CHICAGO (CN) – Despite DeVry lawsuit University’s $49 million settlement with the Federal Trade Commission over bogus promoting. The government judge decided Monday that DeVry graduates can’t sue the revenue driven school for dishonestly guaranteeing 90 percent of its alumni got a new line of work in their picked field a half year after graduation.

A year ago, private revenue was driven school DeVry lawsuit University sent 173,000 discount checks worth more than $49 million to previous understudies as a component of a settlement with the FTC over its tricky notices.


The FTC blamed DeVry for lying about its alumni’s work records and post-graduation salary to draw understudies into selecting.

In particular, the FTC said DeVry lawsuit dishonestly asserted. “Because of acquiring a DVU degree, for at any rate the most recent 30 years. 90 percent of DVU graduates who were effectively looking for business found or got new openings in their field of concentrate inside a half year of graduation. ” And that 90 percent of DeVry lawsuit moves on from a particular year got similar outcomes.

The school likewise dishonestly told potential understudies that the normal income of DeVry lawsuit graduates was 15 percent higher than the normal profit for moves on from different universities, as indicated by the FTC.


Thirty-nine DeVry graduates documented a class activity against DeVry lawsuit dependent on similar charges of offense. Asserting they depended on the 90 percent post-graduation work insights when choosing to select yet were not able to get a new line of work in their field of concentrate inside a half year of graduation.

Be that as it may, U.S. Locale Judge Manish Shah rejected the understudies’ claim Monday since they can’t show their harms are quantifiable.

“In view of the claims, doubtlessly the distinction between the genuine worth. And winning potential,” Shah wrote in a 15-page feeling.

The understudies don’t guarantee they are guarantee a specific work result or that they consider taking a crack at another school with better post-graduation business rates, the judge expressed.

“A buyer extortion protest need not claim an exact harms sum or a completely created numerical model for ascertaining harms. However, it needs to affirm certainties adequate to show that offended parties endured real, quantifiable, non-theoretical harms. The grievance here misses the mark,” Shah said.

DeVry lawsuit works more than 50 grounds, in addition to online classes. And enlisted 29,000 to 49,000 new understudies every year from 2008 to 2014. It charged $609 per credit hour for the initial seven credit hours. At that point $365 for each credit hour after that.

A full-time understudy looking for a five-term partner degree during these years paid $39,585 in educational cos. And a full-time understudy in the eight-term business organization program paid the complete educational cost of $75,516. Most DeVry lawsuit understudies, be that as it may, go to low maintenance and pay a higher in general cost.

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