Roulette Cheating and slot games

Cheating in roulette isn’t permitted in casinos and isn’t legal. Still a great number of techniques appear that players have used through the years in order to get more of an slot games advantage when playing the game. We offer you several notable tactics that have been used before.

Lots of people tried to cheat by placing thin lead-filled layers in pockets, so that the ball would stop on them.  Then elastic materials were used and gamblers created new techniques and appliances for cheating all these methods are known as the biased wheel.

One of the most common illegal methods was the use of magnets in the ball and table. To use this slot games method the cheats had to have someone in the casino who would help them.

The cheats use techniques influence the ball physically. The cheats can pad the ball, so that it lands in their choice of pocket. But this method depends on the materials used by manufacturer and there also arisen the danger to be noticed by casino security.

Some experienced gamblers claim that it is possible to foresee certain numbers, on which the ball may land. They spin the wheel over and over and doing it lots slot games of time they can guess several potential numbers, on which a ball may stop.

Sector targeting is the method of cheating with the help of an electronic tool which determines where the ball may stop. This method is more profitable yet less exact.

The other way of cheating is having a sharp eye and skillful hand. After the wheel has spun and the ball heads for its final landing, the dealer will usually look down in order to see what the winning number will be. A player can use this chance to place the bet on the winning number. The cheat simply removes a losing bet, places a winning bet, or switches the losing roulette bets onto another number.

Ball control can be useful for cheating in roulette. Every croupier influences where the ball lands. Many years of spinning cause the dealer to develop ‘muscle memory’, or a consistent delivery system. And by this delivery system slot games dealers influence the result of a game, and navigate where the ball will fall.

Casino cheating

No doubt that every one of us wants to become rich and win a great sum of money. Some people do it legally, some try to cheat.  For cheating special knowledge or fortune are not required. To be a professional cheat you need only skills.

Cheating in casinos has a variety of names it depends on the game, the number of people involved in cheating, etc. Here are some of the examples of the most frequent casino cheating.

Casino cheating is acting against the rules of the house. The experienced players take advantage of the freshmen for instance if a player is not careful, the other one can easily see his cards.  Cheating in the card games happens slot games very often. The players bend a card but it is important that the “eye in the sky” (a casino closed-circuit camera) would not see that. Such players are called paper gamblers.

Cameras in casinos are positioned to monitor seats, tables, hallways, restaurants, and even elevators closely, often with enough clarity to read the time on the watch of a player at a table. The camera is covered by a semi-transparent plastic globe which makes it nearly impossible to see which direction the camera is facing from a distance. So it is very hard to make cheat being unnoticed, still it is possible.

“Cards mucking” is the other way of cheating in casinos which demands much skills. The player (hand scoffer) substitutes the card he received with the one he has got in his pocket or sleeve in the moment he thinks that nobody sees it.

“Team playing” involves assistants from outside. The “assistants” can be other players at the table using special signals during the game and let each other know what cards they have. The staff can also help such cheats by giving the cards in an “appropriate” way, so that one of the players would slot games receive a good hand. The best example of team players is the Richard Marcus team which “won” great sums of money from the casinos.

“A biased wheel” is a cheating method in the roulette game. If you think that it is not possible to cheat in roulette as you cannot influence a ball, a wheel and its speed you are wrong!  Sometimes defects in wheel can be used for player’s profit. A method of “biased wheel” was used many times and the most famous “user” of the method was Joseph Jagger.

The casinos try to fight cheating. Cameras everywhere, guards watch the situation in the casino slot games every minute. Still cheats always appear and try to cheat casinos to win their jack.

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