Top 5 Best Keyboard Lubes In 2023

If you frequently use your mechanical keyboard, over time, your keyboard keys become noisier, stiff, and difficult to press. These setbacks reduce its overall efficiency and become frustrating to use.

This is due to the accumulation of dirt and dust between the keys on your keyboard and the lack of cleaning, maintenance, and lubrication. 

But these days there are low-quality lubricants in the market that could even worsen the current condition of your keyboard. Due to this fact, we’ve prepared this exclusive guide on the best lubricants to use on your mechanical keyboard.

What Is a Keyboard Lubricant?

A keyboard lubricant is a substance that is applied to the switches and keys on a keyboard to reduce friction, and make them move freely and quieter when used. Lubes come in both oily and greasy forms. Both forms are ideal for lubing keyboards.

Best Lubes for Keyboards

The type of switches you are lubricating will, however, affect the sort of keyboard lubricant you select. Typically, switches come in three types: linear, tactile, and clicky. This factor must be considered when purchasing a keyboard lube. If you pick the wrong type of lube for your keyboard switch, it may not provide your desired results after lubrication. 

1. Krytox GPL 205g0 (Grease)

Our Pick

Krytox GPL 205g0 (Grease)

4.6/5 139 Reviews

The Krytox GPL 205g0 lubricant offers long-lasting lubrication. It makes mechanical keyboards easier to operate, makes less noise, and requires less maintenance. Teflon-based lubes are the ideal keyboard lubricant for linear switches and stabilizers. 

  • Efficient and lasts long
  • Thicker and has a very concentrated formula
  • Properly lubricates keyboard switches
  • Non-flammable and safe to use
  • Non-carbonized and very smooth when used
  • More expensive than other lubricants
  • Leaves a layer of Teflon after drying
Krytox GPL 205g0 (Grease)

The Krytox GPL 205g0 lubricant comes in grease form that has been thickened with PTFE which is secure and efficient for lubricating keyboard parts. It is non-flammable, chemically and biologically inert, stable over a wide temperature range, and does not form lumps. The lube won’t corrode metals or harm plastics.

Because of its high viscosity, do not over-lubricate while lubricating linear switches. Its high viscosity might utterly damage the feel of a switch, take away tactility, or eliminate clickies.

2. Krytox GPL 105g0 Oil Lub

Our Pick

Krytox GPL 105g0 Oil Lube

4.6/5 16 ratings

The suggested lubricant for lubricating springs or tactile or clicky switches is Krytox GPL 105g0. Why? It has a lower viscosity than Krytox GPL 205g0.

  • Efficiently removes the scratching sound when typing
  • Its oily nature makes it great for clicky switches
  • Easy to spill during use
  • If care isn’t taken, over-lubrication could occur

In terms of its advantages of chemical inertness, nonflammability, and high stability it’s very similar to the Krytox GPL 205g0. While lubricating clicky switches, exercise particular caution to avoid over-lubricating. Perfect for lubricating noisy and rigid springs.

3. Krytox XHT-BDZ Lubricant (Grease)

Our Pick

Krytox XHT-BDZ Lubricant (Grease)

4.8/5 1000 ratings

Because Krytox XHT-BDZ performs a particularly specific function, it is a less well-known lubricant. Of all the lubricants on this list, this one is the most viscous.

  • Great wire stabilizer lubricant
  • Thicker than the Krytox GPL 205g0
  • Chemically stable and safe
  • Difficult to clean in a mess
Krytox XHT-BDZ Lubricant (Grease)

Because of its thickness, it is employed in applications where the risk of PTFE lubricants melting exists, such as mechanical keyboard stabilizers. When using this lube, use a new thick brush for application.

4. HONKID Keyboard Switch Lube GPL 205G0

Our Pick

HONKID Keyboard Switch Lube GPL 205G0

4.5/5 325 ratings

The Honkid keyboard switch lube is a grease-based lube that is perfect for lubricating fine instruments. This lube is stable and nonflammable. The packaging’s design makes it easy to use for any purpose and protects the lubricating oil from contamination.

  • It has a fine texture and smooth feel
  • Slightly thinner than Krytox 205g0
  • Perfect for all types of switches
  • Reduces noisy typing
  • Its high opacity comes as a disadvantage to some users
  • Brush hairs come off easily

The Honkid keyboard switch lube comes with an application brush with a smaller brush head after conducting numerous tests to better grease your switches. When used properly, this line can last for up to 300–400 switches. 

It is also great for smoothing out the irregularities in your tactile switches.

5. SUMGSN Switch GPL 105+205g0

Our Pick

SUMGSN Switch GPL 105+205g0

4.4/5 106 Ratings

A set cone with two lubes. The 105g0 Oil lube and the 205g0 Grease switch lube. It can be used to lubricate springs, satellite shafts, and keyboard switches. The lubricated switch is more flexible, which enhances the typing experience while also lowering noise levels. So if you want to try out the two types of keyboard lubes at once, you can go with this product. 

  • It works well with springs, stabilizers, and keyboard switches
  • It comes in a complete lube set with application brushes
  • Very effective and lasts long
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to spill from the container
  • Poor packaging
SUMGSN Switch GPL 105+205g0

Step-by-Step Process of Lubricating Your Keyboard

To properly lubricate your keyboard, you need some tools. They are:

  • Lubricant that’s suitable for the switch type (linear, clicky, or tactical)
  • A little brush
  • Switch opener or Screwdriver
  • Switch puller
  • Tweezers
  • Spacious workspace

Follow these easy steps to know how to lubricate your keyboard properly.

  1. Using a switch puller, remove the keycaps and switch
  2. Utilizing a switch puller, disassemble the switch
  3. Spread the keyboard lubricant sparingly to the switch’s lower and top housing
  4. Apply lubricant sparingly to the spring inside the switch
  5. Apply lubrication sparingly to the stem of linear switches
  6. Remove the stabilizers and apply keyboard lube sparingly to the stabilizers
  7. Switches and stabilizers should be reassembled, with all parts going back in the same order

Benefits of Using Keyboard Lubricants

Lubricating keyboards makes typing so much easier. Here are some added benefits you would enjoy from only lubricating your keyboard switches. 

  • Removal of accumulated dirt and dust
  • Extended shelf life and efficiency
  • More fluid keys
  • Keys are quieter when used
  • Protection from the piling of contaminants and dust
  • Improved typing speed and accuracy
  • Softer keyboard switches
  • Generally enhances user experience


Lubes are very important for maintaining your keyboard’s efficiency. Over time, dust particles and dirt pile beneath and in between the keys on your keyboard making them difficult to press. With this guide, you would know more on the best lubes to use for your switches and keyboards. At affordable prices, you can get these lubricants at Amazon or any other trusted online store or your local hardware store near you.