How To Have Infinite Lava Source in Minecraft?

If you’re tired of digging down to find lava in Minecraft, this simple trick will make an infinite lava source available at any time! It will only take a few seconds to set up, and you can use the lava as much as you want with no worry of it running out!

What is an infinite lava source in Minecraft?

Have you ever had a lava lake on your Minecraft server that was running out? It can be frustrating to rebuild your project because of a lack of lava. An infinite lava source can save you from doing that and keeps things running smoothly. While there are several methods for creating a new lava pool, we’re going to focus on two:

1: digging down and placing blocks.

2: using water buckets.

Digging down and placing blocks.

Dig down a hole about two blocks deep and three blocks wide. You’ll need room for lava to flow into your pool, so ensure you allow enough space. Dig a 1-block-wide and 1-block-deep channel out of one side of your hole (starting at the top). Then place any block that isn’t lava into that channel (stone, dirt, or whatever you have available). Now place a source block of lava at the bottom of your hole.

We are using water buckets.

Before starting, make sure you have some lava and a water bucket or block. Get a lava source by mining a naturally occurring lava pool with a pickaxe (you might need to dig away any dirt around it). To mine it, right-click on it with your pickaxe. Then, place water directly on top of your lava source.

You’ll want to use a water bucket, not just a block of water, because you’ll need to be able to move it around, and there isn’t always space for a block. You’ll also want to put one or two water blocks on top of your lava source because you won’t need more (although more will provide faster results). Now that you have your infinite lava source in Minecraft.

How to get infinite lava source in Minecraft

The lava source is made by using a lava bucket to fill a water block. Then dig a 3×3 hole and place a source block of lava at each corner. Then make a piston, covering one whole corner. Now put iron bars on top of that one block you just placed. Finally, put water directly under that piston; your water will flow out, replaced by more lava from above it—instantly creating an infinite lava source!

Have all the blocks you need to make a portal, except your portal block.

One nether brick, six obsidian, and one glowstone dust. You can make nether bricks by smelting nine netherrack in a furnace. This is best done at night when it’s easier to find diamonds for your pickaxe, as you will be mining a lot of stone.

First, dig a 5×5 square down until you reach bedrock (this may take a while). Then mine out one block on each corner so that two blocks are left on each side. Next, mine out one block from all but one corner (the corners should form an X shape). Then mine out another block from that same corner, so three blocks are left in that direction. Finally, mine out one more block from all four corners to leave yourself with just one block remaining on each side.

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Create your portal

First, find a suitable area to create your portal. You should have a clear view of at least 180 degrees to see when mobs are coming. You’ll also want to place it away from water or lava if you’re using Nether portals. Once you find a spot, dig a 2×2 hole and fill it back up with water. Make sure there is no block beneath your pool of water that extends out from under its borders.

Next, get yourself two buckets of water and put one on top of each other on top of your portal frame. Then use a flint and steel to light both buckets on fire. The bottom bucket will turn into lava while still staying on top of the other bucket. It will then pour down into your frame like regular lava. Congratulations! You now have infinite lava for all your Redstone needs.

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Fill in the missing block with lava.

A straightforward trick for getting infinite lava source in Minecraft. It is to dig a hole, put water on top of it, and then place a lava bucket. The water will create flowing lava; you can tap into that flow as much as you want! Using ladders or stairs in your design is recommended.


Creating an infinite lava source in Minecraft is simple and only requires a couple of blocks. First, players will need a stack of cobblestone blocks, three pieces of flint and one piece of coal, which can be found in abundance in caves or by mining stone or coal ore.

Players should then dig down two spaces under their cobblestone block and make sure there are no caves below them before digging out all spaces from underneath it. You just learned how to create an infinite lava source in Minecraft. If you found value, please share on social media by clicking on any of those sharing buttons.