Advanced Home Entertainment Solutions

CinemaRIVA from CyberX Gaming is the most advanced home theater software solution package allowing users to rip and store Blu-Rays, DVDs, & Audio CDs into your system play back with no discs. Click the button to the right for a full feature list.

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Looking for a pre-built solution? Visit our shop. See how easy it is to start using our CinemaRIVA players and servers.

Step 1: Plug in power cable and turn system on.

power cable

Step 2: Utilize our 1-Step rip & store function for your Blu-Rays, DVDs, and Audio CDs

rip blu ray

Step 3: Enjoy your collection


4The most advanced home entertainment solutions available now. CyberX Gaming’s products are geared for absolute efficiency with our custom-built machines perfectly engineered for media storage and distribution. Forget about those cumbersome racks stacked with components and cluttered with wires, our products are completely streamlined using the latest technologies so you can focus more on using your equipment than setting it up and maintaining it. Combining top of the line hardware with custom, innovative software, CyberX delivers a fantastic product.

  • Rip your DVD and Blu-Ray collection to the system and view all you titles on one easy to use page featuring quality meta-data and artwork for each title.
  • Sort movies in your collection by genre, actor, year, and similar titles.
  • Play back DVDs and Blu-Rays directly from your system without the need for disks.*
  • Convert movies to formats viewable on iPad, iPhone, iPod, Android devices, Windows Phones, and more for when you are on the go.
  • Stream (wired or wireless) to multiple rooms where each user can view a different title at the same time.
  • Replace your set-top cable box and receive and stream HD cable throughout the house from one of our systems.
  • Multi-user HD DVR from one system.
  • No need for a keyboard and mouse as our systems come with a fully functional remote control (can also be used with your existing remote).
  • Perfect for homes, offices, schools, maritime, RVs, and private jets.

All of our Media Centers output at both 4K resolutions (4096×2160 and 3840×2160). Learn more about 4K resolutions here.