The concealed computers in slot games

There is a variety of wheel games including different roulette games and other games which slot games use a wheel. Like in every game it is necessary to know the rules in order to play a game and win some money.

Casinos offer the money wheels for players who just want a straightforward win or lose option. Money wheels stand vertically, spin and land in a random spot every time. Gamblers win according to the odds that they bet. We recommend you to try different wheel games to find the best and most interesting for you. Read the following information about wheel games.

In traditional roulette, the wheel is placed horizontally and features different numbered spots slot games that a ball can land into. Players bet on multiple number spots, colored spots or other odds like “Odd or Even.”

Traditional casino money wheel spot contains a different dollar bill. Gamblers bet on the spot the wheel will land on 1, 5, 10, 20 or 50 dollar bills. A jackpot spot features either a casino logo or $100 bill.

Some money wheels feature different dice on the wheel. Some spots are of single dice like the “1,” “2″ or “3″ while others are of two dice combinations with totals like “8,” “10″ and “12.”

In fruit wheels the images of fruit are instead traditional wheel spots this is made for creating a colorful variant on the game. Some of fruit wheels have mixed fruit slot games for betting combinations, other fruit wheels show fruit in its own separate column. The jackpot fruit usually include a diamond or watermelon.

European and Australian wheels feature 52 spots in comparison to American wheels with 54 spots. This increases the chance to win for players and gives the casino less of an edge at winning.

Well known in the world of physical science Doyne Farmer and Norman Packard with a great number of other physicists and computer scientists made lots of attempts to create a computer for predicting roulette game results. They tried to do it when the use of concealed computers was legal slot games in casinos due to the fact that these devices seemed to be not so powerful and potent in giving the results of the game beforehand.

The whole process of using such devices includes examining the mechanical conditions of the roulette wheel and table and using a foretelling depending on the laws of Newton in physics.

This method of foretelling may be called a calculating system rather that a way of cheating, still using computer devices is illegal in most casinos. Though it is difficult to use the gadgets some professionals do it successfully.

A tiny gadget has the special software that calculated various equations of motions that are involved. This software can adapt practically to any roulette slot games wheel, that is why the security services of most casinos are so worried about usage of such gadgets.

Think twice before trying this method because in some countries and states you can be imprisoned or be fined.

Biased Wheel

Table, ball, chips, wheel, players and croupier make a roulette game set. The game starts. Some win, some lose. You can hear laugh and bursts of anger. For a beginner it seems that cheating in roulette is impossible.

But for an experienced gambler there is a way to win in roulette by cheating. This way is a biased wheel.  Sometimes they simply notice that a specific number slot games comes up every 20 – 30 spins, hurry up to bet on that number because the wheel has a mechanical defect.

How can it be possible that wheel has a flaw? A roulette wheel is perfectly balanced, it is completely trustworthy. The pockets are ideally structured. The surface seems to be smooth and croupier does not have any control over the ball.

Still there can be some defects in everything and everything is wearing out. Manufacturers usually make perfect wheels, as the quality control is very strict. The pockets of a particular number widen with time and it increases the chances of the ball landing into it. The wheel can have cracks, and even the smallest crack, which the human eye cannot notice, causes biases.

Some consider that if you find the biased wheel you are cheating. Some think that if slot games you do not corrupt the wheel by yourself it is not cheating. Only very determined person can have enough time, efforts and nerves to watch hundreds of the wheel spins to find the flaw in it.

Casinos staff check the wheels for any corruptions to prevent appearing of any imperfections. So there slot games is a very little chance to find a biased wheel. Find your own roulette strategy and don’t waste time.

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