to work. Without this missing dependency, the server WILL NOT run properly.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you haven’t played Minecraft before or want to learn more about modded server hosting, you can refer to the following questions for more insights.

What Is the Best Mod for a Minecraft Server?

Some of the best mod suggestions for your server are Complex Gaming, Towers of Wild, Morpheus, and Waystones.

How Much RAM Do I Need for a Modded Minecraft Server?

A good starting amount of RAM for a modded Minecraft server would be 2 GB. You can upgrade to 3GB or 4GB once you have more mods or a larger mod pack.

How to Update a Modded Minecraft Server?

To start updating your modded Minecraft server, you must first stop your Minecraft server and open your Mods section.

From there, select which Minecraft mods you want to update and uninstall them. Afterward, reinstall them and restart the server.

You can also click the ‘workshop mod manager’ button. Select the ‘update mods’ option and click on the mods you want to update. Press execute and restart your server.

Why Is My Modded Minecraft Server Lagging?

Your modded Minecraft server may be lagging because of too much chunk generation. Usually, this is caused by constant exploring and searching for new assets.

Doing too much of it will definitely SLOW DOWN your performance.

Can I Make Money from My Modded Minecraft Server?

Earning money from a Minecraft modded server is POSSIBLE, but you can’t profit from in-game advantages or things that affect the actual gameplay.


You now know everything there is to learn about how to make a modded Minecraft server!

Technical terms and server files may seem challenging, so it’s always helpful to ask for assistance.

Soon, you’ll know how to make a modded Minecraft server without anyone’s help and use all the mod files to customize your Minecraft game EXACTLY how you like!