The exemption is sitting where they endeavor to sell you something close by the sweepstakes Michigan, for example, magazine memberships. But, in these cases, the structure may request a charge card, however entering the number ought to be discretionary.

On the off chance that a Mastercard number is required to enter, remain away.

In conclusion, there’s no motivation behind why a real sweepstakes Michigan passage structure needs your financial balance number. You ought to never give data that would recognize your record data on a passage structure.

Once in awhile sweepstakes Michigan, particularly vehicle Sweepstake will necessitate that victors have a driver’s permit. Therefore that as it may, they ought to never request your driver’s permit number to enter. On the off chance that they need that data, they will request it after they have picked a champ.

Your driver’s permit number could be utilize for data fraud or to money deceitful checks. And you shouldn’t enter it on a section structure.

Firstly Supporters regularly need your standardized savings number to report rewards to the IRS; Similarly that as it may, they will request your social simply after you have won a prize. However, there is no authentic motivation to request a standardized savings number on a sweepstakes Michigan section structure. And you should avoid any Sweepstake that do.

For more data about standardized savings numbers and prizes, see Why Do Sponsors Need my Social Security Number?

Note: Tobacco organizations are a special case to this standard. Tobacco organizations here and there demand a piece of your government disability number to guarantee. They are not promoting to minors.


The sweepstakes Michigan is available to those characteristic people. Who are 18 years old or more seasoned at the time of section. Who dwell in and are legitimate occupants of the United States (and the District of Columbia) (“Entrants”). Inhabitants of Puerto Rico are not qualified. Participants must approach the Internet all through the Sweepstake. Representatives of Sweepstake, LLC (“Sweepstake”) and its particular guardians, auxiliaries, associates. In other words, Their close relatives (life partner, guardians, kids, kin, grandparents, and their separate companions. And people dwelling in such close relatives’ families) are an ineligible win. certainly, voids were disallowed by law, statute. By taking an interest in this Sweepstake, Entrants consent to these Official Rules, the Specific Rules for the specific Sweepstake. And Sweepstake’s Privacy Policy (the “Rules”).


That is to say, The sweepstakes Michigan starts on the date referenced email declaring the Sweepstake. Sweepstake’s PC is the official time-keeping gadget for this Sweepstake.

The most effective method to ENTER.

To enter the sweepstakes Michigan, adhere to the directions on the Sweeps Post. The quantity of sections into the Sweepstake is constraining to the number referenced in the Sweeps Post, assuming any. In addition, an endeavor to acquire more than the expressed number of sections by utilizing numerous or diverse email addresses, or some other strategies will void. That Entrant’s entrances and that Entrant might be precluded. The utilization of a mechanized framework to take an interest in the sweepstakes Michigan is denied and will bring about preclusion.

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