By LA web design, many understand the purely visual design of the site’s pages, which affects its external perception. Whereas in reality it is, first of all, work on the optimal structure, usability and the most convenient arrangement of content. And from this point of view, it becomes clear that web design is, in many ways, the logic of presenting information. It has a significant impact on the effectiveness of your site in many ways.

LA web design definitions

Web design – a form of design related to the field of web development, that is, the creation of sites. It includes the design of user interfaces (or ways of presenting content) and their most optimal visual embodiment. Simply put, the task of a web designer is not only the ability to create a spectacular “picture”, a competent color scheme and composition.

It should also logically distribute individual design elements so that it is convenient for the user to perceive the information and images on the page and interact with it in LA web design. Since graphic design interacts with web development in this profession, web design also requires knowledge of the basics of web technology.

As already mentioned, the web designer is responsible for the visual presentation of the structure of the site (page, application), which would provide the maximum convenience and ease of perception for users.

In contrast to the same LA web design, thus, composition, work with the arrangement of individual text and graphic blocks, and fonts come to the fore here. It is also necessary to have a good understanding of the capabilities of CMS in terms of representing certain elements. Here, first of all, the limitations of HTML-code or flash standards matter.

LA web design and its tasks

As a result, the shoulders of the LA web design rests on how exactly the resource will be perceived by the user. How easily and quickly he will find the most important information, navigate the site’s navigation, understand the contents of the pages and perform one or another action. For example, it will use the online request form, click on a particular product, image, video, text material.

Finally, the most important thing in LA web design is to place an order for a product or service. Thus, the main task here becomes: to highlight important information about the company, product, service, pay attention to the advantages and logically lead to the purchase or sending of an online request. Relevant elements, links, and buttons should be clearly and well presented, easy to find and unambiguously perceived. In recent years, a tendency has been fixed to the maximum “light”, minimalistic structure, without voluminous text blocks and images.

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