Smite Vs. Sharpness in Minecraft

Smite Vs. Sharpness in Minecraft is the enchantment that increase sword-cutting capabilities and have nearly the same purpose. Most players think they are the same enchantment with different names, and putting one on the sword is like putting both.

This is not true because although they might seem similar, they are different and have their purpose. This article will discuss these two enchantments with their differences and what enchantments would suit your preferences. We shall also discuss the ways to equip these enchantments. So when you play next time, you know their exact purpose. Let’s get started.

Smite Vs. Sharpness Enchantment

The biggest problem in both of these enchantments is that they are incompatible, meaning that you can not simultaneously put them on the same sword. So if you have a sword and want to increase the damage, you must choose one.

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Smite Enchantment

Smite is an enchantment that can be equipped on the sword or an axe and it is used to increase the damage. Using the enchanting table, bookshelf, and Lapis Lazuli, you can apply these enchantments to the weapon.

There are also more ways to get the smite enchantment that you can try. Smite is more powerful than the sharp enchantment and has five levels. Smite increases the damage in each hit by 2.5 per cent, and at the maximum level, it can cause damage of 12.5%.

However, smite only works on the undead mobs and is ineffective against players and other enemies. Zombies wither skeletons, skeletons, zombie pigmen, and the boss withers mob are the only ones affected by smithing enchantment.

Sharpness Enchantment

Sharpness can also be equipped on the sword or the axe and increases the weapon’s damage, but using it on the sword is more common. The most common way to enchant the sword with sharpness is by the enchanting table.

You can also use an anvil for enchantment too. Sharpness enchantment is less effective than smite as it only increases the damage by 1.25 per cent. The maximum level is 5 %. Therefore, it can provide a damage advantage of just 6.25 per cent.

However, it is more effective against all the mobs and works on players. Unlike the smite, you can use it to fight against the players and other mobs not affected by smiting.

How To Craft These Enchantments?

The process of crafting these enchantments is similar, but you need some extra items. The best way to enchant any item is with the enchantment book. There are many other methods that you can try.


You can enchant the sword with sharpness enchantment by the enchantment book. It can be crafted with four blocks of obsidian, two diamonds, and one book. You will also need the Lapis lazuli, and you must also have some experience to do it. You can place the bookshelves to increase the level of enchantment.

You can also use the anvil to repair the sword and apply the enchantment. Just place the sword in the first slot of the vil and place the enchantment book on the second, and select the sharpness from the list. The job is done.


First, you will need the enchantment book, just like any other enchantment with the smite enchantment. Now you can enchant the sword with smite using a technique similar as the sharpness. Place the sword on the enchanting table with the book and lapis lazuli and select the enchantment.

It can also be equipped by fishing with the enchanted rod to get the items enchanted with smite. You can also enchant your sword or ataxia the anvil; you will need four iron ingots and three iron blocks to craft the anvil.

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Which Is Better? Smite Or Sharpness

Both of these enchantments have their purpose and their merits and demerits. But if you ask us, we will recommend the sharp enchantment because despite having much less damage inonach level.

It is useful against every enemy, including human players, so if you want better usability, use the sharpness. However, if you play a single-player world, you can enchant with smite for better damage.

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Smite and sharpness can be enchanted on the sword and axe, but the main problem is that they can not be equipped at the same time. You can either enchant with sharpness or smite. You can get these enchantments by similar methods, and the primary item is the enchantment book.

You can also use the anvil to enchant the swords with these enchantments. Sharpness has half the damage compared to smite, but it has more applicability and can be used against all players, while smite being more powerful, is useful only against undead mobs.